I’ve been talking a lot lately about Guest Blogging, providing both perspectives on the issue; from the guest blogger perspective, with The “Holy Grail” of Guest Blogging Tips, and from the blog owner perspective, with 5 Things to Consider Before Publishing a Guest Post on Your Blog.

Now, I’ve been thinking of a way to wrap up this series, and I think I found the perfect solution, or rather, it found me.

After my first guest blogging post, I was contacted by Ann Smarty of SEOSmarty.com. Ann wanted to invite me to her new project, MyBlogGuest.com, which is a forum-based website that helps connect guest bloggers and blog owners all in one place.

I immediately thought… this is the perfect resource! This is exactly what I was looking for, not only for you my readers, but also for myself as I plan to do my own fair share of guest posting.

Let’s face it, finding relevant guest bloggers or blog owners can be time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be easier and quicker if you could showcase your blog with the most pertinent information about it (and yourself), and then people can come to you, and vice versa?

I think Ann is onto something here with her new project, and I’d like to invite you to check it out as well. Signing up takes just a minute, and there’s no upsell to worry about it. Of course, Ann does offer a premium membership in which you can upgrade at any time. But again, she’s not going to bug you about it, ever. Something I can truly respect.

Once you login you’ll be taken to the main forum page, which looks like this…


At this time you’ll be prompted to enter information about yourself and your blog. You’ll be able to include links to your sites, tags to help people find you, some social sites that people can find you on, and an Avatar so people can see who you are. You’ll also be able to add your Blogging Experience in which you can share about yourself, what you do and what experience you have with blogging. There is even room to set up a forum signature if you wish.

I haven’t gotten a chance to visit the different threads or post in the forum yet, but looking at the numbers I’d say there’s a pretty active community of bloggers.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you’d like to find relevant blogs to guest post on or find guest bloggers for your own blog.

Go ahead… sign up and see what it’s like.

Then, add your own thoughts about MyBlogGuest in the comments below.

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