One of my recent making money with work from home opportunities articles discusses the importance of finding a mentor or group of mentors to help you make money online. Because let’s face it, most people, and maybe yourself, are just plain lost and don’t know where to start.

It’s similar to when Columbus went sailing the ocean blue to find the new world. He didn’t know where he was or how he was going to get to where he was going. All he had was a dream and passion for finding new land.

Affiliate/Internet marketing is no different. Sure, you’ll get there eventually (Afterall, Columbus did), but it will take you a heck of a lot longer if you don’t get help.

I’ve been there myself, and I would still be there if it wasn’t for finding the right people and following after them. Most people don’t ever make any money online because they don’t look for a mentor or don’t follow in the footsteps of those that are successful.

It’s not about reinventing the wheel. It’s about knowing what to do and implementing it. And, with a little ingenuity, maybe even finding a better way to do it.

That’s what making money with work from home opportunities is all about. The steps are right there in front of you. The problem is piecing them together and making them work seamlessly. I recommend getting a mentor or group of mentors if you’re serious about making money online and working from home.

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