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The title says it all. Those are the reasons that this site is now hosted by HostGator web hosting. If you tried visiting my site yesterday, you may have been presented with a blank page or a database error message. For that, I apologize.

My site had been hosted with Host4Profit as part of the PIPS program. I still like Host4Profit as their support is one of the best around, probably second to HostGator’s. But, I wanted to consolidate my sites and save a bit of money every month. You can’t blame me, can you?

The steps involved in transferring a complete website is a bit complicated, and having never done it before, I was a bit overwhelemed. Thankfully I had tons of support from fellow peers as well as both hosting company’s support departments. Without them, I would have never gotten it done.

With that said, I highly recommend HostGator for all of your cheap web host needs. They provide cpanel web hosting, which is a huge lifesaver, especially the one click WordPress setup. You can host unlimited domains without the price ever going up, which is real handy if you have quite a few sites or plan to build more than one. And, as I said before, their support is top notch. They’re very hard to beat in price, and the site up-time is also the best around.

After the switch, I was recommended to transfer my domain to What a lifesaver that was for me. I was looking at paying $25 or more for my domain renewal every year. With NameCheap, it’s less than $10 a year for domains. My transfer was even less. I highly recommend them!

Another awesome benefit about NameCheap, which I didn’t know about until I transferred my domain, is that they offer free WhoisGuard protection. This means the Whois information for your domain is guarded. Very cool and makes them even more worth it!

So, if you’re looking for reliable yet cheap web hosting, make the switch to HostGator. You can’t go wrong. And, I’ll even throw in a little bonus if you sign up through me. Sign up for a hosting account through my links, and I’ll setup a WordPress blog for you free. That’s my way of saying thanks. Then you can take what you’re learning here and apply it to your new site.

Are you using HostGator? What’s your feelings about Have you gone through the hassle of switching hosts?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…


You’ve done it! You have officially created the next big item–the greatest thing to hit the marketplace since wheels became round and bread got sliced. Yes, your thingamajig is exactly what the world has been waiting for. The only problem is that you have no idea how to take the next step–turning your brilliant idea into a tangible product available for sale. And making a return on your investment.

There are several paths that you can take in order to bring your new product to the marketplace.
The DIY Path
Before embarking on a quest of this magnitude, it is important to [...] Continue Reading…


Ah, the perks of being your own boss. You can come and go as you please, work from the comfort of home, and you need only answer to yourself. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Admittedly, there are some definite pros to self-employment–but there is a down side too. Not only do you miss out on benefits like a pension or a paid vacation, but you are also out of luck when it comes to an employee health insurance plan.

How, then, can you protect yourself against monolithic medical bills?

While you may be tempted to swath yourself in bubble wrap [...] Continue Reading…


There is a huge market online for selling used equipment. The web offers many to-sell services tailored to various equipment types, from car and computer parts to used hardware tools. The wide assortment of websites offering to sell your used equipment make the selling-online waters a bit tricky to navigate, so it’s worth keeping in mind the five tips below that will help you sell your used equipment online quickly and securely:
Identify the Part as Specifically as Possible
It’s extremely important to identify the specific model and/or year of the used equipment part you’re trying to sell. Not only will [...] Continue Reading…


Whether you are a small business, a mommy blogger, or a large corporation, chances are you will experience at least one website crash over your years of operation. Though there are many steps you should take to prevent such an occurrence, it is always good to prepare for the worst. Luckily, even if your site does go down, there are plenty of things you can to do stay productive and minimize the damaging effects.
1. Contact Your Website Host Provider
The first thing to do when you site crashes is contact your web host provider. Most small business website hosting services [...] Continue Reading…


Mechanical Turk is an property that allows users to make money by completing Human Intelligence Tasks, or HITs. These HITs are found over a variety of different categories and pay once you complete them. Before working on these projects with Mechanical Turk, it is a good idea to learn about how the entire process works and consider a few tips that will give you the best chance of maximizing your earning potential.
Don’t Get Scammed
Since Amazon does not regulate Mechanical Turk, you could come across some scams. In the worse-case scenario, you could even become a victim of fraud, [...] Continue Reading…


The arrival of spring puts me in the mood to open up the windows and let in that fresh, new air. It also gives me the urge to get rid of all those old, unwanted items that are taking up space in my attic and basement. Spring is the perfect time to clear out that clutter, and the best way to do it is with a good old-fashioned yard sale. It’s a great way to clear out all that stuff and make some money in the process. If you’re considering holding a yard sale as part of your spring [...] Continue Reading…


Ali Express is an extremely popular online merchant service that allows users to purchase goods at low prices. Consumers have the opportunity to buy goods on this website in low denominations, making it easier for the average person to use Ali Express as opposed to similar websites like Alibaba, which happens to be Ali Express’ parent company. Before attempting to sell items on this website, however, you should come up with a business plan. Follow your plan to ensure that customers are able to find you and trust you as a retailer when they do.
Find a Niche
Do not try [...] Continue Reading…


Never before have three innocent little letters collaborated together to form a more dreaded word than the day that “T” and “X” surrounded “A” to come with “TAX.” Yes, few words stir up more negative emotions –unless, of course, the word “tax” is immediately followed by “refund.”

If you’d like to ensure that you become greater acquainted with the “tax refund” in your life, here are some tax deductions that freelancers can often claim.
Your Professional Space
Most people are aware of the fact that they can claim the rent paid on an office space, but freelancers who work at home can [...] Continue Reading…


When it comes to selling items on eBay, you want to take advantage of any opportunity to get a wider audience of buyers. Selling items on eBay is getting progressively more competitive. If you haven’t taken the time to create a twitter account or Facebook page for your eBay account, you should do that right away.

There are so many different ways you can use social media to help promote your eBay items. You may want to check out these typical methods for integrated social media marketing strategies which involve reaching out to your audience and getting them actively engaged [...] Continue Reading…


Whether you’re self-employed or you’ve been entrusted with company data while working from home, information management and data integration should be on your mind constantly. Without the benefit of a sophisticated office, you must turn your home office into a complete data management center.

There was a time when this would have included a huge volume of paper stacked in filing cabinets and backed up for redundancy in a room somewhere filled with banker’s boxes. Luckily, it’s more plausible than ever to manage large amounts of sensitive data from home and by yourself. You’ll need the right software, a good [...] Continue Reading…

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