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The saying has been around since the age of the internet. You know, “the money is in the list.” Every “guru” under the sun speaks those words. If you have a list then you can make thousands by a click of the mouse. Yeah, that might be true, for the GURUS!

They preach this stuff right and left. But let’s be honest here. The money is in the pockets of the people in your list. That’s obvious, right? Here’s the kicker… what if you have an absolute crappy offer you’re sending your list? Well, the money is still in the […] Continue Reading…


For a couple years now I have used Blogger as my blogging platform. I like blogger; it’s simple to use and setup. There’s one downfall to Blogger, though. It hasn’t yet caught on to the social aspect of the internet. Everything, and I mean content, is streamed through social networks (aka social bookmarking sites).
These sites are kind of like a “vote” for your content. The more people that bookmark your blog or blog posts, the more votes you get. This is big news considering Google loves content. When these social sites are all linking to your content, Google […] Continue Reading…