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What are 3-Way Links?

If you’re not familiar with 3-way link exchanges, they’re basically where three different sites all link to each other in a way where it creates a link wheel.

For example:

Site A links to Site B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A. So, what you have is something that looks like the picture to the left. Notice that B doesn’t link back to A, C doesn’t link back B, and A doesn’t link back to C.

This eliminates what is generally called reciprocal linking, a common and out-dated form of linking in which two websites link to each other. This way of linking is ineffective and won’t do much good for either site, according to Google.

However, 3-way linking IS effective because the links appear as one-way links, which are highly valued by Google. As you market your website, it’s important that you get one-way links to your site to increase your rankings in search engines.

The Unforeseen “Benefit”

Knowing what I’ve just said, I’ve done several 3-way link exchanges with other webmasters. I tend to be picky with who I do link exchanges of any kind with, but depending on the circumstance and the websites involved, I’ll gladly do so.

That being said, I found out some pretty interesting news the other week. Apparently one of those 3-way link exchanges I did got my site some added and completely unforeseen attention.

Thanks to @amabaie for the heads-up on this.

If you’re familiar with Kevin Potts or follow the Cambridge Business Academy at all, they did a webinar back on May 12, which just happened to be my Birthday. During the live webinar, seen by thousands, my website was not only mentioned, but it was shown live on the screen!

But, it’s not for what you might think…

Rather than have me explain it, I think it’s better if you just see it for yourself. At exactly 6:48 into the webinar, they mention my site as my home page links back to the CBA site, all because of a 3-way link exchange that I did.

Here’s a link to the recorded webinar which can now be viewed on the CBA website:

Now, it goes to show that exchanging links in this manner is not only effective, but it’s being used by the top guys. Not to mention, you may even get some added exposure from it. πŸ˜‰

I thought it was cool and worth mentioning, even though I didn’t see my traffic increase or anything.

The main reason for writing this isn’t to make my head swell. Rather, it’s to get you to check out an awesome webinar and website like CBA, and to get involved in doing 3-way link exchanges. Your website and online business will thank you for it.

Have any questions or comments? Leave them below…

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