Seniors, especially those who are retired, are ideally placed to exploit the different revenue opportunities that are available on the internet. Think about every senior you know (including yourself, if you’re a senior), and what do they all have in common?

They sit around all day and watch TV, right? Okay, so maybe not, but they definitely have that luxury. With so much extra time on their hands, it only makes sense to consider making some extra money online, whether you just want the extra cash for fun, or you really need it.

Let’s take a look at how seniors can generate their own income online with just a home computer and an internet connection. Let me say from the start, however, that this advice could apply to anyone, but is more suited to seniors as they are more likely to have the spare time needed to make money on the internet.

All you need is access to the internet as there are no other start-up costs involved! There are several different ways to generate income on the web. Let’s take a look at four popular options…

1. eBay

Everyone’s heard of eBay, the number one auction site on the web. A lot of people may presume the only way to make money on eBay is to sell your own items. However, many people buy and sell items as you would in any regular market place. For an individual to get started, you clearly need to sell stuff at a greater price at which you bought it. Here are some ideas to achieve this…

  • Pick up stuff at garage sales and then sell them for more online. Prices at garage sales are notoriously cheap, so you can pick up some great deals. You can then sell these items for a higher price online.
  • Buy items on eBay that have not been marketed well, either with a poor description or photo. Often these items can go for more with a better listing and picture.
  • Grab items that are finishing at unsociable hours of the day. Sunday night is one of the most popular times for eBayers, and consequently, the finishing prices can escalate higher than at other times. This is good for you if you’re selling, so list items to end on a Sunday night to get the maximum sale price.

There are lots of other ways to make money using eBay that have already been covered extensively on the web, so I just wanted to add three simple ones that anyone can use.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves you becoming an ‘affiliate’ of an existing website, online business or product. You earn commissions by driving sales or leads to another company. This can be done by either selling their products on your site or driving visitors to their website. The sales are tracked using what is known as a cookie, so anyone who lands on your site, clicks on your affiliate links and then makes a purchase within a given time period can be attributed back to you. Typically you can earn between 2% and 10%, and sometimes even 50% or more of the sale value. To start earning you need to join an affiliate program, of which there are many. You can then choose which ‘merchants’ you want to affiliate with.

Clickbank and PayDotCom are among the most popular sites that provide hundreds if not thousands of products you can choose to promote as an affiliate.

3. Blogging

Creating your own blog is a great way to generate online income. Once you have a site registered and start blogging for a while and marketing your blog, you can start to monetize your traffic by placing advertisements next to your content. The companies that supply the advertisements will automatically match the type of adverts shown contextually with the content on the page. Think Google Adsense or Clickbank Ads. Very easy to setup, and the ads are targeted and relevant to your content.

For example, if you create a home improvement blog, you may start to display ads about roofing, loft conversions, etc., etc. The greater the quantity and quality of content you produce, the more traffic and sales you can generate. Of course, your marketing efforts come into play here. You need to have traffic before you can start to monetize your blog. So, work on getting quality and targeted traffic, first.

You can also earn affiliate commissions by finding an affiliate program which matches your content. The rewards can be much higher than earning a few cents here and there from Adsense or a similar ad service. Just make sure you do your research and choose a quality product that matches your blog’s niche and that your readers and traffic would find useful. Again, search Clickbank and PayDotCom for products to promote.

4. Money Back Sites

A money back site offers consumers cash back on purchases made using the site. Much like you would use a coupon in a store to get money off, online you can use a cash back site to get money back. To start earning, you need to sign up to a cash back site and then see what deals are on offer.

Typically, you can expect between 2% to 7% back on purchases made. Of course, using these sites, you have to spend money to get some back, so only use them when making purchases you would have made anyway. For example, if you were planning to purchase a new widescreen television, check to see if there are any suitable ones on a cash back site. If you had, for example, a budget of $1000, using a cash back site at 5% would mean you could save $50 on the purchase price.

If you don’t have any desire to buy items on these sites, there are some that provide small cash incentives for completing surveys and online market research.

Do some research and find the cash back site that best fits your needs.

About the Author

Simon is the owner of where seniors can get a higher rate on their annuity.

There are many opportunities available on the internet today, and one such opportunity is to make money by taking surveys online. If you have spent any amount of time whatsoever looking for a way to make money from home, I have no doubt you’ve come across numerous survey sites already.

I oftentimes get asked what I recommend people do to make money or what program I think is best. Honestly, and I tell this to everyone, I really don’t know. Every person is different, and every opportunity fits a different kind of person.

Taking surveys online for money is no different. It’s not for everyone, and it does actually require effort. Go figure, huh?

It is a great way to supplement or replace your income if you so desire, though. And, just like any money-making opportunity out there today, there are so many different survey sites, it’s hard to weed out the good from the bad.

Over the years of doing business online and doing proper research, I have found just one survey site to be legitimate in my book. Out of the many sites out there promising huge riches by taking surveys online, I have found only one site to be legitimate and worth the investment and time. I’ll explain more on the investment part a little later.

Before you read further, please understand that my recommendation is based solely on my own opinion. While I have done thorough research to form my opinion, the ultimate decision rests upon you to decide if this survey site is right for you.

Please also keep in mind that any link to a survey site within this post is most likely an affiliate link, and I will get paid a commission if you decide to make a purchase or take action after clicking lose links. While this wasn’t the basis for me writing this post, I wanted you to be aware of it. Transparency is the best policy. My goal with anything I do here is to be helpful and provide resources that will enable you to make some extra income from home.

I just wanted to get that out of the way now so there’s no confusion.

Alright, let’s get to it. The one and only online survey site I will ever promote and recommend that you stand making any money with is…. *drumroll*

Surveys & Friends

Surveys & Friends have been around since 2005, offering exclusive training and guidance for those wanting to make money by taking surveys online. What really sets them apart from any other survey site out there is that they teach you how to make money from your friend’s opinions as well.

Here are just a few key points you should know about Surveys & Friends:

  • No experience or special skills are required
  • No special equipment is needed: If you have a computer and know how to access the Internet then you’re set.
  • Step-by-step instructions and checklists that help you get through more surveys faster and maximize your training.

Another key point you should know is that the majority of surveys are only available if you live in the United States. This is just a fact of life. However, if you live in Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia, you stand a good chance at getting in on the action and making money as well. Just keep this in mind if you’re debating whether you should join or not.

Surveys & Friends have been operating under the Maximum Paid Surveys brand. If there were another survey site I would recommend, it would be Maximum Paid Surveys, but that would be a bit counterproductive here since Surveys & Friends encompasses everything Maximum Paid Surveys offers, and then some.

I’m sure you have some questions that weren’t yet answered, but let me to try to answer the one question that often gets asked regarding online survey sites.

Why Do I Have to Pay?

There is a common misconception regarding sites that require a membership fee to join. Because of this misconception, sites like Surveys & Friends that do require a fee to join are almost always labeled as a scam. In fact, most any “make money” site requiring a fee gets labeled as such. It’s a sad reality, but I truly believe it’s because people are just misinformed and have been lied to in the past.

Here is what you have to realize. Most survey sites only provide a list of companies that provide the survey opportunities. Any site requiring a fee for just a list of survey sites, is trying to scam you. Period. These lists can be found for free by doing a simple Google search.

Surveys & Friends is much more than just a list of companies. They have compiled the list of survey companies for you (including some you may not be able to find elsewhere), they have provided exclusive training for you, they have provided the guidance and experience of making money by taking surveys to help you do the same (this well help you make money quicker), and they have provided a unique platform in which you can make money from your friend’s opinions.

Simply put, they can’t just offer all of this for free. You’re paying for everything but the list, and for the use of their site… all the added extras that other so-called survey sites don’t offer. As I said, you can do your own research and pay nothing to find a list of companies who will pay you for your opinion. It will take you time and effort to do this. You won’t have any training, and you won’t make money from your friends’ opinions, either.

If you prefer to go that route, I don’t discourage you at all. Do your own research and save your money. Seriously. I know a lot of people who can’t afford to spend a dime extra than what they currently have.

But honestly, I feel that the training and experience they provide, along with a unique way to make money from your friends’ opinions is worth the small membership fee. And it’s a one-time fee. You will never pay more later.

Again, this is only my honest opinion. Yours may differ based on your circumstances and/or experience.

If you’re still not sure what to think, take a few minutes to watch this brief introduction video found in the members only area of Survey & Friends to learn more about what they do and how everything works…

What Do You Think?

I know there are a lot of scams out there. I don’t want you losing money anymore than you do. Like I said, this recommendation is based on my opinion, and if you’re uncomfortable paying for a membership, whether it be for Survey & Friends or any other opportunity you find, then by all means, take time and do your own research.

I realize I strayed a little off-topic, but I would like to know your thoughts on survey sites and other sites that require a membership fee. Have you found the membership to be worth the cost? What were the pros and cons? Would you recommend them to others? Any success with survey sites, even if it’s not this one?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment…

With today’s media, we can’t help but to see millionaires and billionaires all over the place. They show the actors, the football players, even Warren Buffet gets some TV time. The media highlights their lavish lives, and all we can do is envy it.

Watching things unfold, it appears the rich will continue to get richer and we are stuck to fend for ourselves. Since you are reading this article, I guess you are not a normal individual, huh? You don’t want to stay doing the same thing you’re doing right now. You have this gut feeling that there is a better life for you and your family, right?

Let me tell you, I feel the same way. Welcome to the club. I’m about to reveal to you a way to get that life you are seeking. This can even be done from your house. Yes, it’s true, there is an easy way to make money online at home while sitting in your favorite recliner.

Please understand, I’m not saying you will make a ton of money tomorrow. But, what I am saying is if you are serious about this and treat the strategy I will go over in a minute like a business, you will have great success.

I wrote this article for anyone new to making money online or those of us who have not gotten over the hump and are making consistent money every month. The strategy I’m talking about is making money writing reviews. This strategy is great because it can be applied to millions of consumer products like televisions, DVD players, or the latest As-Seen-On-TV product. But, the easiest way to capitalize on this strategy is to promote products that someone can get instant access to.

With the information age continuing to increase, and the introduction of the electronic tablet, the demand for ebooks (electronic books) and video training will only grow. The best way to promote these products is using a website called Clickbank. Clickbank is the leader in selling digital ,and they have over 17,000 products and counting for you to promote. You can promote anything. An ebook, a video training course or a membership site. The people reading your review can buy through your affiliate link and get their hands on the product immediately.

How Can I Make Money Writing Product Reviews?

Here are the basic steps I take to bring in thousands of dollars per month writing reviews on Clickbank products.

  • Find a Clickbank product to promote. With over 17,000 Clickbank products, it can be overwhelming as to what product to choose. I use a free Firefox plug-in called CB Surge to help me decide on what products are profitable and what products I can rank well for in Google. You can learn more through my CB Surge Review. CB Surge gives you analytic information about every single product in Clickbank. It’s an awesome tool.
  • Once I have found a product, I purchase it.
  • I then write a thorough review on the product telling my visitors what I have discovered. I mention things like :
  • What I got for the price.
  • Were there any upsells during the checkout process?
  • If I have a problem, does this product solve it?
  • How long the course is. How many pages does the ebook have, if that’s what the product is. If it’s a video training course I talk about how long the videos are.
  • With Clickbank products, there is always a 60-day money-back guarantee. But, I still mention that in my review.
  • Then, I sum it all up and give my recommendation. Don’t be afraid to say something sucks. If you didn’t like it, give detailed reasons why.
  • I add my Clickbank affiliate link to the end of the review and tell my visitors to click that link to get the product.
  • After writing my review, I post it to my own website or a web 2.0 property such as,,, etc.
  • I get other websites to link back to mine so I can become popular in Google’s eyes, and they rank my review high on their search results for the product name.
  • I can usually get a review page to the top of search engines in a couple of weeks. Then, I just watch the money roll in.
  • After I have started promoting the first review I am on to another product and start the process over again.

To get started on the right foot, you should really select the right products using CB Surge which really speeds up that process. Then, you need to separate yourself from all the other guys writing reviews. Let your personality shine through to give a uniqueness to your product review.

As mentioned above, utilizing this method is a proven easy way to make money online at home simply because you have millions of products you can review.

Of course, I can’t go into great detail in this little article about all of the things you should do because it would be extremely long. So, I want to help you out even further. I have put together a complete course on what you should do step-by-step to make this a full-time living. It is getting great reviews on a popular internet marketing forum. The product is called CB Surge Profits, and I recommend you check it out.

It’s no secret that Facebook is an excellent source to make money online. With over 400 million members, the money is there for the taking. Many online marketers have come out and said that Facebook fan pages are currently the best free way to make money on the site. This is because of their viral nature. In this article, I am going to discuss an effective technique for increasing fans on your page with the intention of taking it viral.

The first time I discovered Facebook’s viral nature, I was looking at my news feed. A friend of mine had joined a pretty funny group. I clicked into the page out of casual curiosity and found out that the page had only been running for the past 24 hours, but had managed to have over 100,000 people “Like” it. I refreshed the page to see how fast its rate growth was, each time I did, at least 100 new people had joined. Over the next week, more than 1.5 million people joined that page as fans gave the owner exposure to all of their news feeds when they placed a message on the fan page.

So how do we create this incredible viral effect? The first way is to gather enough members in a short space of time. The rule I like to use is that if you can get a fan page to 20,000 people within four days then the page will go viral.

The best way to get these first 20,000 friends is to use a method which I like to call the “Rapid Movement Method”. It consists of utilizing the fans of other pages in order to help build your fan page. Look for fan pages which have similar subjects to yours and about 100,000 fans already (we want these pages so that we can tap into their growth while it’s still happening). Some fan pages will have the contact details of the admin. But if they don’t, you will need to ask them to contact you using the “Discussion tab”. This option which the majority of Facebook fan pages have gives you the opportunity to get in touch with the owner by placing a quick comment asking the administrator to contact you. When they do, you have the chance to negotiate a price for the post. If you have got it right and your topic is one which could potentially go viral, then you can expect your page to grow to a stage where you can use it to make money online.

Sam Bakker has been making money online for the past 7 years. If you would like to get a free copy of Sam’s new Facebook marketing report visit his Internet business website now.

I had the opportunity to interview Loretta Oliver, the creator of “Transcription Crash Course“. Loretta has been a transcriptionist for many years and knows the ins and outs of starting a freelance home transcriptionist business.

What sparked my interest in Loretta’s transcription course is that many people are looking for a way to make money without having to spend money, and her course solves that problem.

The fact is that there are many opportunities to become a home transcriptionist, but the majority of people don’t know where to look or know how to get started.

Loretta tells all in her 17-page course, detailing exactly what you need as far as equipment and skills, and where to go to land a work from home transcriptionist job or get freelance transcription work.

After going through her course I had some questions, and she was nice enough to answer them.

Here are the questions I asked, with Loretta’s responses below:

What made you want to become a transcriptionist?
It honestly sort of happened by accident. I was doing data entry full time when a friend asked me to do some transcription work for a company that had some overflow work. I figured I’d try it out and make a few extra dollars. I ended up doing overflow for that company on a regular basis for a few months. It was enough to keep me transcribing, but not a full time income yet.

That said, while I do mention a few companies that hire transcription workers I definitely recommend freelancing or working for yourself with private clients over that any day of the week. You’ll find yourself with more profits and building an industry name in no time at all.

Out of all the freelance sites you mention, which one would you recommend the most?
I like (formerly because I’d have to say it’s the easiest to use. But, if we’re talking about workload I’d say that seems to get a bit more transcription work than some of the other freelance sites. I think that’s because oDesk is geared more toward the “secretarial” type of jobs.

Do you have any tips or words of advice for people that are considering getting started as a transcriptionist?
Just get started. Stop thinking about it and start typing. Of course, like anything, it’s not for everybody, but give it at least a month or two with a good solid effort and see how it goes. You might find yourself with a pleasant career by the end of that two months.

Eventually I realized that I enjoyed the transcription work more than the online data entry that I was doing AND the transcription work paid better. It was a no brainer decision at that point to make the switch and start looking for more transcription work. Before I knew it I was transcribing almost every day.

Is it really as easy as it sounds to get started?
It actually is. Like I said, I sort of ended up in this field by accident. Once I started looking around I was surprised at how easy it is to get a foot in the door and make a name for yourself in this field. A lot of transcription companies have high turnover rates, because their work flow varies and people get distracted and do other things. Makes sense right?

That’s part of why I recommend working for yourself and taking private clients instead. You’re less likely to get distracted that way and you have more control over the workflow coming in and going out. A transcriptionist can maintain a decent monthly income with just a handful of regular clients.

Can you really get started for free?
Yes. If you already have a computer you can start right now, today, without spending any money. It helps if you have 20 dollars or so to spend on some headphones, but even that is not a requirement. I spent a solid month transcribing from my computer speakers without headphones. My husband thought I was crazy and it drove the dog crazy, but it got the job done until I got that month’s pay, which I then used to go buy some noise cancelling headphones.

What skills must a person posses to be a good transcriptionist?
Nothing spectacular is needed here, honestly. That’s what’s so great about this, anyone can do it. People think you have to be an exceptionally fast typist and that’s just not true. Sure, it’s helpful, but it’s not a requirement when you’re working for yourself. I promise you that within a few months of transcribing your typing speed will increase dramatically.

That being said, if you’re going to do this (or anything else) working from home, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of time alone and at your computer. I think that is the thing that really hangs people up about working from home more than anything. It’s lonely and there’s no way around that.

Is this career saturated, or are there plenty of opportunities for people wanting to get started?
I haven’t found it to be saturated yet and I’ve been in the industry to some degree for 7 years now. There are plenty of opportunities, and I see a lot of transcriptionists going into “niches” which I think is a fantastic idea. You could be a podcast transcriptionist, a Blog Talk Radio transcriptionist, a video transcriptionist, whatever you want to be known as, go for it.

Is it really possible to land a transcription job with the companies you provide in the course?
I haven’t worked directly with any companies in a long time, so I don’t know exactly what their hiring rate is like, but I do still try to keep an eye on the forums and listen to the chatter and it seems like a lot are still hiring part time transcriptionists on a pretty regular basis. They do get a lot of applications, so it might take awhile to get a reply, but there are definitely places out here with a need.

One thing covered in this transcription course and that Loretta touched on above is that you don’t need any special skills. I mean sure, it helps if you can type, but you don’t have to be able to type 50+ words per minute. That’s just crazy. Any mediocre typist can work from home as a transcriptionist.

Since you already have a computer and internet connection, and probably an email address, you’re all set to start your transcriptionist career. Anything else that you would need you can get completely free, and Loretta explains all of this in her course.

What I think I like the most is the fact that Loretta makes herself completely available to everyone that purchases her transcription course. She encourages you to follow her on Twitter to ask her questions directly. She also sends out periodic tips via email and encourages you to email her back with any questions you have for her. Her personal approach and willingness to help you become successful is priceless, in my opinion.

Take a look at Transcription Crash Course and get started in a home transcriptionist career starting today. The small fee is a very small price to pay considering the amount of money that can be made as a transcriptionist, plus the unlimited amount of personal help you’ll get from Loretta.

Get “Transcription Crash Course” Today

This is a follow-up post to my recent make money writing product reviews post. If you recall, an excellent way to make money online is to write product reviews and include your affiliate links within the review. This not only informs your readers and allows them to make an informed decision, but it helps you to gain trust and earn extra income.

Taking a different approach to this method is getting paid to write review posts. While the first method involves making money when someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product, this method allows you to get paid directly from writing the review.

Here’s what I mean…

Instead of relying on affiliate commissions to make money from your review posts, this way you’ll get paid either before or directly after you write the review. There are people and companies who pay bloggers to write reviews about websites and products.

Another difference is that you’ll only get paid one time, whereas the first method can provide a passive income if you keep building traffic to the posts. Is this good or bad? Well, it depends… mainly on how bad you need the money.

If you want some quick cash, then getting paid to write review posts is pretty easy to do. There are a number of sites that you can sign up with for free that will connect advertisers and bloggers.

Here are a few of them:

Don’t expect to make a huge amount of income with this. If you need a few extra bucks for this or that, then this is certainly a viable option. But, don’t plan on making this your only source of income from blogging or from the internet in general.

From what I’ve seen, if you hope to make a large amount of money from each review post that you write, then you’ll first need to build up your blog’s authority to a pretty high level. Most advertisers aren’t going to pay a whole lot for just a small-time blogger.

There are also certain guidelines that will have to be met when writing the review. Pay close attention to these when you get accepted for the review as you’ll want to follow them carefully.

Also, don’t forget about the big bad FTC and their new “guidelines” as well. You’ll want to state within the review, either beginning or end, that your post IS a review and that you were compensated for it. No need in getting in trouble (with a hefty fine) over a simple oversight while trying to make an honest living.

One last thing…

Be honest in your review. Just like the previous method, it’s always better to be honest, upfront and unbiased about the website/product you’re reviewing. If you’re not, people will see right through it, and you’ll ruin any sense of trust your readers had in you.

This method can be a bit controversial as there are some bloggers that feel you’re “selling out” if you get paid to write review posts.

What do you think?

Would you write a review post on your blog if you were paid for it? Why or why not?