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Promoting Your Business with Copper Wire? Think Again.

Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

So many people launch their first or second business with the
misconception that they can survive without advertising. It is
their fear of failure that almost single-handedly assures their
failure. They fear spending the money that they need to get and
keep their business running during those early years of their

Let’s face it, when you start in business, money is usually
pretty darn tight. So, you must figure out how to get off the
ground without throwing your money down the drain. Every single
red cent is important enough to hang onto with a tight fist.


I am reminded of an old joke a friend used to tell about himself.

My friend had always told me that both he and his brother were
the inventers of copper wire. He insisted that the two of them
were fighting over a penny one day and managed to stretch it out
into the first strand of copper wire known to mankind.

Indeed, now is not the time to try to reinvent copper wire.


The point of advertising is to notify your customers of the
existence of your business. It is necessary to tell people that
you are in business and to tell them what products and services
you are offering.

Unless people know that you are offering a certain product or
service at a certain price, no one will knock upon your door to
buy your wares.

If you fail to attract customers and dollars, your business will
die. Therefore, advertising is a must for the success of your
business. Sure, word of mouth can take you places, but it can
only take you so far. Advertising is designed to pick up where
word of mouth leaves off.


Attrition is a factor in all businesses. A business is able to
pick up so many customers and dollars on every advertising or
promotion venture. Yet, a certain portion of your old and new
customers and dollars will drop off over time.

You simply cannot rest on your laurels. You must continue to
generate new business and new dollars or your business will die.


If you have ever published an online ezine, then you will have
seen attrition first hand.

You can spend all week advertising your ezine and note that your
efforts have generated for example 500 new subscribers. Yet, by
the end of the week, your subscriber base has only climbed by
250 subscribers. What went wrong?

Well, this is how it works. Keep in mind this is only an example
to make my point, but if you have ever published an ezine, then
you will know I am right on the money with this observation.

In one week:

· 500 people sign up for the first time.
· 40 of those people unsubscribe after the very first
issue because they do not like the content.
· 30 people quit after the first issue because their
only purpose in subscribing in the first place was to get the
freebie you had offered to new subscribers.
· 30 of those people unsubscribe because they do not
remember subscribing to the ezine in the first place.
· 80 email addresses bounce due to ISP email filters.
· 20 people bounce because they did not pay their
Internet bill.
· 35 people have simply changed their email addresses
without submitting a change of address to you.
· 15 people have quit the Internet altogether.

In the final analysis, 100 of your new subscribers, or 20% of
your newcomers are gone after one week. Another 150 subscribers
were long-time subscribers who are gone for other reasons.

If you make the mistake of stopping your advertising, your ezine
list will eventually wind down to one subscriber --- you. In our
example, 150 long-time subscribers disappear every week, and
there is nothing you can do to stop it. You must absolutely keep
a fresh flow of new subscribers coming into the ezine in order
to stay ahead of the attrition curve.


An ezine or a business, what is the difference? Not much. Your
business will suffer the same fate as the ezine if you do not
advertise. I don’t know how to make it any more clear than this.

Yes, you must be careful not to throw your money away on
advertising that does not generate results. But you cannot
afford to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Carefully, pick your advertising, study your results, and put
your money back into what is working for you.

In conclusion, you must decide. Do you want to advertise your
business, or do you want to watch your business die? The
decision is yours and yours alone. Well, what are you going to

To Your Success!
Stone Evans' Signature
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

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