Faced with irrefutable evidence of global warming and detrimental influence of human civilization on the global environment, we have to turn to the ecological frame of thinking. This is not merely a trend, it’s a necessity, and out of this necessity emerged a buzz term known as “going green.” In broad terms, it means retooling and modifying various aspects of life to fit into a more ecologically conscious way of living that has a positive influence on the environment. Many households have turned to this sort of thinking and there are a lot of companies that either follow suit or lead by example. If you are interested to do the latter, here are some easy ways companies can save money by going green.

Go Digital

Thankfully, we live in a time when everything is going digital – even documentation. Many companies spent staggering amounts of paper on various forms, lists, instructions, etc. This means a sizeable forest needed to be cut down to fulfill the needs of a company that lasted for more than a quarter of a century. This is why there is a great initiative to turn all documentation digital and do all the necessary sharing over the cloud and signing with the help of tablets. This means most of such documentation needs to be encrypted for protection – as this sort of function opens the door to falsifications and fraud, but the software engineers worldwide are working on viable solutions.

As far as old documentation goes, implementing this paperless system means they will have to be scanned. Once scanned, the paper documents can be discarded. This cuts down on storage space, which you may also be currently paying for.

Water Filtration and Conservation

Instead of constantly buying gallons of water from separate suppliers, you can simply install water filters in every kitchen area in your company’s HQ. This way, you will not spend excessive money on bottled water and you will not have to worry about plastic bottles. Furthermore, you can install taps with sensors both in kitchen and toilet areas so no extra water will be spent. These sensors are also nifty for toilets, and the bill at the end of the month will be noticeably smaller.

Eco-Friendly Utilities

People tend to regard utility bills as something that is fixed, without any wiggle room for managing cost. They typically amount to thousands of dollars every month for big businesses. However, you can cut these costs by relying on some easy tweaks – by installing energy efficient LED light bulbs, using new tech such as sonnen Battery energy storage systems and buying new, energy efficient A/C units. LED batteries tend to have a bad rep due to the strong and colorless light they omit – it’s a sort of senseless aesthetic nostalgia that favors incandescent bulbs. However, LED bulbs can last up to 20 years and use less energy to work. Additionally, in order to bring down the cost of heating or cooling, you can install cheap and energy efficient roof insulation, also known as cool roofs, and cover them with solar panels.

Reusable Products

There is an entire market out there for reusable products. No matter what kind of company you are, you should take part in the widespread green initiative to help the environment by purchasing these reusable products en masse. This way, you will slow down the unstoppable rise of local landfills and save money in the long run.

There is a great discrepancy between the way we live and how we should live to preserve the planet. No matter where you live or how financially secure you are, always keep in mind a simple yet resounding fact that we all share the same home, so if the boat is sinking, all the population is going down with it. This means we should all do our part, and respectable and responsible companies should lead by example.

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