Things have been going pretty well. It’s been a busy week for me, and I’m looking forward to the weekend. I made my first ever hotel reservations online a few days ago (applause?) for my cousin’s wedding coming up next weekend. I’m pretty excited for the trip and to get away for a little.

That’s about all that’s going on with me as of late. Got anything exciting going on with you? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Here’s how August’s earnings looked…

Income from

Total = $384.71

Web/Blogging/Internet Marketing Services

Every now and then I get the opportunity to help out with some web and blogging type stuff (editing/changing WordPress themes, etc.). I’m no longer doing any regular marketing work, but if the opportunity arises, I may consider.

Total = $45

Income from Proofreading/Re-writing/Editing Services

It’s an honor for me to be able to provide a high quality and much needed service, and it’s been an honor serving my clients. You can learn more by visiting the link below.

Total = $110

Income from Re-writing Service via David Hurley’s PLR Article Service Membership

It has been an honor to be able to partner with David, a good online friend of mine, and provide the re-writing portion of his article membership. To learn more about his PLR article service, visit the link above.

Total = $75

Total online income from all sources…


Not too shabby.

Micro Niche Site Update

I also wanted to update you on the progress of my micro niche site. You may recall I started a new site just over a month ago, and I was working on getting it to the top of Google. During my previous income report, it was sitting at the #4 position.

Well… days later it reached #1, and it’s been there ever since. It wasn’t real hard actually, as all I really did was get 5 links from articles submitted to EzineArticles, social bookmarked the site and built about 30 high PR backlinks to it.

Ever since the site landed in the top spot, it’s been receiving Adsense clicks almost daily. For the most part, the clicks have earned very minimal amounts. However, today and yesterday have earned over $1 for a single click. I’m pretty excited about this and the outlook I have for the site. I plan to develop it further as time allows to bring in even more revenue from it. So far, it has brought in just under $5, so with the way things are looking, it should pay for itself just after two months.

I still plan on entering another niche once my micro niche site starts brings in more revenue as I find time to develop it. This niche site will focus on a single Clickbank product and create a funnel for visitors to get them to the order page.

That’s all for now. As always, feel free to leave your comments below…

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