Commercial Intention of Keywords

This is a follow-up video to my keyword research video. This will show you how to find the commercial intent of the keywords you're focusing on. Watch the video to learn more. You won't be disappointed. :)

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Keyword Research Made Easy

Keyword research doesn't have to be difficult. Watch this video I put together to see just how easy it is...

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Earn Money Without Spending Money

Many people are looking for ways to make money. The problem is that most of the time an investment or monthly membership is required to learn or earn online.

Well, I had the pleasure of reviewing a system that requires no ongoing investment of any kind. The system also doesn't require you to have a website, an email mailing list or any marketing knowledge of any kind. Plus, there's no risk to you.

I highly recommend you check out my review of the Flip Switch Profits system today.

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Get High PR Backlinks To Your Site

Every marketer knows that backlinks (links on other sites pointing to your site) are the lifeblood of search engine rankings and traffic. They also know that building backlinks can be very, very time consuming.

I know this for a fact. I've built over 20,000 backlinks to my site, and it's taken hundreds of hours out of my time, not to mention a lot of energy.

Don't you wish there was an easier way? I know I did!

That's when I came across Angela Edwards' Backlink Building Service. Angela's service provides 30 PR6 - PR8 backlinks every month. All you have to do is sign up for the sites and follow Angela's easy to understand directions for placing your links on the sites. That's it!

After a month of using Angela's service, my website is ranking on the first page of Google for the search phrase "work from home opportunities" (without quotes).

For only $5 a month, this is a huge steal and worth every penny. If you could use higher search engine rankings, I highly suggest you sign up now!

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SFI Review

It's not too often you find an honest and unbiased review. This is an exception.

If you're looking to join one of the best companies in the network marketing industry, there's none better than SFI.

For a full and unbiased review, check out Review of SFI Marketing Group (SFIMG).

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Free Money Making Tips and Tricks

With the way the economy is right now, there's many looking for ways to make extra money. The internet is one of the best options out there, in my opinion. Sure, there's many offline opportunities if you think about it, but the internet has opened the door for unlimited possibilities, literally.

One example would be Project Payday. This is a unique system that I explored to see if it could really help you make money online. To my surprise, I made my money back within hours. Read my Review of Project Payday to learn more.

The best option, I believe, is to start your own internet business and set yourself up for the long-term. The cash investment is very minimal, and it's not difficult to get going.

If you're struggling right now and looking for a way out, I urge you to sign up for my free money making newsletter where I will teach you how to make money online. I provide hundreds of tips and tricks that can be applied to any online business. I also share with you how you can get started with your own business.

If you've always wanted to be your own boss and live the life you dream of, click here to get my free newsletter. It costs absolutely nothing. Don't worry, I hate spam as much as you. You'll only receive awesome tidbits about making money from me.

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Join's Affiliate Program now has a new affiliate program, where they will pay you 15% on new orders that you refer. If you don't know, NameCheap provides many different services, from domain registrations and renewals, URL forwarding, domain security, etc.

NameCheap is the choice for many internet marketers because they're cheap and very reliable. If you're planning on having more than one domain, or even if you have just one, NameCheap should be your choice for controlling your domains. This way you'll have complete control of them. You can even get free WhoIs protection.

With all of this in mind, NameCheap makes a lot of money. As an affiliate, you can earn a nice chunk of that money promoting their services and bringing in sales. Simply put, there's a lot of money to be made here, and I'm glad NameCheap is offering everyone a chance to get in on the action.

Signing up as an affiliate is free and only takes a minute. I highly recommend you jump on board.

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My New Joint Venture

I've teamed up with an online friend of mine to offer top quality internet marketing articles. My friend, David Hurley, provides a PLR article service offering 100 members 10 internet marketing articles every month.

David also provides re-wrote articles for upgraded members that want to get 10 articles that are unique.

Well, David just didn't have the time to continue re-writing articles for upgraded members, so he came to me and asked if I wanted to handle that part of his service.

I gladly accepted. If you're looking for top quality internet marketing articles every month, I highly recommend David's PLR service.

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Make Money with is a newer ad publishing company, similar to Google Adsense. You place a piece of code on your site which shows relevant ads to your visitors. When people click on those ads, you get paid.

I've been running Yarie's ads on my home page now for almost three months.

Earnings so far are:

July - $43.20
August - $38.59

Total earnings for this month are just over $16. I'm very pleased with Yarie so far, and find that the earnings compliment my Google Adsense earnings nicely.

For a full review, read Google Adsense Alternative –

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Grab Your Free Copy of Jeff Johnson's SEO Blog Software

Could you use more traffic to your blog? Of course you could. That's the whole idea of Jeff Johnson's traffic-getting SEO blog software.

He's made it very easy to use and setup, even for complete beginners. I highly recommend you take a look here. To gain instant access and download your free copy, just enter your email address.

I'm a huge fan of what Jeff Johnson does, and I'm sure once you check out this software and what he's all about, you will be to.

Until next time,


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Finding a Profitable Niche During the Recession

Times are tough right now, but there's no reason to be discouraged. There's plenty of profits to be made if you know where to look.

Finding a niche that can be profitable for you is easy when you know how. Knowing where the money is and determining the amount of competition will be your key to success.

I recommend you read Finding A Profitable Niche To Work From Home on the Internet to learn the steps necessary to get started.

Also, you may be interested in checking out the Niche Power Group that will teach you everything you need to know about finding a niche and begin making money online.

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