As of relatively recently (the past decade or so), small businesses have proven themselves to be a modern trend that is here to stay; the unprecedented coziness of a company ran by a relatively small team of people has made the whole idea extremely lucrative for most up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Although innovation is perhaps the most treasured trait of a startup-oriented entrepreneur, small businesses are, for the most part, essentially based on improved existing business ideas. With this in mind, here are 4 startup ideas that should get you going in the right direction in the coming year of 2018.

Bike Shops

The only thing stopping the world from becoming one big bicycle track is the fact that driving motor vehicles is luxurious and physically easier. Every other benefit falls to the bicycle category. In addition to health benefits and keeping the rider in shape, biking everywhere is free and extremely eco-conscious. This (and the rush hour factor) is why many people are choosing these convenient vehicles as their main means of getting around. Because of all this, a business that specializes in bike sales, services and rentals has become a fantastic idea. If you’re into fitness and love riding bikes, look no further.

Tattoo and Piercing Studios

The trend of body decoration is slowly growing into something more than a mere fad; and it has been doing so for a while now. With an increasing number of businesses not really caring about permanent physical decorations when it comes to hiring, fewer and fewer people are reluctant about decorating their bodies, and tattoo and piercing studios are popping up all over. The thing here is that you don’t really have to worry about innovation – as an artist, you probably possess your own style (if not, you’ll get there), meaning that you’ll always be able to find customers, as long as you appeal to and work on your specific niche. This business idea is even more lucrative owing to the fact that it allows you to work side-by-side with likeminded artists in a single studio (which is how most of these do tend to function).

Therapy and Counseling

We’ve long gone beyond the negative preconception about therapy – a growing number of people are starting to feel comfortable with sharing their mental health issues with health experts, and this is an wonderful thing. The very nature of mental health counseling has made it quite suitable for private practice; many experts rightfully opt for making a private practice their occupational choice. Of course, being a mental health expert requires a post-degree and experience.

Food Businesses

If you are active on Instagram, you know very well how popular food photos are on there. Just try posting a photo of whatever you might be eating at the moment, slap a filter on it, hashtag it and the likes will boom!  While we won’t get into the psychology of this phenomenon here, we will discuss the food business as a legitimate business idea. Of course, unique meals and solid market research play essential roles, but if you happen to hit the spot, both in terms of location and service type/quality, you are likely looking at expansion, perhaps even at something that might turn into a chain of restaurants. Naturally, making sure that your food is of topmost quality and that your kitchen (or preparation space) is equipped with everything from all the necessary tools to a quality industrial agitator is exactly what will make or break your food business venture.

Ranging from the fitness/transportation industry, through art and mental health, all the way to the food business, these were just some ideas that might help you come up with your own. Make sure that you cover all the steps to prepare and enjoy success in doing something that you love and that will bring people joy and relief.

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