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3 Home Based Business Ideas for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens play an integral part of the world we live in. It’s not just the younger generation that shows an entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, if it wasn’t for the older generation of today, we very well may not have many of the opportunities that we take for granted. At an older and wiser age, there is so much that senior citizens can offer us in the form of a home based business.

The senior citizens of today represent potential entrepreneurs in the immediate future who can serve us with the right services and products. Current statistics show that 70 % of the people in the U.S. are turning 50 at a rapid rate of 3-4 million a year. As these people are aging at a rapid rate, there is a lot of potential for them to contribute to the economy by setting up small businesses of their own.

Those that are setting up their own home based business are opting for insurance needed for business so that they are starting their business in a financially secured way. If you’re a senior who is looking for some business ideas to boost your income, here are three ideas to consider.

Medical Claims Aid

Most seniors often overpay for their medical costs as they don’t really understand the facts about insurance and what it takes to file a claim that is accompanying accidents and illnesses. If you start a business as a medical claims assistant, you will need to deal with medical claims and compare the medical records of the client with the medical bills. You would also perform the task of ensuring that your clients are charged accurately according to their medical conditions. You’re required to have enough medical knowledge to carry on this business successfully. Don’t forget to get the insurance needed for business so that you can get back your money in the event of any unfortunate incident. Better to be safe than sorry.

Nutrition Consultant

With age, most seniors develop some poor health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and other health problems. If you start a business as a nutrition consultant, you can educate your clients on the food habits and meal planning that will help them get rid of and help prevent diseases. In order to start this kind of home business, you need to take a certificate course because most states require that you have a certificate and license.

Senior Care Consultant

Senior care consultant is usually the professional name given to nurses, gerontologists and other professionals who have experience in aging matters and taking care of the elderly. If you become a senior care consultant, you will have to provide advice and information to adults, seniors or caregivers. You may also have to provide them with information on long-term health care techniques.

In Conclusion

If you’re getting close to retirement age, or perhaps you’re still considered young but are looking for a job that you do at home, consider these three viable home based business options. Just make sure that if you do start your own business that you get the proper insurance needed for business so that you safeguard your investment from suffering any kind of loss in any unforeseen circumstances.

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10 Comments to “3 Home Based Business Ideas for Senior Citizens”

These ideas are really awesome for elderly people who want to keep themselves occupied while at home. This way they can help others by sharing their experience and earn some money.


Alan MaterNo Gravatar

@Dave@Telecare Solutions,

Glad you liked the post, Dave. There are certainly many opportunities for senior citizens to take advantage of for those wanting to keep themselves occupied even after retirement.

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time comment.


I agree that there are work at home opportunities for seniors, but seniors have to be especially careful because they are susceptible to scams and people who will prey on their weakness. It is a good idea for the children of these seniors to monitor their financial activities and question their decisions to work from home.
.-= Jan Heinen@ lift chair review´s last blog ..Pride Mobility GL-358P Heritage Small Lift Chair =-.


Alan MaterNo Gravatar

@Jan Heinen@ lift chair review,

Unfortunately, you’re right, Jan. However, there are opportunities that seniors can create themselves with a little creativity and thinking outside the box. They’re not confined to already made opportunities, although that’s a viable option as well as long as they’re careful in who they deal with.

I appreciate the input and hope to see ya around.


With so many scams around seniors should research well if not, ask for advice whether from their children or financial advisers. When its time for them to sit back and relax they should not let scandalous people rob them of their hard earned money.


These are some good suggestions. I’m really happy that the home-based business industry has tremendously grown over the years. Senior citizens definitely have a lot of option now.


Alan MaterNo Gravatar

@Gregg Camp@rio del mar homes for sale,

Yes they do, especially for those who still want to keep occupied with an activity. Why not make some money at the same time?


I am a “senior” myself who works in senior care in atlanta. Because I am not cut out for the corporate world anymore, this is a great job for someone my age as I create my own hours and choose my jobs. I highly recommend it to others who would like to work and who are seniors themselves.


With the aging Baby Boomer population, senior care consultants are definitely going to be in high demand, so this is a good ‘freelance’ opportunity for many soon-to-be retirees themselves.


Considering the three viable home based business options may help indeed. Should plan ahead. Should think about yourself more as you get older. This post is accurate though.