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Home Business Articles - By Allen Says

"Irresistibly Magnetic Words That Draw The Readers Attention To Your Ad"

Certain words, when combined together, literally draw the readers eyes to your ad...the words below are those I have found to work every time.

You - Ultimate - Free - Master - Power - Discovery - Easy - Guaranteed - Love - Money - New - Scientific - Proven - Results - Incredible - Discover - Breakthrough - Secret - Private - Cash - Shocked - Shocking - Revealed - Uncovered - Hidden - Profit's - Inside - Sex...Sex?

Yes Sex...used only in certain situations where it can apply though. For example, when I wrote the headline "Sex Sites Are Not The Only Ones That Can Pull In $5000 A Week Using The Power of Instant Access!" immediately added about $50,000 to my income last year. Just that one headline!

I thought it was a unique angle because all you heard on the news for months was how people where making big money with porno sites. You never heard about those of us who where making great money without selling sex.

Some example headlines using those words above:

"Revealed! - Scientifically Proven Strategies Guaranteed To Double Your Profit's Every Month or You Keep The System For Free!

"Master The Art of Building Web Pages In 30 Minutes With This Proven, Easy to Use Software!"

"Breakthrough Money-Making Secrets That Sex Sites Do Not Want You To Find Out About - Uncovered And Revealed Inside!"

Power words, like those above, are already implanted deeply in the minds of all your readers simply because of what the words mean.

For example, when I see the word " Discovery ", it evokes a response from within me and draws my attention to the rest of the sentence because Discovery 'means' something to me and most other people.

The Discovery might give me a great advantage before you and others find out if I read about it first. People love to discover things and the word attracts them instantly when they see it.

Just like the words 'Scientific Breakthrough' will immediately draw the attention of most everyone. I can not pass up a headline that has those two words in it. If I see those two words I will always read the rest of your headline. And if the rest of your headline is something I am interested in, then you are well on your way to a new customer.

If the Scientific Breakthrough had to do with a new kind of Hair Growth Formula then I would move on with no interest. at least got me to read the 'full' headline...and you got a lot of other people to read it too!

If the Scientific Breakthrough had to do with making money you would have had me hooked into reading more and possibly all of your letter.

You got the attention of the maximum number of people with the first two words, then, with the rest of the headline, you weeded out those with no interest and hooked your target prospects.

We love things to be revealed , we love secrets, hidden things, proven things and shocking things...we always have and always will.

To Your Success,
Allen Says

P.S. UPDATE: I've just added the awesome ebook "Classified Magic" to the Warrior site. This is an incredibly detailed book that will allow you to extract the maximum profit possible from classified ads.

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