The job market continues to be difficult to crack for the millions of Americans that find themselves out of work. The economy is improving, but not quick enough to realign the glut of people vying for job openings. Highly qualified people find themselves going up against tons of candidates for every possibility, and recent college grads are struggling to compete against much more experienced applicants.

So what sorts of options are available?

Many people have turned towards ways to make money at home, either as the beginnings of a new small business or a stopgap to pay the bills before something more consistent comes along. People have been making a living from the comforts of home for years, and advances in technology have made it even easier.

The internet offers tons of opportunities, and mobile meeting communication services and the proliferation of smartphones give people the chance to make money without the need for a traditional office. But just because the opportunities exist doesn’t mean you can forgo some careful planning in advance of the transition to working from home.

Not every opportunity is real and consistent, and you don’t want to waste time getting involved in a scam, or working too hard for too little return.

With that in mind, here is a look at a couple of real options for making money while working at home.

Customer Service Representative

Companies large and small have begun outsourcing a lot of the work traditionally handled in their office. It saves the organization money while offering work opportunities for people who may not be geographically close to the company’s business address. The larger the business, the more customer service issues that need attention.

Many American companies outsourced these jobs across the world, to massive phone centers in India. But there has been significant backlash as the economy struggled, and these same companies are now looking to move these jobs back onto US soil. You don’t need a ton of education or experience to work as a customer service representative. In many cases, an associate’s degree in communications will suffice.

Starting salaries are around $30,000, so while it may not be an option if you have a large family, it is a consistent source of revenue for people just out of school.


There are tons of opportunities for those that want to teach but don’t want to be stuck in a classroom all day. The popularity of online degree programs has soared in recent years, as people go back to school with an eye towards bettering their career while hanging on to their current job. If you have a bachelor’s degree in education, you can take advantage of this niche and teach an online course. The benefits of traditional teaching may not all be there, but the pay is more than decent.

Travel Agent

If you love to travel, you can certainly find work as a travel agent. All you need is a bachelor’s degree in business, and you can start your own travel agency online. People are always booking trips, regardless of the poor economy, and there is plenty of room to plant your own flag in the leisure industry. Since more and more people book their travel online, not needing to carry the expenses of a traditional office can actually work in your favor.


With millions upon millions of websites and blogs needing content, anyone with a degree in English, communications or journalism can get work writing copy. If you have a real talent for writing, you can even make a good living on it. You get to choose how much or how little work you take on, so it can work within any schedule. And if you’ve studied or have experience in technical writing, you’ll earn a very nice wage. Check out Craigslist to hunt down your initial leads.

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