Surely you’ve heard the old saying, “Knowledge is power.” There is a lot of truth to that statement. Without the knowledge you currently possess, you would not have been able to start the work-at-home business, whatever field it is in, of which you are so proud. Heck, you wouldn’t be able to have achieved most of the things you have thus far.

The funny thing about humans is that we are constantly evolving. Who you are now is likely a lot different than who you were 15, 10, or even just five years ago. And who you will be a few years down the line could be a whole lot different than the person you are today. This is largely due to our ability to learn.

We learn new things as we get older, which we can apply to our lives and use in a positive way. This is particularly true of your work. You learn a lot about your business along the way, which you can certainly use to advance your business’s success.

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With that in mind, if you are the proprietor of your own home-based business, you may be wondering if there is a way you can take it to the next level. The answer is: Yes, you can – by going back to school.

Going Back to School Can Advance Your Business

Perhaps you already have a degree related to the field in which your home-based business is. Maybe your home-based business is based on something you have a lot of passion about and practical experience with, but you don’t have a professional degree in the field. Either way, even if your business is a success, you certainly take it to the next level by going back to school.

Let’s use the example of a freelance writer to illustrate the powerful effect that more schooling can have on the success of a home-based business. You got into the freelance writing industry because you are passionate about writing. You love using words to educate and inspire, or you enjoy using words to craft stories for other people. You took your love for words, created a freelance writing business, and you’ve enjoyed a great amount of success.

The thing of it is, though…you don’t have any formal training. You don’t have a degree in journalism, English, or any other related field. In fact, your degree is in something that isn’t even related to writing – or you never even went to school.

Now, imagine what would happen if you went back to school to take a few classes in English or to earn a degree in journalism. You would be able to learn a whole new set of skills, such as different writing styles, proper sentence structure (so that’s how you use a colon!), and even different citation styles. You could take your new-found knowledge and apply it to your freelance writing business. Imagine how many more doors would open up to you.

The same can be said for any other industry. Whether you have a home-based accounting, crafting, event planning, or even daycare business, a little extra knowledge could afford you the opportunity to advance your business to new levels of success.

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Juggling Life and School

Does going back to school to advance your home-based career sound appealing to you, but you don’t know how you can manage doing so with everything else you have to juggle? Thanks to the advent of modern technology, taking classes and earning a degree has gotten a whole lot easier for busy adults. There are dozens of fully accredited colleges that offer online degree programs. With this option, you would be able to take classes when they are convenient while still gaining the knowledge you need to boost your business’s success.

Even if you thought your days of studying were long gone, going back to school may very well be worth your while. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover how much knowledge you can acquire and apply to your business.

Bridget Galbreath is a former teacher turned freelance writer. She enjoys using words to share the benefits of an education, such as acquiring careers with business degrees.

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