If you work from home and run a blog, you’re all alone in making your magic happen every day. If you use WordPress as your gateway to the world, it’s all about utilizing the best plugins to get the most out of the world’s most popular blog platform.

There are more than 70 million WordPress sites whose owners do everything from give advice on how to get auto loans for bad credit applicants to profiling their graphic designing talent – and on WordPress, there’s a plugin for all of them. Check out these plugins to amp up your blog.


The power of WordPress is hidden in the many plugins.

WP Robot

Whether or not you’re a blogger, if blogging is part of your work-from-home business, WP Robot can streamline your operation. Harnessing the power of autoblogging, WP Robot can upload ideas from YouTube, auctions from eBay, products from sites such as Amazon, and post ads on your behalf without you doing anything.

Live Blogging

If you do live blogging, whether it’s a weekly dialogue with customers or to comment on the unveiling of a new product, the Live Blogging plugin can make your life easier. With AJAX polling, your readers can instantly post updates to what they are viewing and immediately respond to comments. If you’re a pro blogger, consider Meteor, which is a streaming web server that gives you the capability you to instantly “push” updates out to your followers.

Advanced Blog Metrics

One of the best analytics tools just for bloggers, Advanced Blog Metrics lets you learn more about your readers and what they think of your posts. It links to Facebook and lets you determine the best time of day to update your blog with new posts. There is also a sophisticated section dedicated just to your comments.

Local Business SEO

SEO is competitive and complicated, but local SEO can be especially tricky for business bloggers. The Local Business SEO plugin can boost your SEO ranking by informing the major search engines about your business and what it does in particular cities in which you make a lot of sales.

Blog Watch

If you want to best your competition, make sure you know what they’re up to and what they’re saying. Blog Watch lets you keep an eye on your competitors and websites with similar products and services. A simple dashboard alleviates the need to visit each site individually and frees up your bookmark bar.

Simple Blog Stats

In order to make your blog better, you have to know how it’s doing. Simple Blog Stats uses short codes and tags to display stats across all categories in pages, posts, or in your theme. Everything from the number of registered users to the number of comments in moderation.


Cunjo – and its awesome share bar – adds new depth to social networking and blogging. With social analytics, you can track who is sharing your posts and on what sites. Design your own floating social share bar and decide where on your blog to put it. When a user shares using your bar, Cunjo does the work and keeps the records for you.


SocialEars is another plugin that’s built with SEO in mind. Also built on the social analytics concept, SocialEars not only tracks what’s being shared and where, but what’s being said about your content. Listen to the right conversations and make the necessary adjustments.

WordPress is powerful and popular – partly because of its plugin options.

Working from home is awesome, and there is good reason that the powerful and popular WordPress is the choice of so many home-business bloggers. With the right plugins, you can send your business blog to the next level and find time in your day to do things other than blog. If you built your blog on WordPress, be sure to know the plugins that make a good blog great.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He writes about work-from-home businesses and software.

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