With everyone in the entire world slowly coming out of a financial recession, it really pays to be frugal. Whether you are looking at going into affiliate marketing to make some extra income, or just keeping a watchful eye on your expenditure, you can really make a positive change to your income. With this in mind, here are 5 great ways to improve your income and make some serious headway with your savings…

1. Shop for the Cheapest Deals

There are literally hundreds of cheap deals out there just waiting to be found. Are you paying too much for your broadband or electricity? Then why not shop online and find the best deal available? At just a click of a mouse, it takes only a few minutes to save a good amount of money by comparison shopping and getting the best price available.

2. Leave Your Credit Card at Home

This may sound pretty obvious, but leaving your credit card at home and carrying money with you instead can save you a small fortune. It is easy to lose track on how much money you are spending when you put everything on your credit card. As a rule of thumb, I always make sure that I take out money in cash and leave my credit card at home, that way I know that if I spend too much I won’t be tempted to go into debt on my credit card.

3. Cut Travel Costs

If you travel with work, then it may be helpful for you to know that travel costs can be subtracted as company expenses come tax time. So, if your travel is part pleasure and part business, then just subtract the business part from your expenses and save.

4. Affiliate Marketing From Home

You’ve read previous posts by Alan on this subject, but it’s true that you can earn extra money from home. And maybe some day, eliminate that gas-hog of a drive to work every single day, saving you a ton of money. Affiliate marketing also brings flexible working hours. You don’t even need to have a unique product… you can just endorse someone else’s. Take a leaf out of the many successful affiliate marketers online today and earn a steady income.

5. Buy Raw Materials Online

I recently needed to buy some foam cushions and soft furnishings for my new home, but the prices quoted were highly expensive and out of my budget. With this in mind, I went online and bought the fabric materials needed in bulk and created some fabulous foam cushions and sofa coverings using my trusted sewing machine. Purchasing products wholesale can really save you a small fortune.

I hope this list was helpful. If you have any affiliate marketing ideas or ways to save money at home then feel free to add them to the list by leaving a comment below.

Hillary works from home and recently created a 1/25th scale model of the Royal Festival Halls, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the famous Hayward Gallery. She regularly enjoys reading blogs on frugality and personal finance.

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