"Here's What You'll Discover In The First 11 Days Of The 30 Days To Success Marketing Guide..."

30 Days to Success - Your Step-By-Step, Color-By-Numbers Instruction Manual to Internet Success!

Day 1: Discover the profit pulling details of your new website! You'll learn exactly how well you get paid for every product sold through your website. You'll subscribe to your own newsletter and explore your new autoresponder with all of it's business automation functions. You'll try out your brand new Plug-In Profit Site™ sales page and learn how to earn 5 streams of residual income and more than $30 up-front and $17 per month in recurring residual income simply for telling others about the Plug-In Profit Site™ service yourself. You'll explore the different resources available to you inside your new Plug-In Profit Site™ member's resource center including the following sections: "Training", "FAQ", "Tools", "Forum", "Bonuses", "Account", "Password", "Marketing", "Stats" and "Support". Ultimately, you'll take it all in and realize in crystal clear detail exactly why and how the Plug-In Profit Site™ system will work to make money for you!

Day 2: Maximize the income producing power of your autoresponder! On day 2, you'll explore your autoresponder in greater detail and learn how to maximize it's effectiveness for your business. You'll learn exactly how the 400 day pre-written email marketing campaign works to make automatic sales for you. You'll learn how to get 500 free ads and you will receive a pre-written ad to promote your personalized Plug-In Profit Site™ sales page that you can easily Copy & Paste into an ad submission form and start driving traffic to your site immediately. You will also learn the step-by-step process for sending "Broadcast Messages" to your list of subscribers anytime you want! This feature enables you to contact your list 24/7 to announce other products you want to promote, make special offers, etc.

Day 3: Employ the most powerful FREE marketing technique in the world! On day 3, you'll launch the most effective free promotional strategy in the world. You'll use this technique to reach up to 50,000 potential customers for your website and it doesn't have to cost you single penny. You'll also discover how 3 personal sales through your website can pay you up to $9,858.00 in monthly residual income! You'll also discover amazingly simple strategies to earn auto-pilot income from your website using face-to-face interaction, personal letters, telephone, sending email and even telepathy — that's no joke! In addition to all these, you'll discover 11 wealth affirmations that will transform your sub-conscious mind into a powerful money-pulling magnet that works to attract all your financial desires.

Day 4: Launch your automated email profit campaign! On day 4, you'll start filling your autoresponder with opt-in subscribers who are motivated to read your emails and respond to the automatic offers delivered through your 400 day pre-written email marketing campaign. Of course, now that you're getting all of those opt-in subscribers, you can also use the "Broadcast Message" feature that you learned on Day 2 to make special offers and announce other products to your list anytime you want! You'll discover the best co-registration service on the Internet and how to use this service to fill your autoresponder with hot prospects who are eager to respond to you offers. You'll receive pre-written ad material to formulate an irrisistible description for your newsletter giving you an advantage that can help you build your opt-in list faster than anyone else on the Internet. Money on demand is the promise of email marketing and now you'll be positioned to win the email marketing game!

Day 5: Start promoting your site in the highest-traffic Internet marketing forum in the world! Getting customers to your website is very similar to fishing. Throw in a hook with some bait on it in an area full of hungry fish and you'll be virtually guaranteed to catch some. On day 5, you receive the keys to enter the highest-traffic Internet marketing forum in the world! There are people hanging out in the forum waiting to buy exactly what you offer through your new website. You'll learn how to post in the forum with the purpose of making a valuable contribution. You'll also discover how to include a pre-written signature file ad along with all your forum posts that promotes your website and sets the "hook" for potential customers. You'll even find out how you can repeat this simple technique over and over again to gain an unlimited number of links pointing back to your site that provide a never-ending stream of free traffic and profits for your business. This is an extremely powerful zero-cost Internet marketing strategy that you'll learn how to apply and profit from within minutes.

Day 6: Explode your profits through ezine advertising! On day 6, you'll discover how to get your website in front of thousands of potential customers through ezine advertising. You'll also acquire a pre-written ezine solo ad that has already pulled in millions of dollars in online sales (now you can use it too) and get your hands on my private list revealing 15 of the top producing business opportunity ezines on the Internet. If you've got something to sell to the "work at home" niche market, this exclusive list of ezines is a virtual goldmine! I've also included a list of ezines that I've negotiated exclusive special deals discounts on ezine advertising just for you. Day 6 offers you the opportunity to explode your income overnight.

Day 7: Get instant access to over 100 million people in less than 10 minutes! Day 7 outlines one of the most powerful Internet advertising mediums of all — Google AdWords — and shows you exactly how to profit from it. You'll use a FREE keyword selector tool to locate high profit-potential keywords that you can use to promote your site and drive an unlimited number of targeted visitors to your site. It's possible to earn millions using this single explosive marketing tactic and I'll show you precisely how to take full advantage of it. In fact, you also gain access to a new "5 Days to Success with Google AdWords" training program (for free) that will help you master this powerful strategy within days! In addition to this, you'll receive 5 pre-written Google AdWords' ads that have proven to produce profits including an additional 3 proven "Rich Jerk" style ads that guarantee your offer will stand out from the crowd and get results. Many Plug-In Profit Site™ members focus almost exclusively on the Day 7 formula to promote their website and earn auto-pilot residual income from home on the Internet!

Day 8: Unleash a multi-faceted offline marketing attack! Day 8 gets really exciting when you learn the secrets of becoming a master offline marketer. You'll build on your momentum and learn how to drive hundreds of motivated visitors to your website and get rich by giving other people million dollar bills. You'll see how this unconventional guerilla marketing tool works as an automatic attention getter, door opener, response generator, visual confirmation, follow-up and relationship builder, networking device and smile stimulator! Along with this powerful new offline marketing concept, you'll receive 3 pre-written ads for your "million dollar bill" offline marketing campaign that are guaranteed to produce results! You will also discover how to launch a simple and extremely effective newspaper classified ad campaign. You'll learn how to place your ads in hundreds of newspapers around the world for dirt cheap prices directly over the Internet. You'll also get 5 pre-written newspaper classified ads that have proven time and again to pull in profits like bees to honey. As you work your way through Day 8, you'll realize that this single technique can become your personal retirement strategy — it's that powerful! And it doesn't stop there... You'll also receive a professional website marketing flyer that will have offline prospects stampeding your site like herd of cattle! Get ready... Day 8 can really open the floodgate of traffic and profits flowing to your new website.

Day 9: Multiply your residual income exponentially! Day 9 reveals the single decisive action I took to increase a potential $600 affiliate check to over $9,000 in less than 10 minutes. You'll discover this secret for yourself and find out exactly how to apply it to your own business to achieve similar results. Sometimes one simple change can make a huge difference in your bottom line and Day 9 will give you the insight to dramatically boost your residual income.

Day 10: Build your own blog and start filling it with profit-pulling content! On day 10, you're Internet marketing wings expand wide as you launch your own blog for FREE in less than an 1 hour using a powerful automated technology that makes publishing your own blog as easy as eating a bowl of cereal. You'll also discover a dynamic new blog pinging service that can get your blog syndicated to over 20 unique blog distribution sites with a single click absolutely free! I'll also show you how to get traffic to your blog for free with forum marketing and give you a brand new high-impact signature file ad that is virtually guaranteed to drive a steady flow free targeted traffic to your site that you can profit from.

Day 11: Defy expectations and become a widely-published web author even if you have no writing experience whatsoever! Are you kidding me??? It's only Day 11 and you'll already be getting YOUR OWN articles published all over the Internet! It's true and it's just one more reason the Plug-In Profit Site™ system and 30 Days to Success marketing guide is the best business opportunity and Internet marketing training system in the world today! Publishing and distributing free-reprint articles on the Internet is one of the most powerful FREE marketing techniques ever created. It's the key to gaining a landslide of one-way in-bound links to your website and establishing your "expert" status within your chosen niche market in the fastest way possible. I'll reveal the secret to writing your own simple "how to" articles that pull in traffic and profits on auto-pilot. You'll also discover my secret ghostwriting service along with an innovative article "cooperative" that will provide pre-written articles for you that you can instantly add your own name to as the author. Just slap on pre-written article resource box and your new personally authored articles will instantaneously become auto-pilot sales generators working to pull in free traffic and profits 24/7/365 — automatically. I'll also show you how to add these new articles to your own blog that you set up in Day 10 and give you access to my personal rolodex of 100 sites that will accept your article submissions enabling you to get your articles published on thousands of other websites and newsletters for absolutely FREE. In addition to this, I'll reveal my personal article distribution "secret weapons" including a service that automates all of your article submissions and can get your articles published on thousands of sites with a single click. This single strategy can make you rich!

And that's only the first 11 days...

You'll be amazed at what you discover inside the rest of the 30 Days to Success guide!

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