The only irritant to US based search giant Google’s reign is social networking site Facebook. Google’s three previous attempts at social networking in the form of Buzz, Wave and Orkut have not been much success. But, Google+ is about to change that.

Google+ Offensive

Google has come out in the open, criticizing the privacy policy of Facebook. Google Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra, even labels Facebook as sloppy, scary and insensitive towards people’s need for more control over their privacy settings. He further added that every activity on Facebook is like a public performance. His comments are a clever marketing ploy, especially when Gundotra claims Google+ is offering everything that Facebook is not.

The Circle of Success

In recent times, the aim of social networking has been to imitate real life as closely as it can. This theory has become the benchmark for all major innovations in this arena. Google+ offers a feature called ‘Circle’ that is based on a similar approach. It plays on the fact that people have different groups of friends with whom they interact in different ways. This interaction is often mish-mashed in the way Facebook handles things. With ‘Circles’, users will be allowed to add friends into different groups, independent of each other. This will allow sharing of data in separate and unique ways.

The Hangout Zone

Google+ is the first social networking site to offer video chat. Google+’s feature ‘Hangout’ allows you to have multiple video chats, similar to call conferencing, with the click of a single button. This feature has created a lot of buzz in the social networking circles so that Facebook is now working on its own video chat feature (Update: Facebook now has video calling integrated into the chat feature).


Google’s mobile operating system Android is already a market leader. Google is planning to launch Google+ on Android able phones. The mobile version will not only benefit from the fast browsing service offered by Android, but would also have the added feature called ‘Hurdle’. Hurdle will allow the users to send messages to different groups of friends in one go. The ‘spark’ button is another excellent feature that rather looks like a rip-off of the Facebook ‘like’ button. With spark, you can easily put up anything that interests you on your profile.

It is a pertinent question to consider if this is all a gimmick by Google to put down Facebook. Are they really trying to innovate in the field of social networking? Google has two advantages that Facebook does not. One is the overwhelming success of Android, which will help them capture the mobile market. The other is the reign of YouTube as the most famous video based social channel.

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