While we have seen a boom in online marketing, it is still subject to the same issues as any other marketing when we are marketing to existing customers. To remind your customers you are in business, and get more money from them, it takes a little more effort. Working on different principles will be essential. You should think about appreciation, reminders, distributing new content, new offers, and you should also keep track of what they have purchased in the past.

Here are 5 ideas to help you with marketing to your existing customers.

1. Reward Programs

Customer programs have become essential for so many businesses. Not only do you encourage your customers to stay with you, you also keep a detailed record of what they purchased. Building up knowledge of your customer’s behaviour will help you to predict what they will buy in the future. You will also be able to predict when. If you take this to the next level, you will know when to make certain offers available.

2. New and Fresh Content

Web-based marketing is always an excellent way to stay in a conversation with your clients. Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and blogging are excellent ways to distribute new and useful content to your clients. Your content could even instigate more business because you are covering more areas than your clients are aware of.

3. Seasonal Gifts

Online printing services make light work of your business card and other company printing needs, but have you had a look at other services normally available? Tea and coffee cups are an excellent gift to give each year. They are just one of the best long-term marketing investments to take advantage of, no matter what business you are in. Everyone will use them, and everyone will see your business name and contact details for a very long time.

4. Support Programs

By creating a support program, you give yourself another reason to stay in touch with your clients. A support program could include a client review of your services, and a self-review of your client’s current business. Support programs are an opportunity to increase your sales, especially when you have updated products and services.

5. Personalization

Personalization is essential. Your customer loyalty will help you with this. Always remember customers are people, and if you have been doing business with them for some time, it is important you know how to address them.

Re-marketing and marketing to existing customers can get very complicated. Cold calling new customers can be much easier when compared with approaching existing customers for more business. Having real offers that supply solutions to real needs will be extremely important. You know them, and now is the time to demonstrate that.

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