Around 6 months ago I was contacted and asked if I would be interested in promoting some offers through Before this, I had never heard of this CPA network before. After emailing the manager back and forth and getting more information, I decided to give it a try and see how well the offers would perform.

The offers were completely relevant to the site, so all I had to do was get the links up in a prominent location on the site and wait for clicks to come in.

If you’re not familiar with what CPA networks are, I recommend taking a look at an older post I wrote about making money with CPA networks.

After a few months of promoting the offers, I made a little bit of money. Not much, but it was a start. Then, I made a little more. You may have noticed this income stream popping up here and there on my income reports.

I didn’t make much, but I was getting leads, as I do with the many other offers I promote via CPA networks. The next step was to test link location and different offers that were available.


Just recently I received an email from one of the managers at TBTrack with some very interesting news. Here’s what the email had to say:


It has come to our attention that you’re creating fraudulent leads to
earn money using your TB Track account. This is something that we
absolutely do not tolerate. From this point on, your TB Track account no
longer exists, and you will receive no payout.

Needless to say, this really got under my skin. I wasn’t concerned about not receiving any payout, as I didn’t make much at all. What really bothered me the most was being accused of creating “fraudulent leads”. Not only that, but they never provided any proof to back up these allegations, nor offered any type of warning beforehand.

Now, if you know me even just a little, you’ll know that I would never willingly create fraudulent leads for any reason. That’s just not the way I am. Heck, I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing such a thing, anyway!

Even though I was fuming and reading to unload, I kept my cool and responded to the email in a professional manner. Not to my surprise, I have yet to receive a response, and they have not provided any evidence to back up their claims.

Sound familiar? Sounds like similar happenings going on over at Google and them terminating people’s Adsense account for fraudulent clicks, so they claim.

Here’s the funny thing. I have an Adsense account, and have been actively using Adsense for over 6 years. My account is still in good standing because I follow the rules. If I was someone who was creating fraudulent leads for a barely-known CPA network, wouldn’t you think I would have done the same with Adsense, trying to make money off of fraudulent clicks? Maybe not, but I can’t help but throw the question out there. My point is, it just doesn’t make sense.

My goal here is to warn you with the possibility that this could happen to you and make you aware that is a CPA network (by invitation only, I believe). Just like Google and their Adsense program, TB Track apparently can and will shut down your account for reasons they will not explain and divulge in detail.

I’m not saying you should avoid TB Track altogether, but if you do decide to give them a try, be warned you may want to use an additional income stream in case they decide to terminate your account without notice, just as they did with me.

With that said, I am involved with other CPA networks and have been in good standing with them for years (take note, TB Track). I highly recommend getting into this arena if you’re looking to make some extra income from your site.

I will be providing a full list of CPA sites that I deal with directly in an upcoming post, so stay tuned for that.

If you have any questions about CPA in general, or any thoughts or concerns about and what happened to me, do share in the comment section below.

And, if you do use TB Track and have found success promoting their offers, I really, REALLY want to hear from you and any advice you have for others wanting to get started using them.

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