Getting quality, high PR one way backlinks to your website is critical, and Paul Johnson has provided a way for us to do just that for a very nominal fee. He’s done the hard work in finding these sites. All we have to do is go create our links and watch our rankings increase. It really is that easy.

Sound too good to be true?

Honestly, you should at least know a little about SEO, but if you’re looking for ways to build one way backlinks to your site to improve your search engines, I’m going to assume you already do. These backlink packets that Paul has created are excellent and work well.

Paul provides two separate backlink packets, one containing 50 backlinks, and the other containing 100. Both are identical except for the number of sites provided.

Each backlink packet provides a list of 50 High Page Rank (PR) websites each and every month that you can go to and create a backlink pointing to your site or sites. Most of the sites range from PR 4 and 5 sites, as well as higher PR sites.

The more one-way backlinks pointing to your site from high PR sites, the higher your website will rank in Google for that keyword phrase.

What Do These Packets Contain Exactly?

Based on the comments left here, it is clear that there is a misconception about what these packets really are and what they contain.

I will try to be as clear as possible, and this is also clearly explained on Paul’s site when you go to either of the links below.

These packets only contain a list of sites and instructions for getting high PR backlinks. You are responsible for creating every link. You are not paying Paul to create the links for you. These are not paid links!

The links will be natural and not spammy in any way, shape or form.

I hope that’s clear enough if you’re just now reaching this page. If not, just leave a comment with your questions, and I’ll be happy to answer.

Post Google Panda/Penguin Update

I’ve been asked if these will still work after the current Google Panda/Penguin update, so I decided to include this in the post as well if you’re just now reading.

The simple answer is, YES, these still work very well even after the Panda/Penguin update. However, it is your responsibility to use discretion as to whether you use keywords, naked links, etc. when creating your links.

If you have any questions about how the updates affect link building or any other questions related to the recent Google changes (April-May 2012), just ask.

Remember, you need high PR backlinks to your site. Google still ranks websites based on the number and types of backlinks. These types of backlinks associated with Paul’s link packets should be used in your link building portfolio, but I highly recommend getting other types of links as well.

I personally use Paul’s services with excellent results and is why I recommend you do the same.

Get High PR Backlinks Now

Paul’s 50 Backlinks Packet – 50 links/month

Contains a list of 50 high PR sites with instructions in PDF form on creating backlinks that will point to your sites. You are responsible for going to each website, signing up, and manually creating each link.

Click here to find out more…

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