We take it for granted, but the internet has completely changed how the world works. A mere decade ago, a real online profession was a rare sight – there were ways to earn money online, but no one considered this something of a profession. Nowadays, one can not only earn money on the internet, but actually get rich, seeing as how there are vast amounts of jobs that require nothing but a functional PC. With this in mind, we present you with four awesome ways to make money online.


When the internet world started picking up pace, most experts successfully predicted its growth into something huge. What they failed to predict is that writing, as a profession, would actually see a huge boom in the past couple of years. We’re talking, of course, about content writing, which is a fantastic way to get your word out there, while getting paid decent sums of money for it. Websites such as iWriter have made this profession possible and have created a unique breed of a scribe – someone capable of writing about a multitude of subjects in different writing styles. Content is something that every single business needs in online terms and written content still remains quite popular to this very day.


Blogging isn’t in the category of writing for two reasons: first of all, there are many ways to run a blog, from photos, screenshots and videos, to the actual written word. Secondly, content writing and blogging aren’t too related, even if we’re talking about writers’ blogs. Here’s how blogging works: you provide valuable content on a regular basis (with an emphasis on ‘regular’) and, in this way, attract like-minded people who are interested in whatever type of information you’re posting and who will follow you. Your followers are those who get you paid. The more popular your blog is, the more ad offers you’ll get from a variety of businesses. Essentially, by providing traffic, you make sure that the various ads on your blog are seen, which is exactly what you get paid for.


The term “YouTuber” is actually already officially coined – it is a legitimate word in the Oxford English Dictionary! Well, why do you think this is? Obviously, there are a lot of people out there who actually specialize in providing YouTube content (i.e. videos) and actually make a ton of money (top YouTubers are multi-millionaires). Consistent content that follows a schedule and has enough audience will breathe money on YouTube. It is easy, requires little investment (essentially, a good mic, webcam and a pair of solid headphones) and it can be fun. If you think that you are cut out for this online profession and prepared to post frequent content, this is an awesome opportunity to earn money on the internet.

Online Trading

The cryptocurrencies are huge right now. With Bitcoin having surpassed the $16,000 mark, people are starting to get serious about online trading. While it is uncertain whether cryptos are looking to turn into the world’s new currency or are a bubble that can burst at any time, there are other ways you can trade online and sleep a little easier. For example, with all the hype around the cryptos, it would be smart to buy bullion now and enjoy success later. Gold, for example, has a stable value, and as such, is a much safer online investment than the cryptocurrencies.

Earning money online is a perfectly viable modern profession. The vast world of the internet is full of interesting, innovative opportunities that can make you rich, or prove an excellent source of earning on the side. Writing, blogging, YouTube and online trading are among the most prominent online professions.


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