While environmental regulations are vital to our planet’s survival, sometimes it isn’t that simple to keep up with all the rules. This is why a small business might find itself in need of contacting an environmental consultant. But what exactly does an environmental consultant do, how does one become an environmental consultant and, most importantly, how important is environmental consulting in 2017? Let’s find out!

A Scientific Discipline

Unlike accounting, environmental consulting is not something you can learn through practice or through an online course. An environmental consultant needs a strong background in science, environmental economics, engineering, and, above all, math. This is why it’s probably for the best that one earns a Bachelor of Science degree before trying to go further down this path. Aside from this, environmental consulting also requires one to perform data analysis on a regular basis, which makes previous knowledge and experience in this field paramount.

An Ever-Evolving Field

In the introduction, we mentioned the importance of adhering to regulations and laws. Nonetheless, both laws and regulations change over time and an environmental consultant constantly needs to be up to date. Imagine a scenario where your business starts steamrolling so fast, that you start considering opening an international office. Your environmental consultant would either have to start studying all the environmental laws and regulations of the target country, or have a network of contacts there. Either way, this is definitely not something that a layman would be able to handle.

Minimizing Your Environmental Impact

Aside from all of the laws and regulations, you need to keep in mind that neglecting your environmental impact also affects the image of your brand. In other words, causing land, water and air contamination will not only result in a hefty lawsuit, but can also turn the public opinion against your company. On the other hand, environmental awareness can be turned to your advantage. Having a renowned environmental consulting company on your side can help label you green. Needless to say, this is a huge plus for your marketing that always needs to be considered.

Caring for Your Employees

Finally, an environmental consultant can also make sure that your workplace is a safe environment, which is a massive advantage on its own. Apart from being a humane thing to do, this also reduces the number of sick days that your employees take on average, which in turn maximizes your profit. Not to mention that this also helps you control the healthcare costs and boost the overall morale. Things like mold inspection, air quality monitoring and even asbestos inspection can help you decide on which office space you should lease. In other words, those who have a trusted environmental consultant on retainer can turn this person into their most valuable advisor.

Even though each of the above-listed four reasons would be enough to hire an environmental consultant right away, this is all just the tip of the iceberg. As your company grows, having a consultant may no longer be enough, which would force you to expand this field or even start a whole new department. Depending on the nature of your industry, you might find yourself in need of a geodesist, a bio technician, a geologist, or even a molecular biologist. One thing is certain, however, the environmental aspect of your business can not be ignored.

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