Many business owners think having an e-commerce site will automatically lead to sales. That’s unfortunately not how it works. Having an e-commerce site is important, but the development of the internet has made it so everyone can have an online store with ease. Online businesses must focus on reaching customers and driving them to their site.

There are a handful of tactics and strategies all online businesses should use to drive traffic to their sites. These should be the core marketing tactics of almost any online e-commerce business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has become part of the vocabulary of virtually anyone who has an interest in promoting an online business. SEO is the tactics used so your website is found in the organic (i.e. unpaid or “free”) results on search engines like Google and Bing.

No matter how good your website is – if people can’t find it then they can’t buy from you. A solid SEO strategy uses strong and relevant keywords within the content of the site or page, builds quality links to this content within the website itself, and develops links externally from other related websites.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Generally, when people refer to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), they are describing Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. PPC advertising is the process of bidding on keywords relevant to your store’s content. These advertisements will show up alongside the organic (SEO) results.

Managing a PPC campaign sounds simple; however, a mismanaged PPC campaign can cost your business thousands of dollars in irrelevant clicks that don’t convert. Without proper management, even a PPC campaign that is optimized at onset may yield a low ROI or low traffic shortly after launch. It is important to target and use keywords that will not simply just send traffic to your website, but drive consumers to your website who are actively searching to buy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to re-target current customers or to help bring in potential customers. It can be used to send out promotional announcements or to send out personalized messages based on known consumer preferences. Email marketing works best when customers are segmented into groups that have purchased similar products or who have similar interests. Email marketing typically has the greatest ROI of any online marketing channel and is a great place to start for businesses with an established group of customers have given permission to be emailed to.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an effective way of driving traffic to your website and only pay for performance in the form of a commission after a sale is made. Publishers or “affiliates” may apply to your program and once accepted they will have access to banner ads, text links, your product feed and other marketing assets you provide, which they can then promote using their existing website traffic, search engine marketing or other channels. The benefit to the publisher is that he or she may monetize traffic that would otherwise yield no revenue. The benefit to the advertiser is that affiliate marketing is a great way to gain exposure on thousands of websites with minimal risk.

What’s Next?

In terms of online marketing, most businesses should focus on developing the core tactics described above before moving on to other forms of online marketing like social media. These marketing tactics are some of the oldest and most reliable forms of driving traffic and sales to your site. Develop them and you can expect positive results.

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Ben Winchell and the Wristband Express marketing team has been in the online marketing industry working with niche online stores for over 7 years.

Working from home and making money off of the many avenues from the internet are prospects which provide quite a bit of appeal for a lot of people. But working at home can also have many drawbacks, some of which has to do with having no rules to follow in order to obtain success. Gathering information about the ways to achieve your goals is important to be sure, but having a sturdy framework of principles that will lead to greatness in fields like affiliate marketing,for example, is the only way to keep you on the right track.

Here are four tips to help you reach the level of success in affiliate marketing that you desire.

1: Patience

There could not be a more evident stumbling block to a lot of first-time affiliate marketers than the time needed to see any tangible results in their efforts. But this is a reality that is never absent in Affiliate Marketing, and all efforts to resist it will only lead to an extended waiting period or utter failure.

As such, the virtue with which all interested individuals who would like to succeed in the scene of being an affiliate marketer above all else is patience. Without the patience to wait, to persist and to remain calm even in the lengthiest of periods, success is nearly impossible to achieve.

2: Persistence

Not to be confused with Patience, since you can wait for long periods of time without actually doing anything, Persistence is when you keep making the effort to make your endeavor a success, whatever that may be. When applied to being a marketer, this can mean anything from continuously researching ways to better manage your time or manage your projects, to applying whatever it is you have learned in a sustained manner.

With persistence, you do not simply apply the bare basics of the trade you have learned in the beginning and wait for it to bear fruit. You keep learning ways with which that fruit becomes healthier and tastier until you can finally harvest it for your benefit. Otherwise, not only do you run the risk of having a reward that is lacking in quality, but having no reward at all.

3: Consistency

Again, consistency should not be completely equated to either patience or persistence, even if it is a quality that both rules influence. Consistency means always doing what you intend to do in a manner and schedule that visitors can always expect. By giving your visitors high quality content in a consistent manner, they would be more likely to form a connection with you and your website.

Through consistency, you also form a habit of being structured and well-organized which will then allow you to be more productive with your efforts. As such, not only will the practice of consistency benefit you financially, it will also enrich your life through improving the way you live.

4: Honesty

Finally, we have honesty, which is a rule that not all affiliate marketers share. By honesty, it means that you should be a source of reliable information that is not only helpful but is also accurate. This should also extend to the products and services you endorse where so many in the field fail to uphold.

By being honest and accurate, you set your business up to be trustworthy in the eyes of the people who you are catering to. This trust will then translate to a higher level of connection, which would then mean that they become more likely to make purchases that will profit you as an affiliate. This route may not make you money as quickly as dishonesty and deceit would, but it will lead to a more consistent customer base and a better reputation. You will then be able to say that you did succeed in affiliate marketing, and the patience, persistence and consistency did pay off.

The main motive of writing an affiliate product review is not only to talk about new and popular affiliate products currently on the market but to write impressively and creatively so that others can get to know about the products as well.

It is essential that the review of the affiliate products that you are writing should imply to the readers that the products are worth buying. Obviously, you wouldn’t write a negative review about a product and hope to make any money from promoting it, right? Well, that could be an entirely different subject completely, but let’s focus on writing positive product reviews for the sake of this post.

There are 6 key fundamentals I believe you should employ when writing affiliate product reviews to earn affiliate revenue. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

1. Be Honest – Affiliate Link Disclosure

Informing your readers that you are using affiliate links automatically builds trust among them, and thus they get engaged in reading with more interest. You can explain this either at the beginning or at the end of review. Or maybe right after the affiliate link. The choice is really up to you.

The important thing to realize is that it’s not just encouraged, it is now required. Affiliate link disclosure is a necessary requirement for anyone who makes money as an affiliate. Yes, that includes bloggers as well. While it’s not always pretty, stating that your links are affiliate links can be done with style and integrity, actually increasing the trust your readers place in you, rather than turning them away.

Use this to your advantage. For example, maybe you could word it something like, “Hey, if you buy this product through my affiliate link, I’ll send you bonus product of my own as a thank you.” Or, if you don’t have your own product, you could say something like, “Even though this is an affiliate link and I earn a small commission when you buy through me, I truly believe in the product and use it myself. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t feel that you could benefit from using it as well.”

See, even though you’re disclosing that you use affiliate links, it can actually be to your benefit, as well as your readers’ benefit. Just be creative with it. And always, always be honest.

2. List Disadvantages They May Encounter with the Product

It’s not in your readers’ best interests to only be told about advantages the product will provide them. It’s important that you list and describe any disadvantages you may have encountered while using the product. Again, you can do this in a way that won’t completely deter potential buyers from wanting to purchase the product.

After you list the negatives about the product, you can also provide ways to overcome them. Mention any alternative resources that buyers may find useful to help offset any of the negatives. The more information and detail you provide, the more informed your readers will be about the product. Ultimately, this will result in more affiliate revenue for you as you’re helping people make informed buying decisions about products that they are already looking to buy.

3. Provide Your Experiences and Challenges with the Product

This should go without saying, but obviously, it’s best if you have personally used the product you’re writing a review about. If this is not the case, then do sufficient research to gain an unbiased and complete opinion about the product. Make sure you know the ins and outs, and all the advantages and disadvantages. But, if you can actually use the product, the experience you have will be your best ally.

Try to include the impact of this product on your business or life, both positive and negative. Anything you can include to help engage your readers and potential customers is best. Explain how you used the product and what area of your business or personal life it has impacted. Your readers will have a better sense of how the product can help them and will better be able to relate to the product.

When it’s all said and done, they should know as much as you do about the product and feel as though they have used it themselves as well.

4. Use a Call to Action

Whether you are doing affiliate marketing, internet marketing or social media marketing, a call to action is essential when it comes to sales revenue. The last thing you want to do is end a review with no call to action. You just got done explaining every little nitty gritty detail about the product. Now, your job is to direct your readers to the product’s website.

Provide a link text that directs them right to the sales page of the product. If you’ve done your job, they should know enough about the product that they shouldn’t even have to read over the sales page much. The point of writing affiliate product reviews is to sell the reader on the product before they actually go buy the product. With a well-written review and a strong call to action in place, it’s a win-win for everyone.

5. Be Responsive to Comments

Reviews in general will attract interested prospects, but honest reviews will always attract comments from people who have questions or just want to show support for the product or for what you had to say. Some may even comment with negativity, doubting the product entirely. No matter what type of comments your product review receives, it’s important that you recognize and respond to them.

Let your readers know that you appreciate the support, and answer any questions you may receive in a helpful and honest manner. Be respectful to those who are negative and try to understand where they’re coming from. They have every right to express that they may not believe in the product or think it’s for them. And that’s okay. Just don’t be rude towards them.

By being responsive to comments and engaging potential customers, this will help boost your affiliate revenue as people will get answers to their questions and see first-hand that the product has made a positive impact on a customer, and all of that matters to someone looking to buy.

Final Verdict

It’s important to fully believe in the product you’re writing a review about. If you don’t, your readers will catch on quickly. Describe exactly what the product is, along with all the pros and cons. Let your readers know how you feel about the product and how it has impacted your life or your business, or both.

Promote your affiliate product review on social media sites and other outlets to get as much exposure as possible. Well-written reviews about current products will get linked to by other websites when they feel that their visitors will benefit from them as well. Keep this in mind when writing.

Don’t forget the call to action. Make it stand out. Bold the link or words leading up to the link. Make it obvious so that your readers know exactly what to click so they can go to the sales page.

By following these 5 steps, you can write effective product reviews and therefore earn consistent affiliate revenue that will pay dividends in the long run.

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Kathryn is the author for Chrisalex Corp. She has also written several articles on Office Stationery Suppliers for the website

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money suggesting products you already love and use. Here are some dos and don’ts to become successful in affiliate marketing.

Do Choose Great Products

Affiliate marketing works best when you’re promoting products you use or believe in. The most successful affiliate marketers are successful because their audience believes the blogger truly would buy the product themselves and trust the marketer. There are endless possibilities to become an affiliate for companies you use. Choose the best products – not just the products that will bring you the most money – and promote them in a way that shows you endorse these products.

Affiliate marketing is closely related to relationship marketing, and both are similar in that trust is the key. When you write a post, add affiliate links to products you mention, or add a widget at the end of your post with related products and a link to where your audience can buy them.

Do Get Great Traffic

Your regular audience can only take you so far in affiliate marketing – after all, they most likely don’t’ have an endless budget for buying things you talk about! Use search engine optimization to help your affiliate marketing post show up in searches. If you’re an SEO newbie, there are many great plugins for WordPress available that can help you optimize your page. Choose a focus keyword for your affiliate marketing landing page and use one product or product type per page. The more narrow the focus, the more qualified traffic will get to your page or post.

Don’t Spam

Don’t be tempted to send affiliate links to your followers or strangers without first talking to them about your affiliate relationships. While it’s fine to offer assistance if someone is looking for something and you’re an affiliate, don’t randomly tweet an affiliate link or post an affiliate link to someone’s Facebook page. If you see another blogger or affiliate marketer post or tweet a link, don’t immediately send your own as competition – this can harm you AND your competitor and make fans wary of any type of affiliate marketing link.

Another definite don’t in affiliate marketing is sending Direct Messages on Twitter to new followers with affiliate links – in fact, just stay away from Direct Messages in general! Always be clear on your blog or Twitter that you provide affiliate links or act as an affiliate for a company or product. This is now necessary due to new FTC guidelines, so don’t forget about it.

Do Look for Opportunities

Twitter is a great place to search for people who are talking about their wants and needs, and can be a good place for you to build relationships that can later lead to affiliate marketing success. If you see someone on Twitter talking about a product, and you’re an affiliate for that product, jump into the conversation and add insight, a review or suggestion. If they show some interest, send them the link.

You can also use blogging to create partnerships with other bloggers who are affiliates for similar or complimentary products. For instance, if you’re an affiliate for jewelry, find a blogger who is an affiliate for clothing or shoes, then partner with them to exchange affiliate links.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but can also be difficult to get started. The main thing to remember is that affiliate marketing often costs nothing for the blogger. Putting in time is the only thing you will “pay” to become successful. Be consistent and honest with your readers and only provide products you believe in. And above all, keep going, even when you aren’t making anything.

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Steven Taylor has been writing about digital marketing solutions for several years. When he’s not writing, you can find him reviewing Time Warner Cable Business Offers.

Similarities are bountiful between the internet and the universe; in the way they happen to exist and present themselves. Infinitely vast and glittering with potentially unlimited resources, they are both immensely powerful entities. There is, however, one aspect that uniquely separates the web from the cosmos; accessibility!

While the universe is justly prodigious and abundant, it’s not exactly at our personal disposal, at least not yet anyway. The internet, on the other hand, is power literally at the end of our fingertips! If utilized at maximum aptitudes, the internet may earn you fortunes! This is not exactly an exaggeration; just take a look at Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, the youngest billionaire in the world.

Most of us aren’t really looking to be billionaires, but hey, who says we normal chaps can’t make the Internet an alternative source of income, right?

Take a peek at these 5 awesome online trades that can earn you some serious cash!

1. Selling Stuff Online

sell stuff

This is the basics of online money-making professions. Sounds simple enough, but the returns can be huge if you do it right! Selling online takes many shapes and forms; methods also vary significantly.

There are many ways to enter the online selling business. You can sell personal items, such as old hardware you have no use for anymore, gadgets you’ve grown out of love for, your old car or even your house! Websites such as eBay let you post your ad online for the whole world to see, at the cost of… nothing (well, almost)! Isn’t that just great?!

Selling online goes way beyond personal stuff; its reach goes as far as real estate deals, automotive sales, technical services and so much more.

2. Blogging – Earn Through Advertisements

You’ve probably heard of the latest news; that bloggers are soon to rule the entire solar system. No? Well… I guess not everyone is like me, born with apocalyptic dreams of world domination (evil laugh)! But, blogging is still awesome nonetheless! What is blogging anyway? Derived from the word weblog, there really is no exact definition of what blogging means.

In a nutshell, it’s like an online journal where you can write personal, opinionated statements, commentaries and the likes, and your audience is the whole world. So how does one make money from personal opinions? Advertising is the answer! Many bloggers have a large fan base, and this attracts advertisers. A blogger can get paid for the advertisements posted on his page, per click or per view. And as always, advertising usually involves a considerable amount of cash.

3. Freelancing

If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Yes, I stole that quote from The Joker (The Dark Knight movie). There are countless money making opportunities out there for those who have some skill with the computer. Content writers, editors, and bloggers always have a high demand rate. So, if you’ve got some skill with a QWERTY keyboard, paired with not-so-shabby vocabulary, you’re in for a treat,

Programmers, photo and video editors, webpage designers are also in demand nowadays. So if you have skills for this sort of job, chances are you’ll never have to do anything for free again!

Tutor4. Tutoring

The English language, being our native dialect, is taken for granted by most who can speak it fluently. There are those, however, who are not very familiar with the speech, but are very interested in learning!

There are countless Japanese, Korean and Chinese nationals with an interest in learning the English language. If tutoring or teaching is your calling, then this is a good place to start. As long as you have an internet connection, a webcam and a headset, getting a job in this field will be a piece of cake. It is pretty fun, and though extremely challenging, has good returns (money-wise).

Tutoring is not limited to just that, though; you can also be of assistance to kids who are looking for help in their studies. Math, science and history are only some of the subjects I needed help in when I was in school, and I refuse to believe any of those have gotten any easier nowadays! Thankfully, there were tutors who were willing to help me out then, though online connectivity wasn’t really in the groove yet. So, if teaching or tutoring is one of your passions, why not enjoy the technological advantages that the internet provides and make some money along the way, right?

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the more complicated ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing works between two entities: a website owner and a merchant. A website owner (you) basically allots slots for advertisements on their site for the merchant’s product or service. Remember we discussed selling advertising on your blog? Same idea here. This grants the merchant a greater market reach. In exchange for helping sell the products, the merchant shares profits with the host. You get paid a commission for each sale. Kind of a win-win for both.

So there you have it, 5 great ways to make money on the internet! In my personal belief, the internet that we know of and utilize today is only the tip of the iceberg. The internet is a resource so powerful yet untapped! There is so much more that the future holds in store for the web and its constituents. It’s always best to stay informed and be updated on online advancements, because you never know, you might just make your first million off it!

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+Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, an alumna of Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion in Aerobics and cooking healthy recipes.

Promoting a brand new business is among the major challenges that businesspeople face. For instance, small business marketers have to draw their potential clients towards their unique services or goods. However, they should be able to draw these customers while limiting their expenditure.

Such budgetary concerns may limit their ability to use sophisticated marketing approaches such as television commercials or print advertisements. However, individuals can explore their creativity and formulate cheap and effective strategies for promoting their small businesses. By layering their promotional strategies, they will focus on their campaign and thus channel all their promotional efforts towards building a formidable brand.

Business promotion should not be expensive. People can explore a variety of promotional ideas to build their business brands and drive profits.

This post will provide some of the best ways to promote new businesses.

Distributing Promotional Items

You can effectively market your businesses by distributing promotional items. You can choose from a variety of promotional items to fuel your promotional campaign. In addition, you can easily acquire these items at pocket friendly prices. Therefore, if you want to promote your business, you should brainstorm with your colleagues, employees and suppliers to formulate promotional strategies that will work for your business.

For example, you could choose to use promotional office equipment such as envelops, door hangers, postcards and writing material such as pens or pencils. You could then use these items as client gifts or as part of your direct mail campaigns for all of your existing clients.

You should also use customized promotional wristbands. These provide a fashionable and effective avenue for promoting a new business. New businesses can imprint their logos or catchy marketing phrases on these bands and give them out in their front offices, in trade shows, business conventions and in festivities such as parties. For example, promotional wristbands come in many custom colors and designs and can be worn by teens and adults alike. Generally, promotional items should market the company brand and sell their services and products.

Using Online Tools

The internet provides efficient low-cost tools and avenues that you can use to market your business. Currently, the web presents one of the best ways to promote new businesses. If you want to promote your new businesses online you can use these strategies:

1. Search Engines

In the past, the level of promotion a business would get in search engines solely depended on their ranking. This poses a major challenge to small/new businesses that do not have the masses. Nowadays, people can list and monitor their promotional pages in search engines by paying a small amount of money. This provides a cheap and efficient marketing channel that new business people can use to reach many people over a short period of time.

Also, if you have the time or can afford to pay an SEO professional, you can optimize your business website to attract natural search traffic that will be eager to buy what you are offering.

2. Associate Marketing

People who have new businesses can pitch for advertising space from related businesses. You can then trade advertising spaces and benefit from each other’s traffic. This strategy can help new businesses to gain free or relatively cheap traffic over a long period.

3. Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising

PPV is among the cheapest online marketing strategies. Via this method, businesses will only pay for the number of views that their websites get. You only have to gain access to the company’s back-office to track your campaign to enjoy the cost-effective promotional strategy that this method presents.

4. Affiliate Marketing

New businesses can contract other parties to promote their businesses. All you have to do is create affiliate programs that members will use to market your services or products. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to promote new businesses because you only have to pay after your members have made sales. Therefore, individuals will promote your businesses and make profits at the same time.

5. Social Networking Tools

You should promote your new business using social networking tools. These include Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking sites, Pinterest and many other tools. This will help you to understand the current interests of your existing clients.It will also help you to build contacts with new customers.

Promoting Offline

You can use offline strategies such as word of mouth or using magnetic banners to market your businesses. Finally, attend related networking events such as trade conferences or shows to build new relationships and contacts.

The commercialization of blogs has made it easier for people to make money through blogging. Though, there is no direct option through which you can acquire money if you have a blog of your own, there are some other options. If you already have a blog, and if you have been wondering what the actual strategies are that others incorporate to make money though blogging, then I encourage you to keep reading.

Though there are no direct blogging options that can help you earn money, if you think a bit wisely, it would be possible for you to find the right strategies that you can put to work so as to make money.

Money Making Strategies for Your Blog

There are some basic ways through which you can make money through a blog. Once you can grip the basics, the options are going to seem greater.

Here are some strategies that you will want to incorporate within your blog

1. Provide Good Content within Your Blog

It is important for you to add good content within your blog. This will help you to get more visitors to your website. The better the content, the more readers it will attract, and the quality of visitors will be higher. This can lead to more clicks on your affiliate links or banners and result in more sales for your blog.

2. Offer Advertising Space on Your Blog

You can earn through your blog if you offer space for advertisements. Different merchants need to advertise about their products and services online. They need other websites that are related to what they’re offering, so they’re willing to pay other website owners for that space to get in front of new, potential customers.. You can charge them a certain amount for the space you are going to provide them for their advertisement. This could be a monthly or yearly fee. It’s really up to you and what the advertiser is willing to pay.

3. Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

You can earn money if you join affiliate marketing programs. With affiliate marketing, you are required to include the link of the merchant’s website with whom you are going to join as an affiliate. When the visitors coming to your website click on the links or banners on your blog, you have the potential to earn commissions, if they actually buy the product or service you’re promoting. There are different types of affiliate marketing programs, like Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, and so on.

4. Participate in Social Networking Websites

One great way to get more visitors to your website is participating in social networking websites. Millions of people daily log onto different social networking websites. So, this is one of the best ways for you to get more visitors to your website. Participate in these websites, and include links to your blog on each of your profiles. Don’t forget to interact with others and treat each site like a party, where you socialize with friends. You don’t want to hassle and irritate everyone by pushing them to visit your blog all the time. Just be casual and help other when you can.The traffic will come.

5. Work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimize your blog in such a way so that your blog ranks higher in the search engines. This will again help you in getting more quality visitors to your blog. It is not only content but also the keywords, the topics you use, the way in which you write, and the links you are going to include which are going to better help your blog.

6. Participate in Blog Carnivals

Participate in the different types of blog carnivals. You will be required to submit your best blog post for the appropriate carnival. This won’t only give you the option to get the prize money but also to get more visitors to your blog.

7. Use Traditional Internet Marketing Methods to Promote Your Blog

The more you promote, the more traffic you will get coming to your website, and the more money that you can potentially make. While the above six methods are great for promoting your blog and making money with it, don’t forget about traditional marketing methods as well, such as email marketing, blog directories, blog commenting, forum posting, content marketing, etc.

These are just a few of the things that you can do in order to make money through blogging. In addition, if you are into any kind of business, you can use your blog to promote your own products or services. Your blog is not only going to help you in marketing your products and services, but also to strengthen customer relations. However, in order to promote your products, you should be able to include similar content within the blog based on the products or the services that you provide. Remember to keep it relevant and on point.

Travis Sago, the BUM Marketer, has a free eBook available called Blog Blueprint for Beginners. It’s not very often I recommend blogging eBooks, but I’m huge fan of Travis and his work, and I use various services that he either owns or uses himself, and also recommends to others.

His free guide is top-notch, and I’ve been given the opportunity to pass it along for free to all of you. This guide is full of put-it-to-use information about starting a blog and making money with it. There are 86 jam-packed pages of content inside.

If you’re not aware of who Travis is, he’s one of the guys behind the BUM marketing method. Travis is also the creator of one of the most successful relationship products on Clickbank, The Magic Of Making Up.

Simply put, Travis knows what it takes to create websites, drive traffic to those websites and make money with them.

Originally, the eBook was going to be used as a free bonus to those who signed up for Travis’s InstaCash Keywords Membership, which I’m also a member of. Instead, they decided to make it available to anyone who wanted to learn a step-by-step process on how to build their first website or improve upon one they already have.

Blog Blueprint for Beginners

As I mentioned before, the eBook contains 86 pages of content you can put to use right away.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll find inside:

  • Choosing Keywords to Target
  • Registering Your Domain Name
  • Purchasing a Web Hosting Plan
  • One Overlooked Secret to Making Your Blog Sell More… (and get more traffic)
  • Setting up WordPress on Your Website
  • Adding Plugins (with a Recommended Plugin List)
  • How to Covert Your Traffic into Buyers with a Button
  • Creating Disclaimer Pages
  • How to Get Quality Articles Written Dirt Cheap (the same method I personally use)
  • Introduction into Affiliate Marketing
  • Using Banner Ads
  • Adding Google Analytics

And MUCH more…

You can download the eBook for free here.

I would recommend this guide for complete beginners and also for novices. You may find that there are some resources Travis links to or various strategies he talks about that you didn’t already know.

For example, a couple of sponsors that made the guide possible include and Ken Leatherman’s Both are services I use and would recommend to anyone who needs high quality content written and backlinks created to help grow your business or site. You can’t beat the price, either.

Again, you can download the eBook right here. I recommend right-clicking the link and choosing “Save Target As” or something similar (depending on your browser) to download directly to your computer’s hard drive. The file size is kinda big.

Another eBook I recommend if you’re a beginner or experienced marketer is the Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online. I’ve written my recommendation on this eBook in the past, and you can view that post here.

I feel both guides compliment each other well and would serve as a great arsenal for anyone to start up a website or blog and begin making money online.


Disclaimer: I am in no way obligated to recommend Travis’s Blog Blueprint for Beginners guide or any of the resources he recommends and that I linked to in this post. I receive absolutely nothing in return. No commission of any kind, no mention, etc. This recommendation is based solely on the helpful content and links contained within the eBook.

I do, however, receive a small commission if you decide to purchase the Nomad’s Guide To Make Money Online guide based on my recommendation.

With everyone in the entire world slowly coming out of a financial recession, it really pays to be frugal. Whether you are looking at going into affiliate marketing to make some extra income, or just keeping a watchful eye on your expenditure, you can really make a positive change to your income. With this in mind, here are 5 great ways to improve your income and make some serious headway with your savings…

1. Shop for the Cheapest Deals

There are literally hundreds of cheap deals out there just waiting to be found. Are you paying too much for your broadband or electricity? Then why not shop online and find the best deal available? At just a click of a mouse, it takes only a few minutes to save a good amount of money by comparison shopping and getting the best price available.

2. Leave Your Credit Card at Home

This may sound pretty obvious, but leaving your credit card at home and carrying money with you instead can save you a small fortune. It is easy to lose track on how much money you are spending when you put everything on your credit card. As a rule of thumb, I always make sure that I take out money in cash and leave my credit card at home, that way I know that if I spend too much I won’t be tempted to go into debt on my credit card.

3. Cut Travel Costs

If you travel with work, then it may be helpful for you to know that travel costs can be subtracted as company expenses come tax time. So, if your travel is part pleasure and part business, then just subtract the business part from your expenses and save.

4. Affiliate Marketing From Home

You’ve read previous posts by Alan on this subject, but it’s true that you can earn extra money from home. And maybe some day, eliminate that gas-hog of a drive to work every single day, saving you a ton of money. Affiliate marketing also brings flexible working hours. You don’t even need to have a unique product… you can just endorse someone else’s. Take a leaf out of the many successful affiliate marketers online today and earn a steady income.

5. Buy Raw Materials Online

I recently needed to buy some foam cushions and soft furnishings for my new home, but the prices quoted were highly expensive and out of my budget. With this in mind, I went online and bought the fabric materials needed in bulk and created some fabulous foam cushions and sofa coverings using my trusted sewing machine. Purchasing products wholesale can really save you a small fortune.

I hope this list was helpful. If you have any affiliate marketing ideas or ways to save money at home then feel free to add them to the list by leaving a comment below.

Hillary works from home and recently created a 1/25th scale model of the Royal Festival Halls, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the famous Hayward Gallery. She regularly enjoys reading blogs on frugality and personal finance.

How’s your summer going so far? Mine is going especially well. Been pretty busy with things, but I like being busy as long as it doesn’t include stress. There are a couple of things I’ll be updating you about in the next week or two, so be on the lookout for that. Exciting stuff, for sure.

If this is your first time to my blog, welcome! This post is pretty self-explanatory, and I hope you enjoy it and learn a few things about what I do and how you can make money online as well.

Every month I do a detailed income report, showing you exactly where my income comes from. This gives you an idea of the various income streams that are available, as I strongly believe you shouldn’t place all of your eggs in one basket, as discussed in this post.

This is also a way for me to measure my success (or failure) from month-to-month. Each month will vary in income, and that’s all part of working from home as an affiliate marketer. This acts as a motivator for me to keep pushing forward to reach my goals.

I hope you find these income reports helpful and give you encouragement that it is possible to make money on the internet.

Let’s see how I did last month…

Income from

Total = $231.25

Income from Proofreading/Re-writing/Editing Services

It’s an honor for me to be able to provide a high quality and much needed service, and it’s been an honor serving my clients. You can learn more by visiting the link below.

Total = $48

Income from My Micro Niche Adsense Site

My micro niche site keeps improving each month. Google Adsense earnings for this month from the site totaled $3.36. This amount is included in my total Adsense income as reported above. I finally was able to add another page to my site, providing more related content for those searching for that topic. I believe adding more related pages will bring in more targeted visitors and produce more Adsense clicks. That’s the goal, anyway.

Total Online Income

Total online income IS…


Income from

No income as of yet. I’ve been slowly building backlinks and adding more content to the site. Expect an update very soon regarding the site and what exactly I’m doing to market it.

December was by-far my best month to date. One of my goals last year was to reach $1,000 in income for a single month, and I finally did it. Now, the next goal is to do it consistently. I will be doing much less proofreading in the months ahead, so the bulk of that income will be gone. That means I’ll need to boost more income out of this site and try to get the ball rolling with my new niche site.

That’s my current plan.

As always, I welcome your comments below…