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Home Business Articles - By Stone Evans

How to Maximize the Value of Your Time

Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

How is your business doing? Is it growing, stagnating or losing
ground? If your business is not growing, it could be the result
of a poor business idea or plan, a lack of advertising, or the
mismanagement of your business’ resources.

Let’s face it. Running a successful business enterprise is not
the easiest thing to accomplish.

Your struggles could be the result of factors beyond your own
control or factors within your control --- your own actions and


If your business is stagnating or dying, there are several
factors that could be the cause of your current financial

· Your local economy could be suffering stagnation or
negative growth.
· Your competition might be fiercely competing for your
customer base.
· The building, into which you have signed a lease, might
be seen by local residents as the home of businesses that fail,
so they will not support you until you have proven your long
term viability.
· You could be in a terrible location and trapped by your


On the other side of the coin, there are several more factors
that could be causing you pain that are well within your control:

· You are not spending enough time planning for the
future of your business.
· You are not spending enough time or resources on
developing and distributing good advertising.
· You do not have enough staff available to fill incoming
orders or to serve interested customers.
· You are simply mismanaging your financial or human


By watching the activities of many small business owners, one
has to ask themselves if the business owners are masochistic?

2. The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure,
from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by
3. A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or
trying experiences.

How is it that I can even venture to suggest this definition
fits the behavior of many small business owners?

Simple. Small business owners often submit themselves and their
families to the demands of their business. Sometimes to the
detriment of those involved in their lives.

Of course, one could argue that the small business owner is
sacrificing his or herself for the long-term benefit of their
families and themselves.

Well, one could argue that. And in some cases, the argument
would be true. In other cases, the argument would not even
remotely be true.


The deadliest consequence in any business is the owner’s failure
to understand the value of his or her own time. Even a thriving
business can die under the weight of an owner who does not place
the proper value on his or her own time.

Some owners work long hours for little return because they do
not understand their own value. Some of these owners will
eventually quit their business for a job that could provide a
higher living wage. Others, while thriving, may keep themselves
doing tasks that can be and should be done by others. Sometimes,
the business owner wants to believe that he or she alone can do
the task, or they want to do the things they most enjoy.

In the end, these folks fail because the important tasks that
should have been done for the purpose of growing the business or
meeting the demands of the business have gone undone. The
business collapses because they did not take care of the most
important facets of their business.


PLANNING will permit you to see where you want to go and how you
hope to get there.

GOAL SETTING permits you to make certain specific determinations
about your business. One such goal that should be set early and
regularly is the level of income that you want to derive from
your business.

MEASURING lets you see the true state of your business at any
one point in time. Measuring at regular intervals lets you see a
moving slide show that will deliver an honest picture of the
continuing state of your business.

Additional measuring will permit you to see how much your time
could be worth and how much you are really paying yourself. Your
measurements should also permit you to put a cost on the
specific tasks and functions that are required in the operation
of your business.


If the amount that you want to be paid and could be paid is
higher than the cost of doing the task that you are doing, then
you should wisely consider having someone in your employment
handle the task.

Properly managing tasks and delegating the work at hand can make
or break your business. Make the correct decisions and you will
be treating yourself better than the average small

I wish you and your business the very best.

To Your Success!
Stone Evans' Signature
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

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