Hey, I’m Alan Mater. I’m 24 years old living in Central Pennsylvania. I’m working towards a better financial future for myself and future family.

Why I’m Here

Rather than just explain everything for you, I thought it would be better if you could actually listen to my story and get a little inside my head for a moment. I’ll explain why I got started and why I’m here, and hopefully you’ll be able to understand and relate to where I’m coming from and see that I’m no different than you.

Take a moment to watch…

So, in a nutshell…

I started ReplaceYourSalary.com with a goal of making money with affiliate marketing. I had drive and passion early on, but that quickly faded. It wasn’t until mid-2008 that I would see the light again and realize that this is where I was truly meant to be.

I shifted my focus a little and wanted to provide my visitors with the very best that the “work from home” industry had to offer. In fact, I’m constantly, even now, looking for new, great opportunities that are available for people just like you to start their own work from home career.

That’s why I’m here and what my site is all about – Providing you with the resources and proven opportunities that the internet has to offer so that you can start your every own path to financial freedom, just as I’m doing.

My Blog

I started my Work From Home Blog with a similar focus in mind. I wanted to provide helpful information for people like you that are looking to work from home on the internet. My focus has since expanded to cover every aspect about making money online, from internet/affiliate marketing, SEO, Social Media, etc.

You’ll find a wide range of topics covered here, all with the intention to help you grasp this whole “make money online” concept and how it can ultimately help you work from home.

I am honored and grateful to have a loyal community here, and I look forward to the many new readers yet to come. Exciting things have been going on, with many more to come. All of which are only made possible thanks to all of you. For that I thank you!

If you like what you see and enjoy reading my posts, I invite you to subscribe to my blog so that you never miss an update.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read about me, and I wish you the best in everything you do.