You’ve done it! You have officially created the next big item–the greatest thing to hit the marketplace since wheels became round and bread got sliced. Yes, your thingamajig is exactly what the world has been waiting for. The only problem is that you have no idea how to take the next step–turning your brilliant idea into a tangible product available for sale. And making a return on your investment.


There are several paths that you can take in order to bring your new product to the marketplace.

The DIY Path

Before embarking on a quest of this magnitude, it is important to ask yourself some big questions–and answer them honestly and realistically. Do you have the desire and the ability to commit your time and money into manufacturing, marketing, and distributing your thingamajig? Do you possess the knowledge, confidence, and stick-to-itiveness to see this monumental task to fruition? If you can truthfully say “yes,” to these questions, this may be the route for you.

While a patent is not a must-have in order to do this, “The Three Most Common Ways to Make Money from Your Invention” warns that if you “start selling your invention, or otherwise disclose it, and one year passes, you can kiss any hope of getting a patent goodbye.” It is also important to be realistic about the capital required for such a massive undertaking. Depending on the type of product, the manufacturing process, and the raw materials required, you may need to partner with investors. You will also need to become well-versed on how to start and operate a business and create a solid business plan.

If you are new to the world of entrepreneurialism, you may wish to start small by selling your thingamajig in your local market. This enables you to iron out any wrinkles in your supply chain, develop a small-scale marketing campaign, and test your product before making a sizeable investment. Selling at local stores, trade shows, fairs, and other public venues will enable you to generate some income while learning the ropes. Other options you could explore include setting up an online store or selling your product on a home shopping channel.

The License Path

This is a viable option for anyone who wishes to retain some control over their brainchild, but does not want to bite off the huge time and financial commitment involved in the DIY option. In this scenario, you will require a patent. You then license the rights to manufacture, market, distribute, and sell your thingamajig to another party. In return you will receive a set fee, a royalty on each unit sold, or a combination of both. According to “How to Make Money from Your Inventions,” these royalties vary from less than once percent of net sales up to about eight percent, but the majority range from three to six percent. While this may seem like a small return, it is important to note that the licensee is the one assuming all of the business risks.

The Sale Path

If you would simply like to sell your patent for a profit and move on to your next big invention, this option may appeal to you. You will have to secure a patent as no one will actually pay money for an “idea.” It is also important to remember that as “Turning an Invention Idea into Money” states, once you sell your patent, you have permanently transferred ownership and that any future financial gains such as royalties will no longer be yours. You will be kissing your brainchild goodbye.

Selecting a path is a life-changing decision. If you are unsure of what route is best for you, “How to Become a Successful Inventor” recommends seeking the help of professionals who are experts in the field of making your inventions materialize.

There you have it. You are one giant step closer to unveiling your thingamajig to an eager public. And seriously fattening up your wallet. So go ahead and do your happy jig.

What advice can you offer a budding inventor?

Kimberley Laws is a freelance writer, avid blogger, and lover of thingamajigs. You can follow her at The Embiggens Project and Searching for Barry Weiss.

Although you might associate selling domain names for profit with the early 2000s, it is still as much a viable money-making business as it ever was. While the dot-com bubble has burst, and with it the price of domain names has fallen, you can still make a tidy sum of money by reselling domain names. Here is a short guide about what you should be doing if you want to make money by selling domain names.

First, Consider the Law

You need to think carefully about the law in regards to the trademarks that already exist. While there are very few laws pertaining directly to domain names, it’s a good idea to have a basic legal grasp of exactly what you are doing to avoid paying for expensive attorneys further down the line. This is a relatively safe business to be in, but even with reselling domain names, there are traps that you need to avoid.

What to Look For…

Generic Domains

If you are first getting into the business of trading domain names, you might want to start with generic names that are likely to get a buyer in the future. You should be wary of copyrighted names, but other than that you can let your imagination run free. Make sure that the names aren’t too out-there, and that they have potential for businesses to be named after them. As a rule, domain names should be simple to spell, memorable and not contain any special characters that will put people off from buying them.

Geographic Location Domains

Businesses often have a habit of buying up less-specific, but related, domain names which point to their website. For example if you notice a new electronics store is opening in your local town, you might want to buy a geographic domain name that they will then want to buy to point to their main domain. This can be risky in the sense that the company may not want the domain, but if you can provide statistics about how much traffic the domain has received they may be open to persuasion.

Business Names

Buying up business names can be a great way to earn money. Large businesses will often pay big bucks for popular domain names that relate to their website. It can be hard to keep on top of the latest business updates and developments in your local area, but if you can do it then you will make a good deal of money. It never hurts to approach businesses and tell them about your domain name!

If Buying Existing Names, Make Sure You Haggle

Never pay the price that a seller has a domain listed for. Most domain name sellers are people trying to do the same as you – sell for a profit. Some of the people selling domain names will be first-time sellers without market experience, but almost everyone is willing to negotiate rather than let a sale slip through their hands. A huge mistake is to seem too keen to buy a domain name; go into the transaction without committing yourself and you should get a much better deal on it than if you directly say that you need the domain name.

You Have to Speculate to Accumulate

If you are going to be successful at reselling domain names – or any business for that matter – you have to invest. Create a portfolio of names by buying ones that you think are popular and have common keywords in them. Once you have invested, scout the market to see where you will get the best offers. Sometimes internet forums are the best place, especially those focused on niche groups that your names will appeal to.

You should be cautious of websites which offer to sell the domain names for you. More often than not they are scam websites that will take the buyer’s money and you will still be expected to trade the domain name.

Consider Auctioning the Domain

A good option for offloading your domain names at a profit is to use an auction website. They work on the same basis as websites such as eBay, where you pay a small commission in return for using the website’s auction service. You should remember that most websites don’t allow reserves, so there is some risk with auctioning domains. If you have the right mix of bidders, however, you could make a really great profit.

Be Cautious with the Prices that You Sell For

The last thing you want to do is be stuck with an immovable domain name, so if you get an offer you should probably take it up. Unless you are convinced that someone will offer a higher price, be sure to barter with the seller to agree on a reasonable price. While it’s not a good idea to sell at a loss, sometimes you have to in order to get a domain off your hands and reinvest the money elsewhere. Charging way of the odds is likely to deter would-be buyers, so be fair and you might even get repeat customers.

Kate Funk is a professional blogger and writer at Tutorsville. She specializes in topics of interest to techno geeks and networking enthusiasts.

There are many opportunities available on the internet today, and one such opportunity is to make money by taking surveys online. If you have spent any amount of time whatsoever looking for a way to make money from home, I have no doubt you’ve come across numerous survey sites already.

I oftentimes get asked what I recommend people do to make money or what program I think is best. Honestly, and I tell this to everyone, I really don’t know. Every person is different, and every opportunity fits a different kind of person.

Taking surveys online for money is no different. It’s not for everyone, and it does actually require effort. Go figure, huh?

It is a great way to supplement or replace your income if you so desire, though. And, just like any money-making opportunity out there today, there are so many different survey sites, it’s hard to weed out the good from the bad.

Over the years of doing business online and doing proper research, I have found just one survey site to be legitimate in my book. Out of the many sites out there promising huge riches by taking surveys online, I have found only one site to be legitimate and worth the investment and time. I’ll explain more on the investment part a little later.

Before you read further, please understand that my recommendation is based solely on my own opinion. While I have done thorough research to form my opinion, the ultimate decision rests upon you to decide if this survey site is right for you.

Please also keep in mind that any link to a survey site within this post is most likely an affiliate link, and I will get paid a commission if you decide to make a purchase or take action after clicking lose links. While this wasn’t the basis for me writing this post, I wanted you to be aware of it. Transparency is the best policy. My goal with anything I do here is to be helpful and provide resources that will enable you to make some extra income from home.

I just wanted to get that out of the way now so there’s no confusion.

Alright, let’s get to it. The one and only online survey site I will ever promote and recommend that you stand making any money with is…. *drumroll*

Surveys & Friends

Surveys & Friends have been around since 2005, offering exclusive training and guidance for those wanting to make money by taking surveys online. What really sets them apart from any other survey site out there is that they teach you how to make money from your friend’s opinions as well.

Here are just a few key points you should know about Surveys & Friends:

  • No experience or special skills are required
  • No special equipment is needed: If you have a computer and know how to access the Internet then you’re set.
  • Step-by-step instructions and checklists that help you get through more surveys faster and maximize your training.

Another key point you should know is that the majority of surveys are only available if you live in the United States. This is just a fact of life. However, if you live in Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia, you stand a good chance at getting in on the action and making money as well. Just keep this in mind if you’re debating whether you should join or not.

Surveys & Friends have been operating under the Maximum Paid Surveys brand. If there were another survey site I would recommend, it would be Maximum Paid Surveys, but that would be a bit counterproductive here since Surveys & Friends encompasses everything Maximum Paid Surveys offers, and then some.

I’m sure you have some questions that weren’t yet answered, but let me to try to answer the one question that often gets asked regarding online survey sites.

Why Do I Have to Pay?

There is a common misconception regarding sites that require a membership fee to join. Because of this misconception, sites like Surveys & Friends that do require a fee to join are almost always labeled as a scam. In fact, most any “make money” site requiring a fee gets labeled as such. It’s a sad reality, but I truly believe it’s because people are just misinformed and have been lied to in the past.

Here is what you have to realize. Most survey sites only provide a list of companies that provide the survey opportunities. Any site requiring a fee for just a list of survey sites, is trying to scam you. Period. These lists can be found for free by doing a simple Google search.

Surveys & Friends is much more than just a list of companies. They have compiled the list of survey companies for you (including some you may not be able to find elsewhere), they have provided exclusive training for you, they have provided the guidance and experience of making money by taking surveys to help you do the same (this well help you make money quicker), and they have provided a unique platform in which you can make money from your friend’s opinions.

Simply put, they can’t just offer all of this for free. You’re paying for everything but the list, and for the use of their site… all the added extras that other so-called survey sites don’t offer. As I said, you can do your own research and pay nothing to find a list of companies who will pay you for your opinion. It will take you time and effort to do this. You won’t have any training, and you won’t make money from your friends’ opinions, either.

If you prefer to go that route, I don’t discourage you at all. Do your own research and save your money. Seriously. I know a lot of people who can’t afford to spend a dime extra than what they currently have.

But honestly, I feel that the training and experience they provide, along with a unique way to make money from your friends’ opinions is worth the small membership fee. And it’s a one-time fee. You will never pay more later.

Again, this is only my honest opinion. Yours may differ based on your circumstances and/or experience.

If you’re still not sure what to think, take a few minutes to watch this brief introduction video found in the members only area of Survey & Friends to learn more about what they do and how everything works…

What Do You Think?

I know there are a lot of scams out there. I don’t want you losing money anymore than you do. Like I said, this recommendation is based on my opinion, and if you’re uncomfortable paying for a membership, whether it be for Survey & Friends or any other opportunity you find, then by all means, take time and do your own research.

I realize I strayed a little off-topic, but I would like to know your thoughts on survey sites and other sites that require a membership fee. Have you found the membership to be worth the cost? What were the pros and cons? Would you recommend them to others? Any success with survey sites, even if it’s not this one?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment…

What Is Domaining?

I had asked myself this question the first time I saw the word. I had an idea, but I didn’t realize just how popular it really is.

Domaining is known as the process of buying and selling domain names online for a profit. The main objective is to buy websites as cheap as possible and sell them for as much as possible. That’s as simple an explanation as I can put it.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular domaining companies and also look at some tips for someone who wants to start this process for themselves.

The Top Domaining Companies

Domaining can be a tough field to get into when you’re just starting out. To gain some insight into how things work in the marketplace, you can check out some of the top companies out there. One of the biggest companies that participate in domaining is ironically known as On their site, they include current news related to domains, as well as a huge sidebar listing all of the premium listings for sale of various “high quality” domain names.

Another major domaining company out there is known as Their business is very similar to that of in that they have a marketplace filled with premium domains, as well as industry news. What makes Namecake different is that they also offer to buy your domains from you, if you believe that they could sell for a high enough value. Their standards are somewhat high in terms of what type of domain you can actually sell them. They state specifically that they are only looking for one and two word .com domains as well as two and three letter domains.

Strategies to Buy Domains

Think of buying any one of your domains as an investment. You may be sitting on the domain for a year or two, but if you think it has a high enough value, you could make thousands or even millions for a single domain. It can be a very lucrative business to get into.

Here are some strategies you should practice when first starting out.

The first and easiest way to go about purchasing premium domains is to look out for various trends. You should pick a few niches, subscribe to a few RSS feeds of websites based in these niches, and check for trends on Google on a daily basis. Finding a popular keyword domain right when it gets hot is essential.

Imagine if you had bought the domain as soon as he hit the news from his YouTube videos. You could be sitting on millions right now. Look for trends in your niche and grab domains relating to those popular trends.

Next, you can search for domains that contain one minor typo. Thousands of people each month misspell their searches without correcting them, and if you can snag a domain with tons of searches that is misspelled, you may just be sitting on a gold mine. Domains with typos normally yield of organic traffic and can be ranked fairly easy. Potential buyers are always looking for sites with tons of traffic.

If all of this sounds like too much work, there is also tons of software available to engage in this process for you. With this type of software, you can specify certain criteria that you are looking for in domains. This way, you won’t have to wake up every day and search for these keywords yourself.

If you’re looking for software to manage all of your domains in one place, check out Domainer.

Selling Your Domain

If you think your domain is an extremely hot commodity, there are tons of sites on the internet where you can list your premium domain. Keep in mind that these sites do take a cut of your profit, but you can still make thousands or possibly millions doing this.

Here are 5 websites you can go to to get your domains in front of potential buyers:


What Now?

Now that you know what domaining is you should start going out and searching for domains that you think are worth money! Follow trends, look for sites with one or two word phrases, and try and see how much you can get for them. You never know. You may sell the next million dollar domain in the near future.

About the Author

April Santos knows that you need to do everything you can for your home business. To keep it safe, she recommends you find a lock smith.

One of the fundamental keys to making money online is being able to find a niche market to sell to. There are thousands upon thousands of niche markets out there, and some with very little competition.

For those just getting started and who want to venture into making money online, they usually face one of two problems:

  • Finding a low-competition niche that isn’t profitable
  • Finding a profitable niche with too much competition

This isn’t always the case, though. Some may have done their homework ahead of time (kudos to them), and others just get lucky (it happens).

However, for MOST people… they don’t have a prayer in the world. They find themselves stuck in one of those two situations, get frustrated when no money comes rolling in and give up.

It’s a real shame. Let me ask you this…

Do you know how to find a niche market?

Unless you’re already making money online, then the answer is probably “No!”

If that’s you, and you’re ready to give it a real go and make money online, then keep reading.

I just got done reading the e-book Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me because I’m in the planning stages of venturing into other niches, as talked about in my recent income report.

You see, I chose to go into the ‘work from home‘ niche, which is by far one of the largest and most competitive of all the niches. What this means is that it’s very hard to get ahead and beat out the competition and make serious money online. Hard… but not impossible. It’s a long road for sure, and I’m still traveling. The ride is fun, though. 🙂

But… I want to venture into smaller, less competitive niches. There will be less work involved, and the rewards can be just as good.

That’s where this book comes into play. I know that it will help you out tremendously just as it’s going to help me. I’ve already gone through it and can tell you that it’s the most complete guide I’ve ever seen that shows you how to make money online by finding niche markets. That speaks volumes considering there is so much information out there. Normally, the information you need is either scattered far and wide or is incomplete, or even inaccurate.

This book is different, though.

Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online

The book is written by Janet Smith, whom you’ve probably never heard of before, and that’s because she prefers it that way. Janet is a “digital nomad,” able to travel the world while making money online at the same time (hence the name of the book). She specializes in making money with small niches, and was quietly doing so until she decided to write her book and share her knowledge.

The book is so in-depth that it took a solid two days to absorb the information. A two days well worth spent, might I add. Unlike a lot of people that talk about making money online, who always seem to leave out a little bit of important information here and there, Janet doesn’t hold back one bit.

Her approach is honest and straightforward; she starts from the very beginning of the process of how to find a niche market and walks you through step-by-step exactly what you need to do to make money online.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the e-book:

  • The Mindset of a Digital Nomad
  • How to Make Money Online
  • MMO Vocabulary Terms
  • Finding Niches & Conducting Keyword Research
  • 3rd Tiers, Content, & White Hat SEO
  • Backlinks, Black Hat SEO, 1st Tiers, & 2nd Tiers
  • Monetization Methods & Maximizing Your Income
  • How and Why to Get the Right Traffic
  • Tips for Getting Started
  • Helpful (Optional) Tools
  • Free Resources
  • Using the System for an Online Business

The guide is 179 pages long, jam packed with exactly the information you need to understand in order to implement what Janet teaches so you can begin making money on the internet. Let me just say that you don’t need to know this stuff from the get-go. You could be completely oblivious to this stuff and not have a clue what I’m talking about… and you will still be able to understand what is taught in the guide.

Janet goes out of her way to explain everything so that complete beginners can understand and grasp the concepts. The “MMO Vocabulary Terms” in Chapter 3 will immensely help if you fall into this category.

Final Thoughts

I could go on and on, but that would be pointless. The simple fact is that if you’re looking for a way to make money online, you need this guide. I have yet to see another “MMO” guide out there that comes even close to the value of what Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online offers.

This book is going to be my make money “Bible” when it comes time to start my new niche sites. It’s just that good, and I can’t thank Janet enough for the time and effort she put into writing it.

I highly recommend grabbing a copy for yourself if you want to make money online…

Get your copy today. Version 2 is now out and even better.

googlewayYou decided that you had enough at your job and want to start building an online business to make money. Great, welcome to the internet club. Now what are you going to do? In today’s article, I will describe the process of creating an authority site and how you rank it on page 1.

The article will go over the essential elements that one should focus their time on, if they truly want to see results. This is not the fluff type of article that tells you how to make 10K a month in only 3 months. Nope, far from it, because if you truly want financial freedom, then you will have to pay a price to fire your boss. My article will cover keyword research, domains, back linking strategies to rank on page 1, niche marketing ideas and strategies, and even mentioning some software that will leverage your time more effectively.

The fact is Google is the most popular search engine and because of that, my methods will be related to ranking well on their search engine.

Authority Site

My definition of an authority site is simple. It’s a website that ranks on page 1 of G. The fact is authority sites come in all types and sizes. They can range from a 1 page website, to hundreds of pages.

How to make money with proper keyword research

When I first got started, I listened to someone that I honestly believed knew what they were talking about. I found out later, they were just trying to up sell me with their own marketing system. So I learned the hard way and wasted a lot of time trying to figure out keyword research. I was new at this SEO game several years ago. I made the same mistakes the that newbies make, by going after the big keyword categories. Forget the big keywords when you are starting off. Go after the low competitive terms. It will literally save you time, money and of course some sleepless nights.

Niche Marketing Tactics – What The A-Listers Won’t Tell You

My advice in terms of niche marketing ideas and niche marketing strategies, is to start at the low end and work your way up the keyword ladder. For example, search for key phrases that range between 10 to 20 searches a day. Your competitors will be lower in that niche market, than attempting to rank for large key phrase categories. Better to start out small, build up your rankings for a number of low phrases and start earning some cash, than waiting 6 to 12 months or more to see results. Successful individuals who earn money online, use this approach all the time.


Before you register any domain names, first get your keyword research out of the way. The reason, you should when possible, try and include your keyword phrase in your domain name. You certainly don’t have to, but it will give you a little extra SEO juice based on personal experience. You can of course take any domain name and rank it on page 1 for essentially any keyword category. But any advantage that you can get, make sure you do because your competitors are doing it.

Another tip that you can do when registering a domain name, is to see if there’s a domain available for sale with that term. Now, I would never suggest you invest hundreds or thousands of dollars, but depending on the niche and your financial situation, it might be worth it. I would suggest you only do this when you have some experience first.

The Importance of Getting Back Links

Back-links are the back bone of the ranking game. One way links should be mostly external, but you will also need to do some internal linking within your website. An external links means, when you post an article at an article directory like Ezine Articles, you hyper link your keyword term back to your website. That is what the SEO community means by back links.

As well, you can improve your own site by making sure your internal link structure is set up correctly. For example, for some of your pages within your website, link that page back to your home page. Don’t do it for all of them, but a few of them. As well, you can pass some link juice from 1 page to another page. Those little tips can again, give you a little bump in the rankings.

To Rank Well – You Need a Back Linking Plan

Now that I covered what external and internal links are, lets discuss how you go about getting the maximum back links for your website. It really revolves around creating content and submitting it to various article directories and Ezine directories. The most popular is Ezine articles. The best thing to do is simply type in top article directories or do follow article directories in G to get a list. There are literally thousands of places to post content.

My general approach is to post 5 to 10 unique articles at the top article directories and move on. However, there is one key piece of information that must do, to rank well and make your site strong. When you link back to your website, make sure you are deep linking 80% of the time to pages and actual articles on your website.

If you are confused, just hang on for a minute. Deep linking means your URL that you hyperlink from your article will link to an actual article within your site. Fail to do this for competitive terms and you will likely never rank on page 1. Trust me, I have made this mistake in the beginning.

You can help you website by doing some comment marketing at other forums and websites. My only caution is to make sure you add value to the discussion and not some spam type comment. Over time, you will gain recognition as someone that can be trusted and other readers in time, might start checking out your site. The more readers that go to your site and spend time there, will count towards the overall ranking game because how much time someone spends at your site is part of the algorithm for Google or better known as the bounce rate.

One final comment about back links. They are not created equally. For example a back link from Ezine articles is not the same as a back link from a brand new article directory. So, when posting your content, go for established and authority directories. To look natural, you will end up with a variety of links for all over the place. Just getting high quality back links could flag Google and that’s the last thing you want is a manual inspection and get de-indexed from the search results.

Strategies To Help Your Article Marketing Efforts

If you struggle for time like most people because they work full time, you can leverage your time more effectively by looking at software tools that help you create more versions of your article. They are referred to as article spinners or an article rewriter. If used properly, you can create dozens of unique versions. Just keep in mind, you still want quality content, but I have found it saves me time on manually editing articles and being able to post to more places.

Well, there you have the essential elements on building and ranking an authority site. Just keep in mind, start with good keyword research, picking the right domain name, niche marketing strategies and the most important part, building back links for your website.

When you’re looking to work from home, there’s so many different options available. Plus, there’s a TON of information to go through that can literally make your head spin.

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