If you are among those who have always wanted to start their own business but the notion of leaving the current 9 to 5 job seemed too risky, do not give up on the entire idea yet. The best way to go is to gradually start developing the kind of work you dream about as a side business. The risk involved is significantly lower and if the success starts to grow, giving up your current job will not seem that scary anymore. Consider these ideas; there is a great chance you will be able to find one that will work for you.

Home Repairs

If you are handy with household tools and proud in keeping your home perfectly functional and representative state all by yourself, offering such services to others is a clear win-win situation. The majority of people have a problematic experience with household repairs. They are either unskilled or lack time and equipment to do them. On the other hand, you have both the tools and the knowledge. If you have been doing it for a longtime as well, you will hardly find a better side work occupation.  

Make Your Hobby Profitable

Being passionate about a practical hobby is something that can easily slide into a beneficial additional occupation.  You would be doing what you like in the first place and make money at the same time without really noticing that you are doing a side job. For example, if you are good at knitting or sewing, find pleasure in making different flower arrangements or excel at any other arts and crafts creation, it is high time you offered that talent to others. Start by doing it online and see where it takes you. 

Pursue Your Talent

Talented people, as well as the products of their work, have the innate potential to stand out. Naturally, it takes being in the right place at the right time, but you will never know if the opportunities in front of you are just right unless you give them a try. If someone wants to have a great piano player at their wedding reception, order a portrait as a birthday present or hire a comedian for a special occasion, it is your ad and recommendations from satisfied customers they will see both in the local paper and online.  


Transferring knowledge to other people, even though rewarding in itself, can be turned into a profitable side business. If you are proficient in any of the regularly sought after areas of expertise, offer tutoring services to those in need. These include a variety of school subjects (particularly math, sciences and literature) at any level of education, painting techniques to playing an instrument or business counseling, to name just a few. Having people come over to your place for classes will make it even more profitable and naturally less time consuming.


Tutoring is not the only way of transferring knowledge and making profitable use of your expertise. If you have a writing gift and a wish to share your vast knowledge of a particular subject with others, starting a blog would be a perfect opportunity. It will not happen overnight and it does rely on selling ad space and having a continually expanding list of followers. Still, by regularly providing new, useful and intriguing content there is great chance your blog will bring steady profit.

There are numerous side business ideas to choose from. Opt for the one you will feel both competent and relaxed doing; there is no point in starting a side business and feeling stressed and pressured doing it regardless of how profitable it may be. Enjoying your extra job and earning additional income is the most rewarding way of doing it.

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