One of the fundamental keys to making money online is being able to find a niche market to sell to. There are thousands upon thousands of niche markets out there, and some with very little competition.

For those just getting started and who want to venture into making money online, they usually face one of two problems:

  • Finding a low-competition niche that isn’t profitable
  • Finding a profitable niche with too much competition

This isn’t always the case, though. Some may have done their homework ahead of time (kudos to them), and others just get lucky (it happens).

However, for MOST people… they don’t have a prayer in the world. They find themselves stuck in one of those two situations, get frustrated when no money comes rolling in and give up.

It’s a real shame. Let me ask you this…

Do you know how to find a niche market?

Unless you’re already making money online, then the answer is probably “No!”

If that’s you, and you’re ready to give it a real go and make money online, then keep reading.

I just got done reading the e-book Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me because I’m in the planning stages of venturing into other niches, as talked about in my recent income report.

You see, I chose to go into the ‘work from home‘ niche, which is by far one of the largest and most competitive of all the niches. What this means is that it’s very hard to get ahead and beat out the competition and make serious money online. Hard… but not impossible. It’s a long road for sure, and I’m still traveling. The ride is fun, though. 🙂

But… I want to venture into smaller, less competitive niches. There will be less work involved, and the rewards can be just as good.

That’s where this book comes into play. I know that it will help you out tremendously just as it’s going to help me. I’ve already gone through it and can tell you that it’s the most complete guide I’ve ever seen that shows you how to make money online by finding niche markets. That speaks volumes considering there is so much information out there. Normally, the information you need is either scattered far and wide or is incomplete, or even inaccurate.

This book is different, though.

Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online

The book is written by Janet Smith, whom you’ve probably never heard of before, and that’s because she prefers it that way. Janet is a “digital nomad,” able to travel the world while making money online at the same time (hence the name of the book). She specializes in making money with small niches, and was quietly doing so until she decided to write her book and share her knowledge.

The book is so in-depth that it took a solid two days to absorb the information. A two days well worth spent, might I add. Unlike a lot of people that talk about making money online, who always seem to leave out a little bit of important information here and there, Janet doesn’t hold back one bit.

Her approach is honest and straightforward; she starts from the very beginning of the process of how to find a niche market and walks you through step-by-step exactly what you need to do to make money online.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the e-book:

  • The Mindset of a Digital Nomad
  • How to Make Money Online
  • MMO Vocabulary Terms
  • Finding Niches & Conducting Keyword Research
  • 3rd Tiers, Content, & White Hat SEO
  • Backlinks, Black Hat SEO, 1st Tiers, & 2nd Tiers
  • Monetization Methods & Maximizing Your Income
  • How and Why to Get the Right Traffic
  • Tips for Getting Started
  • Helpful (Optional) Tools
  • Free Resources
  • Using the System for an Online Business

The guide is 179 pages long, jam packed with exactly the information you need to understand in order to implement what Janet teaches so you can begin making money on the internet. Let me just say that you don’t need to know this stuff from the get-go. You could be completely oblivious to this stuff and not have a clue what I’m talking about… and you will still be able to understand what is taught in the guide.

Janet goes out of her way to explain everything so that complete beginners can understand and grasp the concepts. The “MMO Vocabulary Terms” in Chapter 3 will immensely help if you fall into this category.

Final Thoughts

I could go on and on, but that would be pointless. The simple fact is that if you’re looking for a way to make money online, you need this guide. I have yet to see another “MMO” guide out there that comes even close to the value of what Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online offers.

This book is going to be my make money “Bible” when it comes time to start my new niche sites. It’s just that good, and I can’t thank Janet enough for the time and effort she put into writing it.

I highly recommend grabbing a copy for yourself if you want to make money online…

Get your copy today. Version 2 is now out and even better.

March is gone, and April is here. It came fast! I’m sure loving the beautiful weather we’ve been having. Definitely can’t complain about that. Seems as though we completely skipped Spring and went straight to Summer, already hitting over 80 degrees! Crazy, I know.

Anyway, here are my blog posts from last month worth reading (again maybe?). If you found them helpful you’re welcome to post a comment letting me know, or if you have a question then ask away. Seriously, don’t be shy here.

Without further ado, here they are:

A Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Setup a Money Making Website

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Finding Your Perfect and Profitable Niche on the Internet

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Stay cool, and have a Happy Easter tomorrow.

I know it’s been awhile, but if you remember from my previous post, I told you to write down your interests and hobbies. I hope you did just that because today we’re going to take that list and narrow it down to just one interest.

This one interest will become your perfect niche. And, by perfect I mean the one niche you have a vested interest in and will make you money. I don’t know what could be more perfect than that. 😉

There are many… literally… MANY different ways to pick a niche that is going to be profitable for you. If you’ve been a long time reader of mine, then you might remember a previous post I did about finding a profitable niche. I’m sure that post will provide some useful tips for you.

However, there’s a “scientific” approach you can take to find the perfect niche. While I was drumming up ideas for this post, it just so happened that Court Tuttle of The Keyword Academy came out with a killer post on this exact topic.

Talk about great timing.

Court provides a very detailed and mathematical approach to finding specific keywords that are going to bring in income and be profitable. As long as you don’t mind doing some simple research and crunching some numbers, this is a sure-fire way of knowing whether or not your interest could become your perfect little niche.

Take the time to check out Court’s article on Analyzing the Profit Potential of an Online Market.

To better understand this, you’re going to want to associate keywords with your interests. Come up with some broad keywords that describe your interests. Take your list of interests, along with the associated keywords, and put them through the test using Court’s methodology.

I haven’t had the chance to use this myself yet, but I can assure you that I will be when I decide to start my next niche blog.

If you have any questions about Court’s method, chances are someone may have already asked it on his blog, so read through the comments first before you shake your head in confusion.

What do you think about this method? What do YOU do to find profitable niche markets?

AffiliateMarketingWhen I first came online, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or even know where to start. All I knew was that I wanted to make money online. A passion that has stuck with me even till today.

Once I was introduced to affiliate marketing, it started to make sense to me. Of course, everyone made it sound so easy. You know, the pie in the sky, hyped up promises… and so on and so forth.

I can assure you it’s not quite that easy, but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my passion and finally getting my own little slice of pie.

At the time I didn’t know anything about niches and why I should target a small niche rather than diving into a huge niche, such as the “work from home” niche. As it turns out, that’s why it’s been a struggle for me. Had I started over and did my research first, I would’ve gotten into a smaller niche where I could get my slice of the pie more quickly and maybe even get more than one slice.

But, while the “work from home” niche has its struggles, the rewards can be huge once you do gain momentum and become an authority site. Afterall, it’s one of the biggest niches on the entire internet.

I’m not going to tell you what niche you should or should not get into, but rather explain why affiliate marketing should be your choice for making money online. I believe it’s the way to go for most people… at least in the beginning.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should choose affiliate marketing:

  1. You don’t need your own product – Unless you already have a solid plan in your mind from the start, a product is the furthest thing from people’s minds when they’re just looking for some extra income. This is why affiliate marketing is lucrative because it allows people to capitalize on other people’s products.
  2. No special training required – One of the best things, I think, about affiliate marketing is that you can jump right into it head first without having a clue what you’re doing. That sounds like a bad thing, but when you think about it, there’s no better way to learn something than to just do it. And, affiliate marketing allows for this. You can learn while you go, and if you somehow manage to really mess up, there’s usually plenty of leeway for this and can easily be fixed.
  3. Zero cost is required – Seriously, you can start making money with affiliate marketing for absolutely no money out of your pocket. Of course, there will come a time when you’ll want to setup your own website/blog, but the cost is less than $100 a year. But, that’s not necessary in the beginning, although I highly recommend it as it will help you further along from the start.

Now, rather than going for the big bucks at the beginning and picking a very competative niche, I recommend finding a smaller niche to start with. Besides, you can make a lot of money even with smaller niches, believe it or not.

What are you passionate about? Do you have a hobby?

Answering these questions will help you determine what niche you may want to get started in. It helps to like what you’re doing, not to mention being knowledgeable in that area will help tremendously.

Stay tuned as my upcoming post will detail how you can determine if the niche you want to get into will be profitable or not. You don’t want to waste your time if there’s not a big enough market in your niche. Weeding out the profitable niches from the duds will aide you in your decision.

In the meantime, here’s some homework for you. Write down all the hobbies and interests you have on a piece of paper. You could have 1 or 15… It doesn’t matter. Jot them down and save them for my next post as you’ll be using this list to narrow down your interests and hobbies to just one that you’ll target for your affiliate marketing venture.

However, if you want to skip this and go right for the big bucks and target the “work from home” niche (the most money online is spent in this niche) just as I am, I recommend reading this post.

See you soon. 🙂

A while ago I had posted a question on the Warrior Forum about how to find a profitable niche. That question received some great responses, and I thought I’d share with you some ways you can find a profitable niche, even during the recession.

One thing I would just like to add is that it’s important to get into something that you have a personal interest in. There’s no point in creating a website in hopes of selling something if you have absolutely no interest in the products or idea.

For instance, I have an interest in video games. I have quite a few different gaming consoles, and I’ll every now and then take some time to play. Because of that, I decided to start a website related to the Nintendo video games niche.

I used some of the responses to my question to gauge exactly what niche I should go into. Here is some feedback (in my own words) of how to go about finding a profitable niche. And keep in mind… you want to make a profit here, otherwise it’s not worth it.

First, you want to find a “hungry” market. In other words, you want to find buyers for whatever it is you’re thinking of selling.

Once you find a hungry market, or niche, you need to gauge how much competition there is for that market. High competition isn’t always bad. That means there is money to be made. Too low of competition could mean there’s not a hungry market. But, that could also mean you have the chance to make some serious money due to the low competition and the need within that market. It requires some research, but more often than not, go after niches WITH competition.

So this brings the question… how do you go about finding a niche and also determining the amount of competition?

Here’s some strategies to find a hungry niche:

  1. Search the term in Google, if there are a lot of advertisers at the right column of the results page, it’s likely a good one. These are ads that people are paying for.
  2. Search on See what products are hot right now and what niche they’re in.
  3. Search on Check if there are books, CDs, etc. that sells to that niche.
  4. If you’re looking to sell software, check, etc.
  5. See if there are at least 3 forums in the niche you’re looking to get into.
  6. Use Google Trends, eBay Pulse and Yahoo’s Top Searched to find out what people want.

Here’s some advice that would be very relevant to today’s economy. Find a lower priced niche that targets towards people’s needs more directly rather than expensive isolated niches.

How to determine the amount of competition

I recommend reading How To: Evaluating Competition For New Site Niches as Dennis Edell posted an article by Donna Fontenot that provides some great insight on this very topic.

Also, use tools such as Google Keyword Tool and SpyFu to find out how many competitors you could be dealing with. If you’re focusing on specific keywords, do a simple search in Google and see how many websites show up for that keyword phrase.

Another tool I highly recommend is Detecting Online Commercial Intention: Audience Intelligence: adCenter Labs. This is to see if your particular keywords are profitability-oriented (example: people searching for “acne” want info. People searching for “acne cure” want a solution/product).

There’s a lot more I could share with you, but that should give you a pretty good start in finding a profitable niche you can use to make money on the internet.

If you want to fast-track your learning curve in finding a profitable niche and have all the hard work done for you, I recommend you check out the Niche Power Group.

Did you learn anything from this article? Is there anything you would like to add? I’d love to hear your feedback.