Working from home can be incredibly beneficial to your needs. But working away from the office isn’t for everybody. There is a lot that can go wrong and many things that can inhibit your work abilities. If you can overcome a few obstacles though, your work can be just as efficient as if you were working from the office. Here are some tips on how to best utilize your internet time when you are working from home.

Extensions and Apps

Productivity applications can be surprisingly helpful. I’m always amazed at how much I rely on an app once I find one that I really love. To-do list apps are helpful to keep you on track and remembering all of the things that you need to get done. There are also some wonderful collaboration extensions that you can use on Chrome. These will allow you to interact with coworkers and work on projects simultaneously. One of my favorite types of apps are the ones that set productivity timers. They are fulfilling and help me to set goals for what I can get done in a set amount of time.


Online distractions can be a big problem for anyone, regardless of your work situation. Working from home can pose a greater temptation to visit sites that irrelevant to your current task. Luckily, someone was smart enough to create an extension for Chrome called “Strict Workflow.” This extension works by blocking websites that you request. You start a timer that you can adjust for your own needs and it blocks the sites for the time allotted. Then it starts another timer for your break time.

It’s funny what you can find to distract you when you really don’t want to be working. Even the simplest thing can make your mind wander. Keeping your physical work area clean can help you be more efficient with your online workspace. Keep your room free of things like distracting art work, décor, toys, views, or anything else. Be careful to not make your workspace so boring that you dread being there. But be cautious with what you allow into your sacred space.


Obviously, trying to contact people by snail mail isn’t the best way anymore. But if you aren’t easily accessible, it can be just as much of a waste of time. Keep your lines of communication as open as you can. Don’t waste time on the phone with meaningless calls or texts. Keep your email open in case someone sends you an important message. Just ensure yourself and your coworkers that if something comes up, they will be able to contact you with any questions or comments.

Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can be a major downfall if you are working from home. Make sure that you have internet that is fast enough to keep up with all the things you need to do. Also, make sure that it is reliable enough to keep you connected. You don’t want to be cutting in and out if you are on a Skype call with a client or your boss. Additionally, make sure that your internet connection is safe and secure.

Be smart about how you are spending your time at work, whether it be in the office or at home. By utilizing your time online and working more efficiently, you will feel more fulfilled in your work and your employer is sure to notice!

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Working from home is the ultimate dream for many people. You can start (and stop) work when you like, go to the gym for that class you can never make and even take care of the kids without springing for 40-hour per week childcare.

As someone who works from home, I can attest all the good things you’ve heard about it are true, but working from home is only for a certain kind of person. The good news is you can become a work from home type with a little dedication.

Type-A personalities that are really driven and who are also morning people are the ideal telecommuters. There’s no room for procrastination or getting distracted by looking for the best deer deterrent online, which can be very easy when you’re in comfortable surroundings. I personally work 10+ hours per day on a couch, but other people need more separation than that. Here’s a look at some traditional ways to work from home that might be up your alley, as well as some real alternatives.

The Old School Approach

The basic tips for working from home are designed for people who really shouldn’t be telecommuting in the first place. For example, getting ready for work just like you’re going into the office: isn’t this one of the biggest perks of telecommuting? However, if you need to put on slacks and do your hair in order to start writing those reports from your guest room, then do it. Whatever it takes to succeed should be done.

Other basic advice is having a clear work area (preferably a home office), keeping to a schedule every day, like starting work at 8am and having lunch at noon and never trying to juggle professional and personal duties. These stringent rules can help someone immensely who struggles with time management. However, I think if these rules are necessary to be a telecommuter, you might as well go into the office where structure is a little easier to come by.

The Flex Approach

You’ve spent years building your career so you’d have the freedom to work from home, so don’t give it up now. Instead, consider exactly what needs to be done each day in order to make the income you’d like. For freelancers who have complete control of their income, knowing for every $100 you make per work day is equal to $25,000 per year can help you track your daily income. If you’re on salary, what do you need to do every day to stay on top?

If you’re a morning person, take advantage of that and buckle down in the early hours. Know your prime time for working and use it to your advantage. If you work better in the afternoons, use the mornings for easy tasks, prep work and taking care of any personal items. You’re somewhat your own boss, and you need to make sure your employee is on task.

Red Flags to Watch

The first time a person works from home, it’s kind of like the first time a kid walks to school alone. There are seemingly endless possibilities and distractions. On the other hand, you might want to work extra hard and find yourself with a lot of down time by the time noon rolls around. Pace yourself, don’t let quality slip and if you’re working for a corporation, remember communication with managers and colleagues is key to showcasing you’re still a full team member.

Remember that people who work from home often work more than those in an office. However, it may not seem that way since there’s no down time. Having a list of tasks to do each day helps tremendously, and if you find yourself getting distracted, get rid of the problem immediately.

Adrienne is a freelance writer/stay-at-home-blogger/marketer who wears many hats. You can see more of her work on Twitter at @adrienneerin.

Woman-typing-on-laptopYour quest for that new work-from-home career starts now. How hard can it be? To begin with, you and thousands of others are seeking out the same career every day. The key is for you to get focused, get organized, be persistent and work just as hard finding a new job as those in a suit walking into an office for an interview. Except you get to do it from home in your Star Wars pajama pants.

Be Professional

In a PC Magazine article regarding job search, Jill Duffy states that it’s important to have a single way for people to contact you. Think professionally. A Hotmail or Yahoo mail account doesn’t do it. Even a Gmail account is becoming too casual. Spend the few dollars for a domain name so you can have a unique email address. Something that conveys your work interests.

Websites are cheap and easy to create. Everyone should have one. Use a service like Weebly or WordPress to create a free website in a day. All you really need on the site is:

  • A welcome page with a short introduction to you
  • A page containing your resume
  • A contact form so people can send you email
  • A link to each of your social media accounts

A number of online applications for jobs will ask if you have a website. People will see you as a serious professional if you have your own personal website. Just remember to keep it strictly business.

Get Organized

Create a search log document or spreadsheet. You will research many places online and you can use this to serve as a record of the results from your efforts. After looking at a few dozen websites, they start to look the same. Your log will tell you if you’ve already checked out a site and what you thought of it. You’ll want the following information in your log:

  • Name of the site
  • URL of the site
  • Date visited
  • Industry
  • Date application submitted
  • Position applied for
  • Notes

Create a Dropbox account so you have a place in the cloud to store your log and supporting information. That way you can get to it easily from a coffee shop, library or anywhere else you choose to work.

Look at the features of Evernote for capturing random thoughts and screen shots of web pages you like. The free version gives you plenty of features and you can link it to your Dropbox account. Sometimes it’s easier to copy and store a web page than write a lengthy and confusing note about the site.

Research Style Tips

One major complaint recruiters have, according to Miriam Salpeter in U.S. News, is that people don’t read or understand the job description. Make notes as you research work opportunities and highlight the key points in the job description. If you’re unclear about a certain point, continue your research until you are. Don’t apply until you fully understand what the job entails.

Be An Expert Communicator

Thomas Friedman, in the New York Times, mentions another complaint: the lack of writing and grammar skills in the applicants. Be patient, work slowly when filling out applications, and make sure your writing is perfect. You will have an edge over many people if you just watch your written communication skills.

Once you get organized and begin your research, block out the same time every day to do the work. After a few days, you’ll develop the habit and it won’t seem as much like work. Your organizational skills will even help you when you find that fun work that you can do from home.

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A new mom encounters challenges that go beyond understanding colic or mastering the art of breastfeeding. The anxiety of returning to work is a reality most moms deal with at some point after having a baby. Developing business opportunities at home offers sustainable and profitable advantages for moms who need flexibility and financial resourcefulness.

What Keeps a Mom at Home?Mother and baby in home office with laptop and telephone

Parents commonly feel restricted to keep one spouse at home because of the high costs of childcare. The Vice President’s Middle Class Task Force estimates the average family spends between $4,000 to $15,000 each year for babysitting. Thirty nine states list child care expense as higher than college tuition, notes the a recent statement from the Middle Class Task Force. Secondly, emotions take a toll. Leaving your child in the hands of someone else, especially if they’re not family, while you slave away at a full-time brick-and-mortar office job is difficult for some parents to justify doing.

At-Home Work Options for Moms

Telecommunication opportunities and technological innovations help support the modern-day work-at-home mom and savvy businesswoman. Companies and firms recognize the benefits of outsourcing responsibilities to save on operating expenses, which includes utilizing working-from-home employees. With motherhood comes different perspectives and priorities — such as a career switch to accommodate the new familial role. Consider the following options that offer flexible schedules, yet still provide professional challenges:

  • Interior Decorator – If you have always enjoyed the creative side of life and have an eye for color, style and project management, interior decorating provides an independent schedule and a chance to play with other people’s money for aesthetic expression as an outside contractor.
  • Landscape Architect – Landscape architecture is the outdoor interior design and decorating profession for alfresco creativity. You can partner with local landscapers to transform yards into beautiful masterpieces while still having time to fulfill your motherly duties.
  • Nutritionist – This career is becoming more salient every day as people make the connection between disease and food choices. Build a private practice from a home office, set up an online website to connect with clients remotely via livechat or even write about food and fitness as a freelance writer or blogger.
  • Online Entrepreneur – People can make a serious living on sites like Etsy and eBay. Open a trash-to-treasure business or promote your own crafts or art by establishing a digital storefront. Turn an activity you enjoy for fun, like knitting or making soap, into a moneymaking endeavor.
  • Recipe Developer – Sound too good to be true? Someone has to be the mastermind behind delicious fare and sweet confections. A recipe developer can work from home for local restaurants, online sites, such as the Food Network, or publishers who specialize in cookbooks.

Tips for Working-at-Home Success

The devil is in the details when planning an at home career. If you start on the wrong foot, you may end up in a ditch instead of on a secure and steady career path. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Organize, Organize, Organize: Be proactive, stay organized and strategize when planning. For example, set up your schedule so you can multi-task chores like shop for groceries while gathering work supplies.
  • Get Going Early: Get in the habit of waking up before the family to get a few things done before morning chaos ensues. Set the coffee pot timer and use this early, quiet time to be productive.
  • Don’t Tackle It All Yourself: Let your support system give you a hand when possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Motherhood is a full-time job, but you can still fulfill professional aspirations and a need to separate your identity from motherhood by fostering an at-home business. Working from home, independent consulting and online freelancing can open doors for moms who want to balance family and a career.

Working from home offers the ultimate in workplace freedom, but that freedom comes at a price. When your office is little more arm’s reach from the bed and the sofa, it’s easier than ever to fall into an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

Lack of activity in your life leads to weight gain and numerous health problems, and it’s important to combat this when you work from home.

Remember these 5 helpful tips to work from home without being sedentary.

1. Take a Walk During Lunch

Everyone needs to take a break during the day. Working at an office tends to force you out of your chair during lunch, just to get a breath of fresh air at the very least. Home office workers, however, can be more tempted to stay seated or work through lunch time.

Set aside 30 to 60 minutes during your day for a lunch break, and use that time to take a walk. Even if you prefer to eat in, take a walk around the neighborhood after lunch to get some much needed exercise.

2. Take Up an Active Hobby

For many people in the world, work and exercise get rolled into the same 8 hours every day. Working an active job can be a great way to stay in shape, but working from a home office tends to take most of the physical activity out of work.

Get your exercise during free time before and after work by taking up an active hobby. Cycling and jogging are ideal for many home office workers, or you may prefer a team sport. Find something physical to do outside of work, and make it a regular hobby.

3. Exercise in Your Chair

According to one of the most basic laws of physics, objects that are in motion tend to stay in motion, while still objects tend to remain still. The same principle applies to human bodies. If you spend your whole day still and inactive, your sedentary habits will tend to bleed into the rest of your life.

On the other hand, if you stay active while you’re seated and working, you’ll be more likely to remain active after work. Keep some light exercise equipment around your office to exercise while you work.

4. Take Your Calls on Foot

Not every task you tackle in your home office requires you to be seated. In fact, unless you’re work binds you to your desk, there are plenty of opportunities to get up and move during the day. Start by taking your calls on foot. Rather than sit at your desk to talk to clients and colleagues, get up and move while you hold conferences. The exercise will do you good.

5. Adopt a Healthy Diet

When working from a home office, it is extremely important to adopt a healthy diet. Luckily, it is also easier to eat healthy when your kitchen is just down the hall from your office. Whether you hold to a diet of bariatric food or subscribe to a more free-form diet, working from home allows you to keep up with your diet easily every day.

Incorporate lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables into your diet and snack on healthy items like raisins and nuts to stay healthy even when you can’t be as active every day.

Working from home has its advantages. You can set your own hours, work at your own pace and finish projects in your pajamas if that makes you more comfortable. However, it also comes with challenges. There can be distractions — kids, dogs, a favorite television show —which make it easy to lose focus and waste time.

Some people can be more productive when working from home, but Andrew Rosen, founder and editor of the career-advice blog, tells Glassdoor, “losing the structure provided by a regular office job can be detrimental to success.” Still, many people successfully work at home. Business Insider mentions a Stanford University study that found more than 10 percent of U.S. employees work from home.

Work Space

At the top of the list is setting working hours. Although you’re not in an official work setting, getting into a routine will structure the day. However, the at-home work hours must be adhered to or the day might not be as productive as it could be.

In the same vein, a specific work space should be defined. It shouldn’t be in front of the television set, for obvious reasons. You also have to put in the time as you would in a regular office. It also helps, according to Business Insider, to keep a green plant nearby to improve concentration and detoxify the air.


Make a daily to-do list and schedule each hour to improve your time management and reduce your temptation to procrastinate.There are many resource management services that can help the at-home worker get the job done. Smashing Apps has a list of free&time-saving tools for effective resource management services that can get you started. Good and effective project management, according to Smashing Apps, should be quick and contain features such as scheduling, cost control, budget management, resource allocation, communication, documentation and collaboration.


photo ishane

Automate It

One such app is dotProject, a web-based, multi-user, multi-language project management app. Maintained  by an open community of volunteer programmers, its key features include projects and tasks, forums, reporting, a calendar and to-do lists.

ConsultComm is a platform-independent program written in Java. It allows anyone managing several clients, tasks or projects to keep track of how long he or she has worked on each project. Smashing Apps says it integrates easily into an existing time-management or billing system and is platform-independent so the user can unify OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris work stations with a single app. ConsultComm also can be customized to fit a personal style preference.

TaskJuggler does just that: juggles tasks. This project management software covers tasks from the first concept to the project’s finish and helps with project scoping, costs and revenue, resource assignment and communication management.

Working at home isn’t for everybody, but for those who choose this route, managing the day with the proper mindset, work habits and resource management services can go a long way into making the experience effective.

Let’s face it. Making the commute from your bedroom to your living room without ever having to change out of those comfy pajamas you have come to love so much sounds like a dream come true. Instead of spending hours forcing you out of bed to get dressed in uncomfortable work clothes and endure the grueling office environment, a home office is a far more attractive solution.

For many, the idea of working out of the home sounds ideal, but when it comes down to it, knowing where to start can be a struggle. There are a number of ideas out there, but which one is right for you? And which one will bring you enough long-term income and success to keep you and your bank account feeling fulfilled?

Home based franchises have grown in popularity to address these exact concerns. If you have considered opening your own business out of your home, consider employing the strength and backing of an existing and proven business model with a franchise.

Here are some of the top work from home franchises you can get started with.


Started as a painting business in 1967, founders Ted and Doris Isaacson quickly saw a need in their market of homeowners for disaster clean up services. Now, SERVPRO works with insurance companies and homeowners in the area to transform houses that have been hit with a disaster, such as a flood or storm damage. In spite of the current troubled economy, there is a continued need for these types of services in all areas of the country, making this one of the easiest and most promising franchises to open and manage.

2. Snap-On Tools

To get a job done correctly, businesses need tools that work well, are solid and are fast and easy to use. Founder Joseph Johnson took this need for tools and transformed the tool industry by designing and creating advanced tool sets for a variety of businesses. Since its creation in 1920, Snap-On Tools has become an industry leader in providing high quality hand tools, power tools, tool storage, etc.

Each week, franchise owners and employees bring mobile sales rooms to customers and businesses that use these tools to sell them the latest and greatest solutions that help mechanics, dealerships, airports and other businesses stay as productive as possible.

3. Jazzercise

Never has fitness been such a huge craze than now. Jazzercise is one of the top fitness companies that continue to offer fun and effective workouts to people who want to get in shape and look their best. If you have always dreamed of being able to work out while you work, a Jazzercise franchise may be right for you.

Based out of the home, you only have to leave when you have classes to teach. Franchise owners are trained and certified by the Jazzercise corporate office, so no experience is required to get started in this exciting franchise.

4. Padgett Business Services

If you prefer to be more hands-on with numbers rather than material objects and fitness regimes, you may consider Padgett Business Services for your home-based franchise. This franchise is highly ranked as one of the top individual tax preparation and accounting services providers for small businesses. You will work out of your home office to provide business advice, tax help, payroll, credit card processing and more. This truly home-based franchise is a great opportunity to work with the businesses in your community without having to go to the office every day.

While there are numerous home-based franchises out there that you could potentially get started with, these are the ones that continue to rank high up when it comes to opportunity and a solid track record.

Today, we have a lot of options when it comes to the ways in which we find ourselves working. If you’re looking to secure yourself a great source of income these days, you don’t necessarily have to head out and start filling out applications in order to do it.

These days, many of us can simply work online and enjoy the comfortable environments of our own homes. If you’re a software developer, graphic designer, writer, or marketing expert, then you’re in serious luck. These are some of the most sought-after professions right now because they’re needed when it comes to helping companies that operate online stay in business.

Whether you’re starting your own company or are just looking to freelance, there are a lot of reasons that it’s smart to work out of your own house. If you’re thinking about making the switch, we’ll talk about five serious financial benefits that might help your decision along the way.

1. Save Money on Gas

When you don’t have to work inside an office five days a week, you also don’t have to spend time and money commuting there. This means that you don’t have to go to the gas station nearly as often. This is probably one of the first things you’ll notice when you start to work from home: your gas expenses are going to drop drastically. You’ll love not having to spend so much time behind the wheel, and you’ll really love not spending money on gas.

2. Auto Insurance Is Cheaper

You don’t have to pay so much for your insurance when you’re not driving your car nearly as much as you used to be. Insurance companies look at how much you drive on a regular basis, and they factor this into the risk that you pose when they’re figuring out how much to charge you. If you don’t have to drive to work every day, you’re going to save some money on your monthly insurance bills.

3. Normal Expenses Become Tax-Deductible

Many individuals that work from home wind up using a lot of their personal resources when they do so. You might have bought yourself a new computer this year no matter what, but when you work from home this becomes a business expense and can be deducted from your overall income. The same goes for anything that you do which can be related to your business.

4. Save Less on Food

Whether you’re looking to start your own online business or are just going to work as a freelancer, you definitely won’t have to spend so much money on lunches when you’re not leaving the house for work every day. Home-cooked meals are not only healthier, but they’ll find you spending less money, too.

5. No More Child Care!

If you’ve got kids, working from home will help you save some serious money when it comes to giving them a place to hang out all day. When you work from home you get to take care of your kids so that you don’t have to pay someone else to do it for you.

If you’re thinking about working from home, one of these five benefits might very well convince you.

Being able to work from home can be a big advantage. There are no traveling fees to pay, and the environment can be as noisy or quiet as you like. If you need to be around for the kids’ events, you are easily accessible, while the coffee machine is always brewing your favorite brand of coffee.

Still, whereas there are regulations an employer must follow to create a safe environment for employees, it is easy to overlook these concerns for safety and comfort in one’s own home.

Here are five tips for making sure your home office is both comfortable and safe.

Fire Safety

In an office environment, there are procedures to follow in the event of fire or a gas leak. Some employers will go so far as to run drills. They will supply a series of well-labeled exits for their staff members and install numerous fire and gas detectors.

At home, while you might not have neon signs over doors, you can establish an escape route and plan from your office. If you work in an attic office, this might be a fire escape ladder leading onto and down from the roof.

Windows and Ventilation

Windows in a well-appointed office are designed to do at least two things:

  • Reduce UV glare
  • Reduce noise

This is not the kind of luxury you get in every building, but high-end businesses will do their best to make executives comfortable. In your own home, provide the same consideration. UV glare is potentially damaging to your work space, fading carpets and furniture. If it can do this, then you know the glare can also cause damage to skin and eyes. At the same time, that glimpse of the sun can be an emotional boost, so you do not want to be too removed from it.

Either install UV resistant windows, or put in blinds which can be adjusted to limit light at the brightest times of the day. Although you want to enjoy temperature control using air conditioning and heating systems, there is nothing like fresh air. Make sure there are windows in your home office that you can open to let in some oxygen from the real world outside.


The key word in office furniture right now is ergonomics. This refers to a design which supports the body in its natural state and facilitates good posture. An ergonomic chair, for example, will usually feature a rounded back with a deep lumbar pocket to permit the spine to take its natural shape. By shaping a chair back this way, the designer encourages the user not to form the reverse shape: a slouch.

Eye Safety

A computer screen can cause eyes to become sore by the end of the day and even affects vision or causes headaches. Apart from taking regular breaks from the computer, a consumer can also place special screens over the computer monitor which reduce brightness, or even set the monitor more comfortably. It takes moments to put in place and is an inexpensive preventative accessory.

Pain in the Neck

It is typical for someone in a responsible position or in sales to spend hours on the phone. If the worker holds the phone to his ear using a shoulder, the result can be serious neck pain. There are cradles which attach to phones, as well as speaker phones, so the user does not have to scrunch his shoulder and neck to listen and speak while writing or typing.

The advantage of working from home is that all of these accessories are tax deductible. Keep all receipts and submit them at tax time. You will receive a portion of your expenses in the form of a tax refund.

About the Author

Andrew Deen is a writer that focuses on producing informative articles that relate to health sciences, including the benefits of radiological studies.

There are many reasons that someone would want to work from home. However, there are not very many opportunities to do this for most people. For every legitimate job there are at least 50 scams which make it hard to know if an opening is a real opportunity or if it’s something you want to steer clear of entirely.

Here are some great jobs that really do exist, just to get you thinking.

1. Customer Service Representative

This is a great job because it allows you as an employee to be in your own home and only work as calls come in. All you usually need to complete this job is a computer with an internet connection and a phone. Sometimes training in an office is required.

If you can, look into getting Vonage or Skype as your main means of making and answering calls. Rates are low, and the call quality from my experience is excellent. I would recommend getting a nice headset with a built-in microphone if your budget allows.

2. Writer/Editor

Marketing companies are not the only ones who write material for companies. There is no reason that a writer needs to be in an office when all communications can take place through emails or phone calls. The reverse also works in that articles can be emailed to you to edit and read over for any sort of problems.

There are many freelance sites where you can pick up clients to write for. You could also get connected with local companies and clients who want to use your writing expertise but allow you to work from your home. Either scenario is a win for you.

3. Medical Transcriptionist

Generally, certification is required for this job, but there are plenty of at-home programs that can be done to earn it. Just make sure that if you go the at-home program route, that your credits earned will count and be recognized by institutions that are looking for medical transcriptionists.

While this job is not easy, it is a job that makes money. There is plenty of work available, but be sure to get on with a school and employer who recognizes the right accreditation. There are many scams in this area, so do your research first before you get training and start applying for jobs.

4. Tech Support

With the technology that is available, using certain programs allow you to view the desktop and files of a computer of someone who is not in the same location as you. This is helpful for tech support to be able to know what is going on while being able to fix it. The person working tech support can take full control of a person’s computer to solve the problem.

While the above is the best option if you’re looking to get into this type of work, you can also provide tech support over the phone as well. Or, if you prefer, you could provide this service to your local community where you actually go on site to help with computer troubleshooting and other issues.

5. Web Developer

Building websites and providing web developer services is a common route these days for those accustomed to this type of work. There are plenty of people who are in need of these types of services, and since website development and creation is done at a computer, this job can easily be done from home.

You can find clients all over the internet, but start with tech and web forums as these will be your best bet. Freelance sites are also full of people looking to hire those who are knowledgeable in this type of work.

6. Translator

Obviously this job has a pre-requisite of being fluent in another language. If you know how to not only speak another language, but also write and read it, this job could be a dream come true.

There are many jobs that require translators. Some may require that you provide your services on-site, like your local hospitals, but some jobs are available to do at home. One at-home option is to provide transcriptionist services for those who need an article written in one language re-written into another language.

7. Tutor

Online schools are a popular form of education. Not only do students need to take their lessons online, but they also need tutors. Knowing the subject in which you wish to tutor is a great qualification for this job. A bachelors or associates degree will be required for the subject in which you want to teach. Less formal education may be allowed depending on the subject matter.

My fiance is currently acting as a tutor for online French students at a nearby high school. I can tell you that while it’s convenient to work at home tutoring students, it can be a bit challenging as it’s hard to teach without any face-to-face interaction. More than likely you will have to at some point meet with students in person to give them the direction they need to help them advance through the course.

8. Concierge

With the internet you can do this job from anywhere. This job is perfect for those who have a lot of knowledge about local attractions, restaurants, etc. Other than a computer and internet connection, it would be helpful to have a telephone as well. Again, look into getting Vonage or Skype. Or if you prefer, a cellphone would suffice. There is no college education required, just a knowledge of how to make reservations and answer questions.

Concierge services can be provided in just about any field. Any of you a fan of the show Royal Pains that airs on the USA network? Hank was an extremely talented doctor with a lot of potential, until one day hospital politics decided he was no longer fit to serve there any longer. Hank found his new calling by offering concierge medicine to the wealthy.

Any Home Alone fans? I’m sure you remember the idiotic staff of the hotel concierge service in Home Alone 2.

You get the idea, right? Obviously not every field will allow you to work from home. But either way, you’ll get to be your own boss!

9. Virtual Assistant

This is a pretty ambiguous job just because so many different responsibilities can fall under “assistant.” Basically, you will do whatever your boss wants you to do, but in a realm that takes place over the internet. This requires a lot of know-how when it comes to using the internet to get jobs done, and using programs like Word and Excel, just to name a few.

There are many internet marketers and online business owners who employ virtual assistants to handle their affiliate programs and customer inquiries. Virtual Assistants I have dealt with in the past were responsible for website management, including adding files, databases, images, text, etc. They also moderated forums, answering questions from other members, providing helpful advice, and keeping the peace among members.

A lot of knowledge and experience will go a long way in this area.

10. Blogger

Even though many believe that blogs are dying, they are still a very big virtual community. Finding the right thing to write about on your blog is the biggest obstacle. Once your blog gains popularity, sponsors are anxious to advertise on your blog and possibly send products to be tested and reviewed.

Granted, this is if everything goes right. The first point as mentioned above is to find a topic, or niche, that you want to blog about. This is crucial to your success as a blogger. The next step is providing high quality and valuable content that people are looking for. Obviously, it helps to be knowledgeable about the niche you’re going to be blogging about.

The next step is getting traffic. Targeted traffic. Marketing on the internet has changed within the past couple of years. A lot. It’s important to stay up to date with all the new trends, including social media.


I realize there a lot of options out there, and there are many different places you can go to find jobs, depending on what area you want to get into.

A lot of “jobs” and work you may find by being a freelancer. Freelancing isn’t hard… you just have to know where to get work. Check out a previous post on where to find freelance jobs. Don’t let the title fool you. You can find more than just writing jobs at those sites, but some are specifically for writing only.

Some other freelance sites to consider are sites like Fiverr and TenBux. If those don’t meet your needs, there are similar sites to those. In fact, there are A LOT of similar sites. Check out these posts:

Phone Service

For reliable and affordable phone service, check out Vonage and Skype.


For bloggers, or wanna-be bloggers, I recommend getting some sort of coaching or training that can teach you exactly what you need to know about choosing a niche, building traffic and authority, and monetizing your blog. Alan has a couple of posts on the topic I recommend you checking out:

  • For information on coaching and training on building a successful blog, click here.
  • For information on choosing a profitable niche, click here.

Job Forums

Forums can be a great places to find work, depending on what area of expertise you’re in. Whether you’re a writer, web designer, blogger or virtual assistant, there’s a forum for just about every topic you can think of.

Here are a few forums I recommend looking into if you’re looking to find freelance type jobs:


Job Sites

If forums aren’t your thing, here are some straight-up freelance sites to help you start getting work from home jobs:

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