The first thing to keep in mind is that copywriting is in massive demand. There are plenty of copywriting jobs, but people approach this venture with caution due to the fact that they feel that they just cannot write or they are just too lazy to set about starting an enterprise in alien territory. The motto to be kept in mind is that once you are thrown in the river, you will automatically learn how to swim, or if not swim, at least keep your head above the water.

Novices, with even the basic skills of copywriting will be in big demand. One will just need to contact the right persons and be at the right place at the right time. There are a number of ways to get started, and initially one will need to tap all the possible sources in a bid to strike it big in the long run.

Here are two ways to find copywriting clients…

1. Keep an Eye Out in Local Publications and Magazines

Copy writer hopefuls will do well to keep an eagle eye out for advertisements in local newspapers and magazines calling for copywriter jobs. These ads usually come along with websites and phone numbers where contact can be made directly.

2. Look for Poorly Written Advertisements and Articles

Concentrate on ferreting out any brochures, banners and advertisements on local publications that have been badly written, contain bad grammar and/or misspelled words. Rewrite these and send them back to the owners in correct language, paying special attention to spellings and grammar, explaining why you have made these alterations. Indicate that any badly written articles or advertisements are bad for business. Instill in them the importance of well written articles and the benefits it could bring to their business.

These two ways of getting copy writing jobs are direct and simple and yet assured in the long run. Besides these two ways, there are other ways of getting copywriting jobs to make money online.

To set in motion your freelance copywriting business you will need to follow these four steps.

1. Be Aware of Current Jobs

This entails being well-versed with various firms offering copywriting jobs. Start by thinking of all the types of writing jobs you are adept at writing and topics on which you have much to offer.

2. Advertise Your Services

Creating a special web page advertising your services or sending direct mail letters to prospective clients showcasing your talents in writing abilities is another way of ensuring plenty of copywriting jobs. Create an attractive and informative web page to provide a window into your writing abilities. It should be good enough to immediately instill a feeling of confidence in the client to make him/her approach you with copywriting jobs.

3. Develop Your Client Base

Having a sound client base is necessary in this type of business venture. A client base should be trustworthy and not the ‘fly by night’ types who will take all your copy writing in a jiffy and disappear with your hard work. The client base should also be large enough to sustain you on a daily basis. Depending on only one firm for business is not advised.

Copywriters should try to find enough time to work for two or more firms at the same time so as to be assured of a continuous inflow of work which will result in a steady income.

4. Keep Writing Samples for Prospective Clients

Copywriters will need to submit samples of their work to clients before they can be assigned regular writing jobs. These samples will be assessed for writer’s abilities and command over the language and hence need to be of top most quality with careful attention paid to the most minute of details.

Once clients are assured of the writer’s copywriting abilities, they will go ahead with offering writing jobs on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. However, it must be kept in mind that these jobs are time bound and need to be tackled with responsibility with writers keeping deadlines in perspective.

Copywriting can be home based and can be started from scratch. It is not about making a million dollars in the blink of an eye, but a straight road ahead to earning money from your writing skills. All this type of venture needs is a good home computer, an efficient internet service, good writing acumen and the desire to succeed.

Copywriters should be dedicated and conscientious about their writing. Just because they are working from home does not mean they should let household chores or other distractions of everyday life come in the way of their writing. Dedication, concentration and passion for writing is what will get copywriters more recognition and will lead to them making more money online.

Copy writing offers people the advantages of writing from home, not commuting to a workplace on a daily basis and flexibility in writing. This sort of copywriting venture, guarantees success right from the word ‘GO.’ It all depends on finding the right clients, marketing yourself well, and finding the most profitable projects and ventures.

Copywriters will do well if they concentrate on eye-catching headlines and titles, embark on a direct approach, pay special attention to grammar and punctuation and deliver exactly as the customer desires.

About the Author:

This is a guest post by Nathan Brown of, a site that offers savings and current information on at&t uverse coupon code as well as services.

Travis Sago, the BUM Marketer, has a free eBook available called Blog Blueprint for Beginners. It’s not very often I recommend blogging eBooks, but I’m huge fan of Travis and his work, and I use various services that he either owns or uses himself, and also recommends to others.

His free guide is top-notch, and I’ve been given the opportunity to pass it along for free to all of you. This guide is full of put-it-to-use information about starting a blog and making money with it. There are 86 jam-packed pages of content inside.

If you’re not aware of who Travis is, he’s one of the guys behind the BUM marketing method. Travis is also the creator of one of the most successful relationship products on Clickbank, The Magic Of Making Up.

Simply put, Travis knows what it takes to create websites, drive traffic to those websites and make money with them.

Originally, the eBook was going to be used as a free bonus to those who signed up for Travis’s InstaCash Keywords Membership, which I’m also a member of. Instead, they decided to make it available to anyone who wanted to learn a step-by-step process on how to build their first website or improve upon one they already have.

Blog Blueprint for Beginners

As I mentioned before, the eBook contains 86 pages of content you can put to use right away.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll find inside:

  • Choosing Keywords to Target
  • Registering Your Domain Name
  • Purchasing a Web Hosting Plan
  • One Overlooked Secret to Making Your Blog Sell More… (and get more traffic)
  • Setting up WordPress on Your Website
  • Adding Plugins (with a Recommended Plugin List)
  • How to Covert Your Traffic into Buyers with a Button
  • Creating Disclaimer Pages
  • How to Get Quality Articles Written Dirt Cheap (the same method I personally use)
  • Introduction into Affiliate Marketing
  • Using Banner Ads
  • Adding Google Analytics

And MUCH more…

You can download the eBook for free here.

I would recommend this guide for complete beginners and also for novices. You may find that there are some resources Travis links to or various strategies he talks about that you didn’t already know.

For example, a couple of sponsors that made the guide possible include and Ken Leatherman’s Both are services I use and would recommend to anyone who needs high quality content written and backlinks created to help grow your business or site. You can’t beat the price, either.

Again, you can download the eBook right here. I recommend right-clicking the link and choosing “Save Target As” or something similar (depending on your browser) to download directly to your computer’s hard drive. The file size is kinda big.

Another eBook I recommend if you’re a beginner or experienced marketer is the Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online. I’ve written my recommendation on this eBook in the past, and you can view that post here.

I feel both guides compliment each other well and would serve as a great arsenal for anyone to start up a website or blog and begin making money online.


Disclaimer: I am in no way obligated to recommend Travis’s Blog Blueprint for Beginners guide or any of the resources he recommends and that I linked to in this post. I receive absolutely nothing in return. No commission of any kind, no mention, etc. This recommendation is based solely on the helpful content and links contained within the eBook.

I do, however, receive a small commission if you decide to purchase the Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online guide based on my recommendation.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, this does not have to do with dating. Unless of course you’re looking to date a work from home opportunity, then you’re in luck.

All kidding aside, I’m always on the lookout for new ways and opportunities to make money online. Well, sometimes they end up finding me instead. This one came in the form of an email that introduced me to A little bashful I never heard of the site before, I had to inquire more and find out what it’s all about.

What is

Probably one of the most notable features on the site is the work from home compatibility match. Yep, you read that right. Basically, you spend about 5 minutes to fill out a questionnaire, and at the end, their proprietary technology will match you with the make money opportunities that you have the best chance of succeeding with.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

Here’s more, straight from the site:

This Lucrative MindsSM patent pending technology is a unique aggregation of labor intensive manual research and the world’s most trusted web and business research data sources.

They offer management tools so you can mange the opportunities you’re matched with using their Lucrative ScoreSM. Combined with a Compatibility EngineSM, these opportunities are ranked so that you can pick and choose which ones you want to go with, assuring you a higher success rate, since they’re based on the information you entered into the questionnaire.

Their main goal, which is parallel to mine, is to help people avoid scams and common internet fraud. That’s been my primary goal since the first day I launched this site. There are numerous scams and thieves out there today, so whatever we can do as a whole to make people aware of them is a good thing.

What You Can Expect To Find is also a huge work from home resource, not to mention they dub themselves the ‘Work From Home Research Professionals.’ Here’s just a little of what you’ll also find on the site:

  • List of Work From Home Opportunities
  • Blog
  • Forum (Must be a subscriber to gain access)
  • Resources Page
  • FAQs
  • LM Investigator Page (Goes more into detail about what the site is about and their stance on scams)
  • Articles and Education
  • And More

You’ll also want to read the Why Trust Us page, which fortifies a lot of what I’ve stated already. There’s also a short video clip with President and Co-Founder Greg Carter, who I had the pleasure of emailing back and forth about the site.

Advantages Over Other Sites

LucatriveMinds has many advantages over other work from home sites, most notably the innovative technology they use to match people to specific opportunities. But, there are some other distinct features that set them apart from the crowd.

From the words of Greg, they:

  • have APIs that go out and gather data, most on a daily basis.
  • let the community chime in and provide ratings.
  • provide an unbiased score to each one of their opportunities.
  • are 100% free.

The ratings system is what stands out to me. Members can rate every opportunity and resource they come across. By offering member ratings, this provides assurance among members that the opportunities are reliable and that members had a positive experience (assuming the rating is positive, of course).

I could go on and on, but honestly, just go to the site and see for yourself. There’s nothing to lose but 5 minutes of your time. You may just find the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, that is, if you haven’t found it here first. 😉

Disclaimer: This post was written in agreement that Greg will showcase my site on’s blog in exchange for my positive review of his site. With that said, I fully believe that LM is a credible and reliable resource for money making opportunities.

Drop shipping provides a low-risk way for entrepreneurs to make money online. Drop shippers sell products online without having to purchase the products wholesale up front. When an item sells, the vendor collects the money and the item is shipped directly from the wholesaler. No money is lost, and all sales result in direct profit.

As with any online venture, hard work and marketing savvy is needed to be successful with drop shipping.

Here’s how you can set yourself apart from others.

Choose a Reputable Source

There are many drop-shipping wholesalers who make promises of big profits, but who provide inferior products, are delayed with their shipping, or who are actually middle men who order the products from legitimate wholesalers and then charge a markup on the products. Be sure to do your research to choose a wholesaler with a good reputation and quality products. Make sure the wholesaler is known for timely shipments and legitimate business dealings.

Set Yourself Apart

There are hundreds of sellers on eBay and other sites that sell products from drop shippers — the same products from the same drop shippers. In order to be successful, you must find ways to set yourself apart from these other sellers. There are many ways to do this. You can choose niche products from quality wholesalers, ensuring that you are one of fewer sellers with those products. You can create a high-quality Web site in which to sell your products rather than relying on eBay or other online auction sites. Of course, as with any online venture, a successful marketing strategy is also key. Concentrate your efforts on building traffic to your site, promoting your products through social-networking sites, and other ways to get the word out about your products.

Write Your Own Copy

Wholesalers provide marketing copy and photos for the products in their catalog, which many sellers use for their own websites or for their online auctions. The result is that dozens of sellers use the exact same photos and descriptions of the same products. The only way these sellers can set themselves apart is to drastically undercut their prices or to build up their reputation. You can make your products stand out by ordering samples to take your own photos and by writing your own descriptive copy. You can highlight different features of the products and showcase them in new and unique ways, helping to drive sales.

Create a Blog

In addition to a website for your products, you should also create a blog to help promote what you are selling. A blog can help create awareness for your products by attracting new traffic to your site, highlighting the features of your products, and more. A blog also offers your customers additional value, creating an additional component to your Web site, rather than just offering a list of products for sale. Proper marketing of your blog — including keyword research, generating quality back links, and more — can help you to maximize marketing for your products, as well.

Drop shipping presents a low-risk way to start your own business online, allowing you to sell products without coming up with a large initial investment to purchase products. However, to be successful, you must do the proper research and put the right effort into marketing, as you would with any online venture. These tips can help as you begin your drop-shipping business.

Amanda Tradwick is a grant researcher and writer for She has a Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Delaware, and has recently finished research on grants for women in college and college grant programs.

December is officially here. Only 24 days until Christmas! Yes, I’m very excited. But, we can’t forget about Thanksgiving which occurred just a week ago. I had a great time spending it with family and friends, and I’m looking forward to doing the same here in the coming weeks.

I went Black Friday shopping for the first time ever. Got a Blu-Ray player and some movies, finally! I apologize for not getting the announcement up about the HostGator 50% deal going on then as I was busy. You can still get an amazing price on hosting by going here and entering “wordpress” into the coupon section during checkout. You’ll get your first month for one penny.

Enough about me, how did you spend your Thanksgiving holiday? Get any good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals? Share in the comments below.

Okay, let’s get to last month’s blog posts…

November 2011 Blog Posts on

How to Streamline Your Business with Efficient Digital Asset Management

8 Tips for Using Facebook for Marketing

4 Tips for Keeping Up with Your Online Business while on Vacation

Top 10 Reasons to Like Google+

October 2011 Income Report

Business Lawsuits: How to Protect Yourself

5 Tips to Stay Motivated While Working from Home – A Legit CPA Network?

Can You Replace Your Laptop with a Tablet?

Blog Posts Around the Web

Here are some blog posts I’ve found from other bloggers I follow that I hope you will find helpful. I encourage you to take some time to read these as well.

Asher over at BloggersPassion talks about Google+ as a platform and how it’s making way into the social networking scene. While I’m not a huge fan of Google+ yet, I can’t ignore the SEO benefits that come from utilizing Google’s social site.

Over at DailyBlogTips, Elijah discusses some legal risks to be mindful of as a blogger. Definitely worth checking out as well, as people are more sue-happy as ever in this day and age.

Andrew talks about narrowing down a niche to make money online. As you may know, I’ve gotten into niche marketing, and I believe it’s a very viable means of expanding an online business to make more money.

Alex from HowToSpoter provides 7 ways to get backlinks that you may not have thought of before. I cover many different link building strategies here on this blog as links are an integral part of getting organic traffic from the search engines.

Jojo over at TechChunks offers 5 tips on selling ads on your blog. I totally agree with cutting out the middleman. A good portion of my monthly income comes from selling private ads and is a great way to increase the revenue of your site or blog.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more great articles coming soon.

As always, share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

With today’s media, we can’t help but to see millionaires and billionaires all over the place. They show the actors, the football players, even Warren Buffet gets some TV time. The media highlights their lavish lives, and all we can do is envy it.

Watching things unfold, it appears the rich will continue to get richer and we are stuck to fend for ourselves. Since you are reading this article, I guess you are not a normal individual, huh? You don’t want to stay doing the same thing you’re doing right now. You have this gut feeling that there is a better life for you and your family, right?

Let me tell you, I feel the same way. Welcome to the club. I’m about to reveal to you a way to get that life you are seeking. This can even be done from your house. Yes, it’s true, there is an easy way to make money online at home while sitting in your favorite recliner.

Please understand, I’m not saying you will make a ton of money tomorrow. But, what I am saying is if you are serious about this and treat the strategy I will go over in a minute like a business, you will have great success.

I wrote this article for anyone new to making money online or those of us who have not gotten over the hump and are making consistent money every month. The strategy I’m talking about is making money writing reviews. This strategy is great because it can be applied to millions of consumer products like televisions, DVD players, or the latest As-Seen-On-TV product. But, the easiest way to capitalize on this strategy is to promote products that someone can get instant access to.

With the information age continuing to increase, and the introduction of the electronic tablet, the demand for ebooks (electronic books) and video training will only grow. The best way to promote these products is using a website called Clickbank. Clickbank is the leader in selling digital ,and they have over 17,000 products and counting for you to promote. You can promote anything. An ebook, a video training course or a membership site. The people reading your review can buy through your affiliate link and get their hands on the product immediately.

How Can I Make Money Writing Product Reviews?

Here are the basic steps I take to bring in thousands of dollars per month writing reviews on Clickbank products.

  • Find a Clickbank product to promote. With over 17,000 Clickbank products, it can be overwhelming as to what product to choose. I use a free Firefox plug-in called CB Surge to help me decide on what products are profitable and what products I can rank well for in Google. You can learn more through my CB Surge Review. CB Surge gives you analytic information about every single product in Clickbank. It’s an awesome tool.
  • Once I have found a product, I purchase it.
  • I then write a thorough review on the product telling my visitors what I have discovered. I mention things like :
  • What I got for the price.
  • Were there any upsells during the checkout process?
  • If I have a problem, does this product solve it?
  • How long the course is. How many pages does the ebook have, if that’s what the product is. If it’s a video training course I talk about how long the videos are.
  • With Clickbank products, there is always a 60-day money-back guarantee. But, I still mention that in my review.
  • Then, I sum it all up and give my recommendation. Don’t be afraid to say something sucks. If you didn’t like it, give detailed reasons why.
  • I add my Clickbank affiliate link to the end of the review and tell my visitors to click that link to get the product.
  • After writing my review, I post it to my own website or a web 2.0 property such as,,, etc.
  • I get other websites to link back to mine so I can become popular in Google’s eyes, and they rank my review high on their search results for the product name.
  • I can usually get a review page to the top of search engines in a couple of weeks. Then, I just watch the money roll in.
  • After I have started promoting the first review I am on to another product and start the process over again.

To get started on the right foot, you should really select the right products using CB Surge which really speeds up that process. Then, you need to separate yourself from all the other guys writing reviews. Let your personality shine through to give a uniqueness to your product review.

As mentioned above, utilizing this method is a proven easy way to make money online at home simply because you have millions of products you can review.

Of course, I can’t go into great detail in this little article about all of the things you should do because it would be extremely long. So, I want to help you out even further. I have put together a complete course on what you should do step-by-step to make this a full-time living. It is getting great reviews on a popular internet marketing forum. The product is called CB Surge Profits, and I recommend you check it out.

How’s your summer going so far? Mine is going especially well. Been pretty busy with things, but I like being busy as long as it doesn’t include stress. There are a couple of things I’ll be updating you about in the next week or two, so be on the lookout for that. Exciting stuff, for sure.

If this is your first time to my blog, welcome! This post is pretty self-explanatory, and I hope you enjoy it and learn a few things about what I do and how you can make money online as well.

Every month I do a detailed income report, showing you exactly where my income comes from. This gives you an idea of the various income streams that are available, as I strongly believe you shouldn’t place all of your eggs in one basket, as discussed in this post.

This is also a way for me to measure my success (or failure) from month-to-month. Each month will vary in income, and that’s all part of working from home as an affiliate marketer. This acts as a motivator for me to keep pushing forward to reach my goals.

I hope you find these income reports helpful and give you encouragement that it is possible to make money on the internet.

Let’s see how I did last month…

Income from

Total = $231.25

Income from Proofreading/Re-writing/Editing Services

It’s an honor for me to be able to provide a high quality and much needed service, and it’s been an honor serving my clients. You can learn more by visiting the link below.

Total = $48

Income from My Micro Niche Adsense Site

My micro niche site keeps improving each month. Google Adsense earnings for this month from the site totaled $3.36. This amount is included in my total Adsense income as reported above. I finally was able to add another page to my site, providing more related content for those searching for that topic. I believe adding more related pages will bring in more targeted visitors and produce more Adsense clicks. That’s the goal, anyway.

Total Online Income

Total online income IS…


Income from

No income as of yet. I’ve been slowly building backlinks and adding more content to the site. Expect an update very soon regarding the site and what exactly I’m doing to market it.

December was by-far my best month to date. One of my goals last year was to reach $1,000 in income for a single month, and I finally did it. Now, the next goal is to do it consistently. I will be doing much less proofreading in the months ahead, so the bulk of that income will be gone. That means I’ll need to boost more income out of this site and try to get the ball rolling with my new niche site.

That’s my current plan.

As always, I welcome your comments below…

Unfortunately, the Webmaster’s Challenge I eluded to in this post has been canceled. However, I’m going to continue with my previous plans for building my niche site, walking you through every step of the process.

Even though there won’t be any official prize ($3,000 in cash total), the true prize will be building a profitable and self-sustaining niche website. I believe I can achieve this, and I’m going to lay everything out for you along the way.

I hope you’re excited about this as much as I am, and if you’re feeling overly zealous, you’re more than welcome to join along with me and start your own niche site. If you do, let us know by leaving a comment below.

I already have my domain name and hosting. For the Challenge, we had to sign up with a specific web hosting company, but now that the challenge isn’t happening, I decided to switch over to my regular hosting service, HostGator. Fortunately, I didn’t have a whole lot started, so it was just easier for me to start a fresh install of WordPress and import my FlexSqueeze settings once I have that installed.

Once my DNS settings change over to HostGator (should be no later than tomorrow), I’ll be able to move forward with the design and necessary pages that every website should have. More on that in a later post.

I’ll be making good use of the Nomad’s Guide to Make Money Online as I talked about in my how to find a niche market post. This guide is an excellent resource for anyone getting into niche marketing or wanting to make money online in general.

I was thinking about the best way to keep my niche site updates and “regular” posts separate from each other, or rather, make it so that you all know the difference and not get them confused.

What I came up with is creating a “Niche Site” category and adding all of my posts that have to do with the niche site to that category. Make sense? If you’re not sure which posts pertain to me building my new niche site or not, simply click on the Niche Site category, and only the posts dealing with that topic will show up. Easy enough, right? Great.

Just a heads-up, the next post dealing with the niche site will deal with choosing a domain name and setting up your web hosting account. In this post I will also reveal the niche I have chosen and the corresponding domain name I bought.

I think that’s all for now. Any questions? Leave them in the comments below…

It’s been rather warm here the past week, which I’m not complaining at all. The weather has been beautiful, and I’ve been trying to enjoy it while I can. Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a hike with a friend up the Thousand Steps, a historical trail named after the thousand plus stone steps placed into the mountainside, located in Mt. Union, PA.

The view was amazing, and I was blessed to be able to enjoy God’s creation and all the wildlife that was around us. We brought along with us Marles, my friend’s dog. That dog is a beast and was in much better shape than both of us. We had a blast, though!

Do anything exciting this weekend?

I have another update to share with you that I hope will interest you as it relates to making money online, but I’ll share that at the end.

Right now, let’s take a look at how my income fared last month.

Income from

Total = $264.38

Income from Proofreading/Re-writing/Editing Services

It’s an honor for me to be able to provide a high quality and much needed service, and it’s been an honor serving my clients. You can learn more by visiting the link below.

Total = $30

Income from Micro Niche Adsense Site

My micro niche site keeps improving each month. Google Adsense earnings for this month from the site totaled $10.10. The site has already paid for itself and then some. When I find time to add more content I have no doubt I’ll be able to earn more.

Total = $10.10

Total Online Income

Total online income from all sources comes to…



I mentioned in previous post updates that I would soon be venturing into niche marketing. I’m not talking about micro niche sites where your main goal is to make money with Adsense, like my current micro niche site. I’m talking about building an authority site centered around a very specific niche or product and promoting either your own product or an affiliate product to make money online.

In my case, I’ll be promoting an affiliate product through Clickbank. What spurred me to get moving on this is because Daniel Scocco is holding a Webmaster Challenge where participants start a brand new website from scratch, and after the end of four months, whoever earns the most money from their site will take home the grand prize. The prize in this case will be $1,800. Second place prize will be $200.

I’m not going to reveal the niche or the domain name yet, as you wouldn’t see anything anyway. I don’t even have access to my cPanel yet as I had to sign up with a new web host as per the challenge requirements. I’m hoping to start building the site this weekend.

This is exciting for me, but it should also be exciting for you as well because I’m going to be posting my progress here on the blog as to how I’m doing with the site as well as what I’m doing. I’ll lay everything out on the table so you can see what exactly it takes to get a site up and running and making money.

I won’t hold anything back… I promise. Whatever I do, no matter how small, I’m going to share with you. I probably won’t be posting daily updates, but when I do update you, you’ll find out everything I’ve done up to that point.

Isn’t this exciting? You’ll be able to look over my shoulder, so to speak, through my success, or failure. If I make money, you’ll know about it. If I fail, you’ll know about it. This will be FREE, usable information that you’ll be able to put into action right away.

This will be just as much of a learning process for me as it is for you. I know what it takes and what has to be done, now it’s just a matter of putting what I know into practice for yet another new website.

Stay tuned for the first Webmaster Challenge update post coming soon as I’ll go through the process of setting up web hosting and getting a domain name, along with the necessary research that should be done beforehand.

See ya then!

Rachel and IThat’s right, folks, it’s time for yet another blog post roundup. My oh my does time fly, and I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it. Speaking of, I got to enjoy last weekend in Virginia for my cousin’s wedding (picture of my cousin and I). It was a great time of visiting and spending time with family and also meeting new people.

Did you do anything exciting last weekend? What about this weekend?

Let’s get to last month’s blog posts that you may have missed:

Q&A: Getting Traffic to Your Website

10 Freelance Jobs You Can Start Today

How to Create a Killer Affiliate Marketing Squeeze Page

August 2010 Income Report and Micro Niche Site Update

How To Find a Niche Market and Make Money Online

Q&A: Building Links to Your Website

Now, I have some exciting news. Well… exciting to me at least, but I hope you’ll find it exciting as well.

Starting next month and every month after, not only will you find my last month’s blog posts in each roundup edition, but I’m also going to start including other blogger’s posts that I find interesting and helpful from around the web.

Exciting, right? This will give you an idea of what kind of blogs I follow and enjoy reading, which is healthy as a blogger because you should always be reading and learning. Plus, it helps to build community and allows me to network with other bloggers and bring in new readers.

That’s a big hint, BTW!

So, I hope you’re looking forward to that as I know I am.

P.S. If you want to see more pictures from the wedding last weekend, just add me on Facebook. 🙂