How many of you prefer to read online product reviews of products you’re interested in buying… before you actually buy?

My guess is that the majority of you would probably answer “yes.”

I admit, I’m a nut when it comes to reading product reviews. I must have spent hours sifting through review after review from customers who bought GPS systems, before I finally decided which one I should get. I went with a Garmin nΓΌvi 255W – the 4.3 inch Widescreen model.

The point is that many people prefer to read online reviews before they actually go ahead and buy something. It’s no surprise that there’s many product review sites for just about every product imaginable, for both physical and downloadable products.

What IS surprising is that not many people take advantage of writing online product reviews on their blogs. This is not only a great way to inform your readers, but it’s also a great way for you to earn additional income.

Have you bought any products recently? Maybe you downloaded an ebook that you found really helpful. Why not write a review about it? Chances are there may be someone looking for information regarding the ebook you just read. Maybe they’re not even aware of such an ebook even exists. This could be your chance to introduce your readers to it so that maybe it can help them too.

Let’s take this idea a step further. Writing well thought-out and unbiased reviews can be quite time-consuming, and I would know. So, it only makes sense if you’re compensated for your efforts, right?

Going back to the remarkable ebook you just read – is there an affiliate program for it? If so, include your affiliate link in your review. If you provide valuable and factual information about the ebook and focus on both the pros and cons, chances are your readers will click the link to learn more about it. If they feel it’s worth buying, you just earned a commission.

Almost every ebook or downloadable product you find nowadays will have an affiliate program of some kind.

A word of caution here: Don’t just write reviews for any ‘ole product just so you can make money. The point of writing online product reviews is to provide your own personal experience – meaning you’ve actually used the product and find it helpful, and you think others might too.

This same method can be applied to physical products as well. A majority of products can be found on Amazon or eBay. Both sites have affiliate programs, and if you refer people to products on either site, you’ll get paid a percentage of the selling price.

A great example of writing a review for a physical product can be found at this post: The Official Success Guide. I wrote this post based on a book I read about entrepreneurship and finding success selling products online. The book is an excellent read and thought you (my readers) would find it interesting. As of right now, four of you felt that it was worth buying. That’s cool! Great to know at least some of you read what I say. πŸ˜‰

Granted the amount of money you can make with Amazon is mere cents, but something is better than nothing. I usually prefer to write reviews for digital products because the commission you can earn is a lot more. Of course, I’ll only write a review if I feel the product is worthy enough to promote.

Here are some other online product reviews I’ve written on this blog:

Hopefully you’ll have an idea of how to write product reviews. But since I’m not the best writer (by far), here’s an article on How To Write Product Reviews that Convert.

Still not convinced you should be writing online product reviews? Read Gyutae Park’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Write Product Reviews On Your Blog.

What do you think? Is writing product reviews a good idea? Do you incorporate product reviews into your blog – Why or why not?

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